Switzerland up for Legalization / One after another

2021.10.20 01:25 MeetIndependent1812 Switzerland up for Legalization / One after another

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2021.10.20 01:25 DrGonzo84 As an Earthbound fan how am I just playing this now. :D Mother 3 is amazing!

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2021.10.20 01:25 DaRealPatrickStar What is the best entry-level cockpit? Also, I am very short about 5 foot 2 if that matters.

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2021.10.20 01:25 LesbianCommander Thoughts on Sae-byeok, and how Hwang Dong-hyuk used her character to critique capitalism

So, one of the most common things I hear about Squid Game is how disappointed people were that Sae-byeok was killed in a 'random' way, or that the Hwang Dong-hyuk couldn't figure out how to make the last fight 1v1 without offing Sae-byeok and that makes it poor writing. While I don't disagree that I would've liked to see her win, or at least compete in the final game. And it did feel like she got cheated.
I think her character was handled perfectly for the critique I think Hwang Dong-hyuk wanted to portray.
One of the most prevailing concepts in capitalism is the idea of meritocracy.

Meritocracy is a political system in which economic goods and/or political power are vested in individual people on the basis of talent, effort, and achievement, rather than wealth or social class.
In a meritocracy, you should be rewarded in a way roughly correlated with your efforts / talents / achievements. If you aren't successful, then just work harder, work smarter, be better. While I don't disagree with the idea of meritocracy in theory. I believe that the idea of meritocracy has been warped in a way that is often used to deny extending benefits to those at the bottom of society, because they should simply work harder.
So let's look at Sae-byeok's character.
She's intelligent - she recognized hiding behind Deok-su during Red Light Green Light and implemented the strategy right away.
She's observant - after giving Sangwoo a tip about the honey comb game, she followed him and also picked triangle, knowing he'd pick the best option.
She's takes initiative - she snuck a pocket knife in, and used it to scout out the next game.
She's capable - she pick pocketed both Gi-Hun, and the smuggler without them realizing.
She's basically written to be the most capable character in the show, and she should be the ideal person under a meritocracy. But she still didn't "win". Why is that?
The reason Sae-byeok's life was terrible was because of luck. She was born in North Korea, which meant suffering through that illness that took out her grandparents and her older brother. It meant having to sneak across the boarder with her younger brother (which meant being with Deok-su until she 'went independent'). It meant her father getting shot. It meant her mother still in North Korea (as far as we know).
Her ultimate goals were so 'small'. Reuniting with the family she has left and going to Jeju Island, which is not a difficult or costly place to visit. Unlike other characters who may have been more privileged to want more.
She had to become a very capable bad-ass just to survive. And even then, her life was tough.
Being born in North Korea decided her ENTIRE life. And that was pure luck.
So, what ultimately ended her life? Luck.
I believe that Sae-byeok's character was meant to represent how capitalism is NOT a meritocracy. And those who use the concept of meritocracy as a reason to deny benefits to those less fortunate, ignore luck as a reason why someone may not be successful.
It's hard to argue that Sae-byeok DESERVED all of those terrible things that happened to her, since they weren't born from anything she did or could've done. It was luck.
And it feels really unfair, lots of people were upset at how cheated Sae-byeok was by her sudden and random death. That's also how life is. Think of people who spontaneously get a medical issue in America and watch as it bankrupts them. That anger and sadness you feel towards Sae-byeoks fate happens all the time in our society. Families have to make sacrifices to keep a loved one alive, or to essentially commit suicide to avoid bankrupting their families.
Just to end it off, I've seen a lot of analysis videos on the confrontation between Gi-hun and Sangwoo in the players room in episode 8. And the analysis usually goes like:
Gi-hun represents the idea that success is due to the efforts of others. Ali physically saved him in Red Light Green Light. Il Nam's Tug-of-War strategy and his sacrifice in the marbles game. Sangwoo's "three steps forwards" strategy, literally using the people before him in the bridge game as stepping stones to making it across the bridge.
Whereas Sangwoo represents the idea that success is due to his own efforts. Figuring out hiding behind people in Red Light, Green Light. Tricking Ali. Sacrificing people in the bridge game. These were all choices he made and he lived due to them.
But I think there's a third option for what makes success. Luck. Remember were three people in that room. But people ignore that because Sae-byeok didn't say anything during that encounter.
I think that that is representative that in our modern capitalist discourse. We don't really talk about luck as a major reason behind anyone's success. Sure it'll be talked about on the periphery (as was Sae-byeok in the background), but not as the major driving concept, when it truly impacts a lot. Because if we did, then we couldn't look down on those below us on the social ladder. We couldn't cut off benefits to them because not helping those who have been hit by random acts of God feels cruel. So we have to create a fictional reality where luck doesn't play a role.
Feel like I'm kinda rambling too much now, but this has been keeping me up and night and I wanted to put it out there somewhere. Just please to be more kind to those less fortunate.
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2021.10.20 01:25 Johns434 Was anyone reacted/suprised when Pain destroyed the village with one single blow, because OMG! that was a very powerful jutsu he used.

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2021.10.20 01:25 Floor-Proof "Vittoria vana se...". A sinistra iniziano già a litigare

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2021.10.20 01:25 yosoyche28 Soon....Soon

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2021.10.20 01:25 LoneStar1974 PR Advertising: Embark's CEO Named One of the Most Influential Healthcare Entrepreneurs in the U.S--how they hoodwoink parents into thinking they are real

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2021.10.20 01:25 PurpleSpaceSurfer Found this posted on the Stan Confessions Tumblr page from almost 3 years ago. Oh, you sweet summer child...

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2021.10.20 01:25 Esperaux The Coup - "The Guillotine"

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2021.10.20 01:25 WillMedici Justice McConnell: The Lasting Impact

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2021.10.20 01:25 Gamergrayson95 Would anyone else agree the first 30 hours or so of the game is mostly stellar, then the last 10 hours or so is a massive disappointing slog? And for reference, I've played through 5 other Tales games, I'm no noobie to the series. I would put Arise near the bottom unfortunately

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2021.10.20 01:25 ultramanw Ultra Q - It’s Permanent (Official Visualizer)

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2021.10.20 01:25 shroom1990 Very old photo of Ninja + ¥olandi

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2021.10.20 01:25 JustNeedHelpWithps4 Yknow. Technically the Dragons in Skyrim aren't Dragons. They're Wyverns.

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2021.10.20 01:25 aleighnaa 20 [F4A] Wholesome gala and unwind today! QC

Hello! Looking for someone na makakasama today. Anyone who’s down na magpunta somewhere in Bulacan? I’m with my female friend, we’re both 20. Let’s hike, eat or anything! Or if you want further :) Preferably if you can drive, para di hassle. Hehe. Hmu asap! Tara na!!
About us: located in qc, cuties, smol, fully vaccinated, fun to be with and slim.
About you: Anyone! :) Willing to de stress and unwind din. Fun to be with din sana. Much better din if you’re with your friends! :))
This is strictly sfw!! Pero pag cutie and matangkad ka malay mo.. Tara landian tayo. HAHAHA pero taken kasama ko so di sya pwede :))
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2021.10.20 01:25 Leading_Station1157 Any offers?

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2021.10.20 01:25 UniMaximal FINALLY! I'M THE BARREL HOOP CHAMP!! KARL WOULD BE PROUD! ("If Only I Got Paid For This..." Achievement)

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Which do you want back
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2021.10.20 01:25 Revolutionary-Ear354 Why do Kirito and the gang play ALO in Lost Song?

I'm wondering this because this would be the first VR experience for them all after SAO in the gameverse timeline.
As well how long has it been since the end of SAO that they all decide to start playing the game? I know that at least for Kirito, it took two months for him to recover before leaving the hospital.
I'm also wondering if the game actually has the characters addressing their reentry into VR full dive and any anxiety or nervousness with doing so?
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2021.10.20 01:25 Bellowathy Pyrophantasia

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2021.10.20 01:25 babybopp [Arizona] Issues with bonus..?

it has been 44 DAYS. anyone else still under review?
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2021.10.20 01:25 DogsRNice I found some very interesting urls that the wayback machine has captured on the official undertale website

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2021.10.20 01:25 NovaMinis Frogfolk Champion

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2021.10.20 01:25 Momonthecoast Spilt wine on my fiancé MacBook Air 😬

Okay so I’m super clumsy and managed to knock over my glass of wine which (just my luck) landed on my fiancé’s MacBook Air 😬 I immediately grabbed the laptop and turned it upside down and wiped the drops that were left with some Kleenex’s. The laptop was still working perfectly fine and was not hot or wet at all but I’ve turned it off and put it upside down to be on the safe side. I also removed the bottom case to make sure that no wine had gotten between the case and the laptop. Is there anything else I should do? Trying not to freak out here.
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