Join TheForsaken for a great experience!

2021.10.20 00:12 DarthChikoo Join TheForsaken for a great experience!

TheForsaken Minecraft Server
TheForsaken is a international casual clan that offers a welcoming and cozy community for everyone. We also offer many branches (games) that are:
‣ Call Of Duty: Mobile ‣ Critical Ops ‣ PUBG Mobile ‣ Supercell Games ‣ Stand Off 2 ‣ ‣ Minecraft (Bedrock & Java Cracked)
If you want to join, then you must:
‣ Be 13 + (Due to Discord TOS) ‣ No Toxicity
That's all! For more information, Please join the server and our staff will gladly help you.
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2021.10.20 00:12 Sea_Bodybuilder6503 Fiquei de vela para minha amiga lésbica

Bom dia / boa tarde /boa noite comunidade do desabafos! O que me ocorreu foi o seguinte: Tinha interesse de ficar com uma garota, nós nos dávamos muito bem e resolvemos marcar de assistir "Venom tempo de carnificina". Combinamos tudo e lá vou eu todo feliz para o cinema. Chegando lá, descubro que ela convidou uma amiga minha para assistir o filme conosco ;-; Para manter a classe, não comentei nada e testei as duas com o máximo de cordialidade possível (até dei carona pra casa). A única coisa que me incomodou foi que durante o filme a garota que combinou comigo preferi ficar de casal com a minha amiga, até se beijaram do meu lado e ok, n tenho nada com isso mas poxa eu detesto ficar de vela e logo dessa vez que pensei q não teria como ficar de vela, aconteceu de novo ;~; É isso. Agr é bola pra frente né
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2021.10.20 00:12 Hopefulpengu1n Spooktober

Will we have another trick or yeet episode of eat it or test it this year? If you guys are planning it can you please include Damian and Saige?
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2021.10.20 00:12 Pinnywize In search of a specific web comic strip.

I saw it once and now I can't find it anymore.
It was a Dungeon Master who through each pane is trying to get his players to go on this side adventure. I remember one pane has like obvious signs pointing to an ominous haunted forest or something.
The players all find reasons to not go, like "I just got these new shoes". Then they go on to the town instead of whatever the dungeon master had planned.
The final pane shows the DM crying over his complex world that the players crushed by not going where he wanted them to.
Anyone happen to know? :(
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2021.10.20 00:12 RS11_ I bought mine. We need it.

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2021.10.20 00:12 narrativesumo Taikawa (form. Teebagginz): Scammer, RMTing in game, harasses players in the game with his company.

Hey everyone. Due to the fear of being harassed and targeted in real life as I know these people personally, I’ll be using this account.
First off, I’m still marauder and I used to be in Teebagginz/Taikawa‘s company called Hua Antics in Puyok Server. Everything was going well until they’ve decided to fuck the game. I enjoy the game a lot, which is why I’m telling this since reporting doesn’t seem enough.
I’m part of his discord called Ngati Gaming where I got this screenshot:
I only sent it to a few trusted mates in the company as I’m opposed to the idea and we were supposed to just quit and transfer servers but it somehow got leaked and both purple and yellow factions now knows about it and apparently. Covenant especially got the heat as they’re just a small faction which the marauders can just bully.
Anyway, people who tried to stand up against him and his company are just outright being bullied in chat as well as in game by the Hua Antics.
Now that a lot of people know that they are just going to dominate the whole server and make it into a cash cow until the server transfer is here where they’ll sell all the gold to another server with their bots, this guy is trying to earn sympathy by accusing everyone he is the one being harassed and now claims that he has been doxxed although if you do a quick google search, all of his information is available online. He has threatened several people with lawyers and such. They are still harassing players if they aren’t green so be careful when you enter this server after the next update.
I’m probably just gonna stop playing this. I don’t want to be associated with this group anymore.
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2021.10.20 00:12 Geno2222 I hope "Axiom Arc" gets changed to an "adaptive" item

Hi! This is just a discussion post, since we are in pre-season, i think we are allowed fantasize and dream a bit about new items/changes to items. So, i'm not a balance expert, nor i'm saying that this is a good idea, i just wanted to discuss this a bit.
Axiom Arc

This is the new item recentrly added in the 2022 preseason, gotta say it kinda looks busted, but it's preseason, so if it's op, it will get changed.
Now to the main point of the post: Why does this item only benefit AD assassins (and jhin)?
Would it be so hard to make it give adaptive force and adaptive penetration, so it's stats change based on who builds it. The tech is there, conqueror and other stuff already works this way, why can Zed get 25% of his Bullshit ultimage back with every kill, but i as an AP assassin can't?
The main argument against this that i can imagine is: Mages and especially SYLAS/LEBLANC could abuse this like crazy. And this is a fair concern.
Pesonally to avoid this i would start by making the item less effective on ranged champs, this would somewhat solve the mage abuse problem and also LEBLANC, altough Sylas does still remain, and honesly i'm kinda in need of help for that one.
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2021.10.20 00:12 ironsideLo Any good motivating "recovery" story in here?

I've been suffering for 1.5yrs of bilateral ear pain, neck and jaw pain with newly arrived symptoms being pain in both hands/arms and burning tingling skin all over my body.
I came here looking for other ppl stories hoping that i would learn and find out what's going on with me (since all the specialists I've seen have no clue) and ngl most are pretty depressing...
Anyone have a motivating testimony? Recovery or even just feeling a bit better?
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2021.10.20 00:12 gozerbrothers Saw an Afterlife Spot on TV Tonight

It's happening! It's really happening!
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2021.10.20 00:12 Philosophy_of_IT Question about scanning kodachrome slides

Question about scanning kodachrome slides I've been scanning my dad's old kodachrome slides with a Wolvering F2D I checked out from the library. For some of the pictures, the colorcast is fine (like this one)
But others have extremely yellow skies. Like this next one. I'm trying to fix the color in Lightroom, but can't get it right. If I correct the sky, the rest gets too blue. I've tried making just the whites/highlights bluer, but it still doesn't look right. Is there anything I can do? I'm not looking to have this one fixed - I've got a bunch of these to do. Is it something with the slides or the scanner?

Thanks in advance
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2021.10.20 00:12 Chadmorris32 Patrick Queen

What the hell is happening with this generational talent? He was absolutely incredible last year and I had him pegged about 1-2 tiers lower than Roquan this year, but he has been quite bad. Any insight? I’m struggling to keep him on my roster…
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2021.10.20 00:12 IHeartDana but who really surprised who?

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2021.10.20 00:12 -ingloriousbastard- Is there anything usps could do about my issue

hello, I dont know what to fully expect here. I collect anime figures as my shameful hobby,,,, I go on a forum that consists of alot of buyers and sellers of said figures. bought one from a sweet person and used PayPal with correct address. he used pirateship to send it out and it autofilled to a address in Pottstown an hour away from me and he didn't notice!!!! it was delivered to the wrong address and idk if there's a way to get it back! he is totally fine with refunding me but I just want my figure more then anything else really. is there possibly a way usps could fix this or is this a lost cause, seller contacted usps by email and I did to. just wanting to know if its possible to get it back if not we are both perfectly fine refunding!
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2021.10.20 00:12 post-news Howard Stern: Once a Rebel, Now a Bitter and Obedient Tool

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2021.10.20 00:12 DavidActual [GIFT] $15 off 150 at optics planet. (CO)

Call dibs and I’ll dm you the code
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2021.10.20 00:12 Hazzat Large volcanic eruption observed at Mt. Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture

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2021.10.20 00:12 okijhnub Guide to filling rune pouches/coal bag without leaving bank interface with runelite

  1. Go to your list of plugins and check the settings on menu entry swapper
  2. Enable it if it isn't active
  3. Click the dropdown for item swaps
  4. Click the dropdown next to Bank deposit entry swapper and set it to eat/drink/fill...
Now shift clicking pouches with pure essence in your inventory will fill/empty them while the bank interface is still open
Bonus: set bank withdraw to withdraw 1 so you can quickly take out a 1 dose stamina potion with a shift click, which you can drink from your inventory with bank interface open
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2021.10.20 00:12 livsmalls Possibly weird habits in my kitten?

Hi all! My husband and I just adopted our 18 week old kitten Macaroni on Sept. 24th. We have another cat, Truffles, but we adopted her when she was 3 so this is my first experience with a kitten.
I noticed a few things that are out of the ordinary (at least from my experience with cats).
First - he is always breathing extremely fast, no matter that he’s doing. Even when he’s sleeping it seems like his little body is moving at high speed.
Second - He pants like a dog. Mouth open, tongue out and all. I’ve only noticed this after play, so I assume it’s normal but never have heard of another cat doing that.
Third - he drinks a lot of water? I’m actually slightly unsure about this, I’m basing this off that fact that I almost never see my 6 y/o cat drinking - but I see him drinking water pretty often.
Someone told me these things could be a sign of diabetes. But this “someone” is a pathological liar. I don’t know why she would lie about that - but I figured I’d post to see if anyone else has had these experiences with their kitties and knows more about it!
Any help is much appreciated :)
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2021.10.20 00:12 kinathekoyna Married people of Reddit who married for the wrong reasons, what we’re your reasons to carry through the wedding anyways? Was it worth it?

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2021.10.20 00:12 PhantomCAT_MEOW Bird accused of holding every tree hostage.

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2021.10.20 00:12 Cold-Mention3911 I got this pc at the recycling and it already has windows 2000 and I already ordered a copy of windows 98, is it gonna be an issue that idk the password? I don’t know much about computers

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2021.10.20 00:12 the-beastliest Wristband replacement

I ordered 3 wristbands, one of them the plastic piece was moved down and is down too far to put on. Can they swap one out Friday for the defective one?
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2021.10.20 00:12 johnnyfiveee Harvest, digital artwork by me, 2021

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2021.10.20 00:12 kohye I am worried sick about Bang Chan.

This is probably gonna be messy and all over the place because I actually just need to get it out off my chest. Please, don't get me wrong. I might be reflecting my feelings on him or overreacting, but I really do think it's a valid reflection.
While I was at my internship today I got a string of messages from Chan on JYP Bubble, which was strange because 1) he barely message us 2) it was almost 5 am in KST. He started it with some light jokes but then turned to talk about how difficult it was to keep up with the creative process of producing new songs. These complaints were followed by multiple self-depreciating remarks that made me really confuse and upset, to be honest.
Stray Kids has been at the top of their game lately. Doing ok on korean charts, great views, amazing sales, good critic reviews and everything you would wish for as a professional idol. The thing is, it has become a trend to hate on them on social media. Now, it's your right to be upset at the member's controversies and dislike them, dislike their music or whatever, but if you're active on TikTok and Twitter you might have noticed how the Stray Kids/Stay hate train has gotten blown out of proportion. The constant harassment of people of the fandom, the multiple lies about new controversies to paint other members as "problematic", the constant comparison to previous generations and other groups is something I have never seen before, and I have been in and out of fandoms for my entire life, basically. The standard kpop stans seem to hold for Stray Kids and Stray Kids only is unattainable, they'll never be enough doesn't matter how successful they are. It's an endless competition.
Well, I've been tiring myself out and fighting for my life in this toxic environment, and it's not even about ME. The thing is, we in the fandom know that Chan is deep in Stayville. He has joked multiples times about how he sees everything and even joined some inside jokes on Vlive. I know for a fact that he feels the hatred, he feels the guilt, he feels the blame and he feels every single comment diminishing his hard work, talent and character. And what hurts me the most, he sees the lies they spread about him and can't even defend himself.
As I said, the standard for Stray Kids as a band is unattainable. As off the standard people seem to hold for Chan is just...laughable, to be honest. If he says something positive, it's cringey and forced. If he's being honest about being down, he's manipulating the fans into pitying him and attention seeking. People sexualize every single thing he says, without any proof that's what he meant whatsoever and swear that he's a creep. People have implied that he is a pedo for doing aegyo "at his big age". Mind you, these are all things I read people say without any trace of irony. He cannot do anything without being ruthlessly demonized by it at this point. Of course he knows what's going on. Of course he feels it. And now he's reacting to it.
Now, I got upset. I knew this was going to happen. Thousands and thousands of people proclaiming to be "skz anti and proud" and spending the entire day focusing on negatively impacting his image, and you think it wouldn't get to him? Right. I just wish he wasn't so open with us for his own sake, because now his name is trending worldwide on Twitter and people are using his moment of fragility against him.
As someone who has suffered my entire life of being extremely emotionally constipated although having an inner turmoil the size of the Mount Everest, I just ask myself, how hurt and desperate do you have to be to absolute just rant to MILLIONS of people you don't know personally at 5 am? He must've been so, so full of angst and just wanted a way out. It breaks my heart. I just hope he read enough loving, healing, peaceful responses from fans.
And i honestly hope some people realize they're might be killing someone slowly before it's too late.
I'm sorry if this came across as inappropriate or weird, it's just how i feel about someone that I really admire and that I know I can't do anything to help in a moment like this. I also apologize for any spelling or grammar errors, as English isn't my first language. Anyways, have a nice one and remember that idols are people too.
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2021.10.20 00:12 davonm Currently in the prototyping phase for my game, GODFREY. Tell me what you think!

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