girls or anyone smart, help wtf is going on

2021.10.20 01:23 Phobixz girls or anyone smart, help wtf is going on

Here is the story,
In my school, there is a girl I met in band class last year, that I was interested in. We didn't really talk and I never really got into a serious friendship with her either.
Fast forward a year, grade 10 band.
The same thing kind of happened, we didn't (and still don't from my view) have a serious friendship.
But a few days ago, there was a student retreat that I was invited to for my best friend's church, that this girl also was going to. It was a retreat to a summer camp (even though it's fall right now) that was big and had lots of activities.
So we all go there in separate vehicles, in total around 35-40 kids were all going there some I knew some I didn't know.
Now ima explain one of the rules/lack of rules because it's important to the story.
One of the things that were allowed, is that you could stay up as late as you wanted, granted that a leader was there to supervise.
On the first day, me and this girl didn't really talk, but the second day is when we really hit it off.
Me and the girl, and her friend, played a lot of ping pong on one of the tables they had there (for like 2 hours, don't ask me how.)
Then we are called for an activity called "The Whipper"
Basically, it's a massive (around 20m high) swing that you are harnessed into. That's the most simple explanation I got.
So we talk again for like another hour and a half while waiting in line.
People might bring up "What's her body language like," and I'm just going to tell you that it made me feel like she likes me. She was always basically right up against me, arm to arm, and did the classic playful punches. All of our conversations going forward were also filled with a lot of flirting, so keep that in mind.
Then we had free time to do whatever we wanted.
So guess what we did...
But eventually, it got to around 12:00AM and her friend left, leaving just me and her. So we walk around the camp in cold temps (-4C/24.8F) so naturally, I gave her my jacket as we walked around. All of this time we were flirting and doing whatever talking about our experiences and whatever.
But eventually at like 5:00 AM we called it, so I walked her back to her cabin, said goodnight, and walked back to mine.
The next morning (Sunday) we talk, but the retreat was only for 3 days, so this day we all departed, not much really happened there.
So Monday rolls around, and it's band!
"Yay," I thought, I get to talk to her.
But now, she doesn't really talk to me. And when I say that I mean, instead of her coming up to me and starting a conversation. I go up to her and talk to her.
She leaves me on read or delivered.
She doesn't seem like she wants to talk with me anymore, as when I asked her if she wanted to facetime/call. She said she was going to a friend's house(very well could be a valid excuse), so I said, "well maybe tmrw or Friday because we don't have band Friday" (Not sure why we don't have band Friday.) But then she made some other volleyball exuses (also could be valid excuses.) Even though she had hinted at us hanging out after all of this because she thinks she is better than me at Guitar Hero, which isn't true, I'm fucking cracked.

But I just feel awkward about it now. It's like we went from
"friend" to
"best friend" back to
We even did some sort of weird activity where everyone got a note from everyone giving a compliment. So I'll read off her note to me here, word for word. Including the ()
"Hey Bestie, you have improved your ping-pong skills over the past day. Your really nice (sometimes) thank you for giving me your jacket yesterday, or today actually cause technically it was 4:00 AM soo... Your really good at percussion"
The abrupt ending is due to the fact that we were timed for each complement/message.
Also, the (sometimes) in her note is because I banter a lot.

So, all I'm asking is, what happened, and is she interested in me at all.
Hopefully, this doesn't flop like a soft dick.
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2021.10.20 01:23 Esperaux The idea of conquest “helps to legitimize dominations”

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2021.10.20 01:23 Dull_Comparison7921 Solo looking for 1 or 2 chill calm teammates/future friends to play with Competitive but not angry gamers I played rust on pc then recently switched to PlayStation 18+ Psn SpiderTooTone

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2021.10.20 01:23 Gurrrrl_Problems How to not get so attached

I matched with a girl on Friday and had some good back and forth conversation. She’s probably one of the first people that I’ve interacted with on this app that would reply quickly.
I think this may be where I messed up and I should have asked her out but I didn’t and after Sunday I haven’t received any responses from her.
Is it worth trying to start up conversation again or should I count my losses and move on? I think I got kind of attached already even though I know we’re just strangers.
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2021.10.20 01:23 MickiddyMichael Looking for people to add to our group or community really.

We got a good group going and are just looking for more people who like playing the forest and other survival games. we also play 7days alot. but we got a decent group for both if you want to join. PC
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2021.10.20 01:23 2Quick_React Company Irritation Thread

Alright it's that time again so feel free to post all your current irritations and complaints about the company here. Cause let's be real there's plenty to complain about.
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2021.10.20 01:23 dloaded1 Thoughts on Agent Bans in Valorant

Recently, RNG Roy: RNG ROY agent bans
Tweeted about adding agent bans to the game. What are this communities thoughts on agent bans?
Personally, I would be against it as it may replicate what happened in Rainbow Six Siege, wherein at certain elos, the same agents are always perma banned and lower elos are unable to learn from facing these specific agents. An example of this in siege was the permabanning of Montagne, Jackal, and Clash.
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2021.10.20 01:23 MrJackHass How did your religious family and friends reacted when you announced that you were agnostic?

In my case, where I was raised in a Christian family, deep the Bible Belt in Appalachia, I was a little bit worried about how everyone would react since before then, the only people who knew I was agnostic was my mom, stepdad (both of whom are religious), and my older sister who is like me, she is agnostic too but openly. Earlier this month, it was when I decided to come out as agnostic and I did. I was expecting some people in my life to push me out of their lives or look down upon me, but surprisingly, I haven’t noticed much of a change. Really, the only “attack” at me, and I use that term loosely, was from my younger sister, who is religious, posting on her Facebook that she isn’t “ashamed on how she was raised”.
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2021.10.20 01:23 elaborateoutfield5 i am going to kill myselfk

two nights ago we were kissing in bed and now i am blocked because of some stupid things i said
i literally cannot live without him l he is oxygen i
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2021.10.20 01:23 TheExileTargaryen Over thousands of years language has helped me be able to to explain who i am better because language has changed and evolved.

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Here is the $5 eBay Coupon Not Working
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