Grieving the loss of my hair has been hard recently

2021.10.20 00:58 JulesH97 Grieving the loss of my hair has been hard recently

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2021.10.20 00:58 Not_l0st An (almost) pain free vacation

I was very worried about how I'd feel on vacation as I was at a pretty high point in my pain. But I'm happy to say that my pain levels were much lower! I had a few moments of pain and stiffness, however for the most part my consistently 6-7 level pain was more like a 1-2.
It was the lack of stress. The lack of sitting at a desk. All the walking outside. I was worry free and enjoying myself, I didn't think about the pain because I was too busy taking in the experience.
I realize that I need to do more of that. More walks, more trips, better work set up, and hopefully less pain overall.
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2021.10.20 00:57 brookski14 Do actions really speak louder then words?

I (F23) have been seeing this girl (F28) and she says that she isn’t romantically interested in me and doesn’t have feelings for me but when we are alone together she can’t keep her hands off me and then one thing leads to another over and over again. I’m just not sure if she does or doesn’t want me.
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2021.10.20 00:57 Andy2002271 Bug when scoping in

Bug when scoping in Title says it all
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2021.10.20 00:57 Big-Welcome-3500 Stop consuming of alcohol. Must read inspire book Way of living by Sant Rampal ji Maharaj ji.

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2021.10.20 00:57 ArcadiaFey I think I’ve turned into a corset snob xD

I’ve seen so many posts the last few days on other subs saying “corset” and my mind just gets fixated saying “That’s not a corset! Why? That’s not even a fashion corset. It’s just a shirt styled similarly. Ahh”
It shouldn’t frustrate me this much but it does.
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2021.10.20 00:57 biscoitosdavovo Can someone help me to identify this? Brazil, Sao Paulo

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2021.10.20 00:57 Soyboykiller88 How to transfer music from internal to SD storage

All my music on my Nokia 2720 has been on my internal storage, now that I have acquired a new sd card is there any way to transfer? I looked all over the web for no answers...
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.20 00:57 I_adore_legs Kaley Cuoco

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2021.10.20 00:57 sharedevaaste Oh and by the way..

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2021.10.20 00:57 bogust_bork Deduce from a series of random photos from my life

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2021.10.20 00:57 shaqtin_uh_fool [Twitter] Steph went for the slam and ended up on #Shaqtin 😂

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2021.10.20 00:57 SanDiegoLibreBot My neighbor was nearly killed by her ex-boyfriend. SDPD didn’t respond until the next day.

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2021.10.20 00:57 gyro151 Value Lookup Based on Row Data

OK, so I have an excel sheet that is being used to track compliance status for a number of assets. The assets are listed in a far left column, and then there are a number of sub "tables" showing the status of compliance related to the named assets. Here's a simplified example of what I'm talking about (B1 and C1 are merged, D1 and E1 are merged):

1 Technology Area 1 Technology Area 2
2 Asset Name Status Last Update Status Last Update
3 Asset 1 Completed 7/12/21 N/A
4 Asset 2 Applicable 6/10/21 Completed 9/15/21
5 Asset 3 N/A N/A
6 Asset 4 N/A N/A

There are approximately 90 assets and 60 different "technology areas" with different applicability for each asset. Each technology area has 11 columns associated with it, with a merged title at the top to show what technology area those columns are related to. What I'm trying to build is a formula that will follow the row of a particular named asset, and return a list of the applicable technology areas in a column on a different sheet in order to make it easier to see what all areas are applicable to a specific asset. I already have a similar lookup formula written that will return asset names for a particular technology area, but I cannot figure out how to do it the other way around. The formula should in theory key off of the status to then return any technology area that is associated with the particular asset referenced in the row. Status would be populated as "N/A", "Completed", or "Applicable".
The desired result should display like this:

1 Enter Name Asset 2
Technology Area 1 6/10/21
Technology Area 2 9/15/21
B1 would be either a spot to fill in a name, or a drop down that will then inform how the below cells would get populated.
Here's the formula that I'm using in order to get assets associated with a particular technology area:
=IFERROR(INDEX('Test Plan'!$XW$5:$XW$94,SMALL(IF("Missing"=OFFSET(INDIRECT($F$4),0,2),ROW('Test Plan'!$XW$5:$XW$94)-4,""),ROW()-5)),"")
XW is the column of asset names the indirect reference is the B1 cell (in this current formula, it is equal to a named range of one of the cells equal to a particular technology area).
I've tried to leverage INDEX and HLOOKUP but cannot figure out the correct way to write the formula to get the list I'm looking for. I was able to use a simple "if" statement to build an array result showing what i'm looking for, but I don't know how to get it to properly read out the data in the result
asset_1_full is the range of cells across the technology areas associated with a specific asset the offset points up to the "technology area" name at the top of each "table" of cells per technology area
If I F9 within the formula, I see an array built with the data I'm interested in, I just cannot figure out how to get it to output into a cell, and have it only include the data that is not blank.
Relevant details:
Version: 2016 Environment: Desktop (win 10) Knowledge Leve: Intermediate

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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2021.10.20 00:57 noyesancestors Any Reunion software (for Mac) users here?

I started a sub for Reunion software (for Mac) enhancement suggestions and for discussing unexpected behaviors (sometimes bugs). Feel free to share your ideas.
I will get the word out to the Reunion group on FB and ReunionTalk tomorrow.
Please note, I am not the software developer. I am just a user of the software.
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2021.10.20 00:57 angvelzx Trading a nfr frost fury for either lots of normal phoenix’s or neon Phoenix and good adds!

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2021.10.20 00:57 Vee232323 Pillsbury "Ready To Eat" cookie dough..??

Okay so my aunt got me Pillsbury cookie dough, (you know the kind that comes in a tube and you just cut and bake) that is okay to eat raw so no eggs.. well she left it at room temperature for at least enough for it to not be cold when she gave it to me.. like the tube was kind of expanded and it was not cold at all. I put it in the freezer but I'm really paranoid should I just throw it out or is it still good? What would YOU do? Lol
PS I usually get this kind just eat the cookie dough I hardly bake cookies with it. Lol
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2021.10.20 00:57 Coop1534 [Passan] Home-plate umpire Laz Diaz has missed 21 ball-strike calls tonight, according to @ESPNStatsInfo. That is the most of any umpire this postseason. The green dot in the upper RH corner is the Eovaldi curveball that would’ve ended top of the ninth with the score 2-2. It is now 9-2.

[Passan] Home-plate umpire Laz Diaz has missed 21 ball-strike calls tonight, according to @ESPNStatsInfo. That is the most of any umpire this postseason. The green dot in the upper RH corner is the Eovaldi curveball that would’ve ended top of the ninth with the score 2-2. It is now 9-2. submitted by Coop1534 to baseball [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 00:57 beerhandluke YoUr EyEs ArEnT gReEn

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2021.10.20 00:57 ReplacementsStink The Daily Check-In for Wednesday, October 20th: Just for today, I am NOT drinking!

*We may be anonymous strangers on the internet, but we have one thing in common. We may be a world apart, but we're here together!*

**Welcome to the 24 hour pledge!**

I'm pledging myself to not drinking today, and invite you to do the same.

Maybe you're new to /stopdrinking and have a hard time deciding what to do next. Maybe you're like me and feel you need a daily commitment or maybe you've been sober for a long time and want to inspire others.

It doesn't matter if you're still hung over from a three day bender or been sober for years, if you just woke up or have already completed a sober day. For the next 24 hours, lets not drink alcohol!


**This pledge is a statement of intent.** Today we don't set out *trying* not to drink, we make a conscious decision *not to drink*. It sounds simple, but all of us know it can be hard and sometimes impossible. The group can support and inspire us, yet only one person can decide if we drink today. Give that person the right mindset!

What happens if we can't keep to our pledge? We give up or try again. And since we're here in /stopdrinking, we're not ready to give up.

**What this is:** A simple thread where we commit to not drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, posting to show others that they're not alone and making a pledge to ourselves. Anybody can join and participate at any time, you do not have to be a regular at /stopdrinking or have followed the pledges from the beginning.

**What this isn't:** A good place for a detailed introduction of yourself, directly seek advice or share lengthy stories. You'll get a more personal response in your own thread.


This post goes up at:

- US - Night/Early Morning
- Europe - Morning
- Asia and Australia - Evening/Night

A link to the current Daily Check-In post can always be found near the top of the sidebar.


Wouldya' lookit' that, it's Wednesday already! (I refuse to use the word [humpd@y](mailto:humpd@y). And, I'll never call Sunday "Fund@y". That's right... I'm a curmudgeon.) Halfway through the week for most people. Did that used to be a good reason to celebrate and drink? Taco Tuesday? Thirsty Thursday? Weekend? Any old day of the week? In real life I despise making excuses, yet while drinking, I had NO PROBLEM making any excuse possible to convince myself it was time to drink. That was early on... that was before I had a problem.
See, I've always been a problem drinker. I started in high school, but I was still one of the "good kids". I'd skip classes in college (university) hungover. I started drinking alone when I lived by myself in my 20's. I'd blow all my rent money on booze partying with friends. In my 30's after getting married (to a saint, who to this day has about 3 drinks per year, AND DOESN'T FINISH THEM) I'd be the guy at BBQ's or parties or vacations or cabin weekends or Wednesdays (see a pattern?), convincing others do do shots with me. And this was still before I had a problem.
My forties began with me realizing I had depression all of my life. So, what do I do... start going to therapy and get on anti-depressants? Nope! Let's start drinking MORE... let's drink to forget, let's drink to medicate, let's drink to cure(?) my depression, let's drink to blackout. Yeah, that's the ticket. Now I finally have a drinking problem.
Of course this is an extremely glossed over version of my life, I'll save all the gory details and the good stories for later. But, I share this to remind everyone that you're not alone. WE'RE NOT ALONE. Why did it take me so long to do something about it? Why was I cool with it for all of those fucking years? I wasn't. Some people have 1000 "Day 1's". Not me. I had 1000 "should haves".
Now I'm here, like all of you, trying to become a better person, trying to quit drinking. Today I'll hit 619 consecutive days without a drink. But, I'm no different than those who have less days, no different than those who are brand new here checking in for the first time on day one, no different than those who are resetting their counter and TRYING AGAIN. I'm just here committing to not drink today. That's it. One day. Today. We can all do that, right? We can all commit to not having that one drink, that first drink. And if today doesn't go as planned, we'll be back here again tomorrow, just like if today is a success. We're all doing the same thing... putting in the work.
With that I commit.... IWNDWYT

PS- When you see my friend, OUR friend, u/tucktucksquirrel check in today, make sure to wish her a big congratulations on ONE YEAR OF SOBRIETY. Proud of you... love you, pal!
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2021.10.20 00:57 ChickenThumb I love drinking in a dark car

With the music blasting and a bag o weed. When the COVID zombies take over and all the gasoline and electronics crap out, I’ll be sad
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2021.10.20 00:57 simiwood Miguron velona flipper a big awesome budget knife

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2021.10.20 00:57 Lovely-human189 Our hot relatable queen!!

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2021.10.20 00:57 Celibate_Zeus Most world War understanding Chinese.

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2021.10.20 00:57 johnnygun- Bixby routines and developer options?

On the Z Fold 3 I noticed that if you change minimum width on the main large screen it also affects the smaller screen. Does anybody know if there is a way to have Bixby routines manipulate developer options so that I can set one width for main screen and one width for smaller screen?
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