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2021.11.28 12:00 Zinedane100 Water Knowledge of the Deep

Derek separated from his wife yesterday. He packed his things along with Aniya, his infant daughter and ran away with his new girlfriend, Hyleigh. He cannot bring himself to remove his wedding ring yet although he knows the damage done will always pull down any desire to save what is lost. On the road Hyleigh wants stop in her home town, Lake View but Derek never planned on any detours. “You have to see my home town! Is so quiet and cozy, I’m excited for you to meet my family.” She goes on excitedly, while he focuses on the road, eyes glued straight forward with the occasional glance in the rear view to check on Aniya. “Look just take this exit and we can just stay one night, we need to rest soon any way.” She reaches in the back seat to play with Aniya. Surprisingly Hyleigh has taken to her extremely well, quelling his doubts about her presence with every moment. Nothing like your wife… ex-wife.
Off the exit, the lonely gas station on a country plain suggest isolation for miles and a strong lacking of civilization. The man ushers Derek into the only pumping station and knocks on the driver side glass. Rolling down the window Hyleigh leans over the gear shift was waves, “Hey Paul! Long time now see” He leans down and smiles a toothless grin at her, “Well ill be dipped, is that you Hyleigh, it sure is nice to have you back. The misses will be happy your back too!” He steps back and laughs, gripping his belly, “And look at that, you have a youngin with you too” His head twists back to the driver window and address Derek. “She been Capped yet?”
He look to Hyleigh for a sign, she smiles, “it’s just a small local custom thing, its really nice and lets everyone outside town know you come from Lake View.”
“But we aren’t from Lake View…”
“Not yet, but give us some time. I’m sure soon you fit right in”
"I don't thi-" The pump stops with a loud clink.
“Well that'll do it for you! Say since it's your first stop in town this fill up is on us”
He hangs up the nozzle, and Derek protests, “ you don’t have to do that Paul”
Reaching for his wallet, before he can find it Paul walked back into the store, waving away. “That’s really weird..” Hyleigh was always so friendly. “That was really nice Derek, what’s weird with being nice?” He looks around the car as she looks at him askance. “Not that, I can’t find my wallet.”
They begin to drive off, Hyleigh with a sullen look on her face.
"What?" he asks."You didn’t have to be so rude," she begins exclaiming but she stops short, "anyway, they'll cap Aniya anywhere in town if you ask its not really a big deal and its quick"
"What is it?"
Derek looks at her in disgust as she explains the ritual.
Is she joking? What does it mean to be capped?
Well, she's told you. And it’s exactly what I thought... only worse.
"You’re telling me you want me to let these strangers fondle my child!?"
Well, that’s it she can get out now and we're leaving.
"Its not like that! We just all have to make sure Aniya is human, that’s all"
Except this is her car
"What else would she be?"
... she insisted you travel in her car. And now you’re at her mercy and you have a child. I need to play this smart.
"There are all sorts of things that a person could be, Derek. Its not your fault you don’t know, your're an outsider," she's hoping Derek understands but her eyes full of compassion and understanding for his ignorance.
She's crazy. Leave in the night, take the car and run, never look back.
Night falls like a weighted blanket, swift, thick and without any light.

  1. Derek drives with Aniya in tow, Hyleigh left behind.
I leave to car in the next town and rent something else, call her and tell her where she can find the damn thing, hopefully leave a message and that’s it.
That’s what he hopes for, but hopes are a coin dropped in water. Hope is a fleeting thing, and when every hope has been dashed the only thing that matters in the end is a plan. A finely tuned plan.
The familiar blue and red lights of the law behind you made his stomach drop and his extremities feel cold as ice. God, how am I going to explain this. He stops the car. The sweat forming on his forehead make the air feel especially cold as he rolls the window down.
You’re in a stolen vehicle, hopefully Hyleigh hasn't noticed yet and it’s not reported.
The police lights are off but the headlights make a silhouette of a woman that glides toward the car.
"Derek, that you?
The sheriff? God why does she know my name?
"Its Sheriff Maxine, I.. I just wanna talk"
"Good evening Sheriff, I'm just on my way out of town. Thought I was driving the speed limit? Maybe it changed on me?" He knows he's blabbering, but getting arrested right now would be the worst outcome.
"License please. Hyleigh told me you barrowed her car, gave her a right scare just leaving her at the motel like that! You be gentle with her heart now. If you hurt her, I don’t think I could stop the whole town from taking their revenge!" gently laughing at her own joke.
"I don’t have it. I lost it earlier today. I cant believe this"
"That’s alright Derek. I barely bring mine anywhere! Everyone in town knows me, but it seems like everyone's been talking about you."
What does this place want from us…
"She’s worried about you and Aniya and asked me to see you if you need anything."
"Well I think once I can rent a car in the next town over, I'll pay to have Hyleigh's towed back to her. You she was really talking about some crazy stuff on the way over here. God! Sheriff she wanted some of the men in town to check her privates for… freaking alien parts! She said it proves Aniya's human!"
Sheriff Maxine nods in understanding. Aniya beings to cry in the back seat and Derek leans back to soothe her.
"Well, you know it’s legal here right?"
"What is?"
"Being capped" she says, "I’m compelled to tell you. Being capped is legal here, we all agree it’s for the best.
Bone chilling fear this can’t be happening.
Derek recoils back into the car and Aniya begins screaming. "I gotta say Derek, the car is only for returning. If you attempt to flee I'll have to arrest you for auto theft.
Is there enough time to grab your baby girl run? God everyone in this down is out of their minds!
"Derek? What are you gonna do with tha-"
  1. Moving down the high way back toward the edge of town where the base ball fields are, Derek cuts behind the wide open areas along the tree lines, the long route it seems. He'd never shot anyone before tonight, panic and adrenaline sending a sharp signal through his mind and body.
Survive, protect Aniya.
Was the blood red? Or was it blue? No time to think about that now.
But they are here. All of them, old men, women, young ones too. The coral you into the center of the field.
One of them rubs his hands together, lust written onto his face is like a mask and licking his lips, chanting, “Time for some water knowledge.”
Raising the gun in his right hand, holding Aniya in his left, he forces the forerunners to halt a few paces, spinning around, forming an enclosing circle around him.
He fires the gun at Paul, recognizing his face. His face slits around the bullet allowing it to pass through his head, then reform back in place. The woman behind him falls to the ground, head erupted in a goute of blood. Blue blood, no doubt about it.
Paul reaches for Aniya, grabbing her leg as another takes Derek's arm, wrenching the girl from his arms.
They taking your daughter from you and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. She’s screaming at you, been screaming for hours. She probably wants her mom. God, she's scared out of her mind, what kind of father am I?
Some where through the fear you think, probably scared and wants her mom.
After they’ve taken Aniya left Derek beaten on the ground. He pulls out his phone and calls the state police to yell at them your situation.
"Perverts have abducted my daughter, Aniya Green and they’re about to rape a minor.
The officer on the phone tells you in a calm voice
"Sir, Rotes of water knowledge is legal in the entire state and there’s no crime being committed to you. You should stay calm until the authorities come to get you. Your wife has been looking for you for quite some time. I'm glad to hear Aniya Green is safe with Alexa Green now. She's been so worried about the both of you. She just wants you now!"
Rain like sheets blow past and the smell of ozone fills the air. This cult ritual begins as the sky opens and a monstrous purple tentacle with sucker stickers on the bottom emerges from the sheets of rain. It begins wrapping everyone present and lifting them into its squid-like beak. Another tentacle grabs Derek and lifts him together into it’s black maw.
Alexa stands beneath you, and the monster about to eat you alive.
"All you had to do was listen to me Derek! We could have avoided all of this. She's capped now, the Rote of Water Knowledge is complete." Hyleigh, steps from the rain behind Alexa with Aniya in her arms, she finally stopped screaming. "What have you done to by baby, Alexa!? How is Hyleigh apart of this!?" Derek screams from the height, moments from being eaten. Alexa throws your wallet to the ground, "Imagine lifting the stone Derek! You're afraid now and it is okay!" Hyleigh screams through the shower of rain and the groans of the massive beast. "Imagine walking on water, waking knowing that you've died but lived again on the other side! Soon you will be with us!" Her pink hands fold across her chest, the rain splashing on her face and sliding down the frog like skin, flying of the tips of the tentacles blowing in the wind.
What is she? is she beautiful?
"it was the only way, Derek. The only we can know for sure, she is not human!" Her hair and skin begin to fall away but elation is scrolled across her face. Alexa's true for unfolds: a bulbous head, milky black eyes and tentacles draping from her face, no mouth the speak of, in Derek's mind she speaks:
I've been with you the whole time… guiding you to this moment
The tentacle holding Derek release him, dropping him in the black, teeth lined, maw like spikes opening to a black abyss. The lights from the field wink out. Darkness swallows him, the rain stops, sound muted, life as he knew it… ended.
  1. Awakening on a carved stone table and held down by leather straps.
The room around him looks like a laboratory filled with alien technology. He doesn't recognize anything in this room. Except a pattern on the ceiling. From his child hood; a group of town homes that look the same but are different colors, and the details on each home are wildly different. He could never seem to find all the hundreds of discrepancies between the five homes, but here the image clear as day suspended from the ceiling above him. The Hoxirè, the Illithid symbol for unity. A creature with a bulbous pink head, tall and slender glides in the room like a wraith. Her long slender warm and fleshy fingers draw on your face leaving behind a trail of warm solution on your face, she’s drawing a pattern on him, trying to calm him from the hyper-real nightmare. He hear the words in his mind:
Water knowledge
And he begins to feel it’s thoughts:
Knowledge of the Deep
Soothing thoughts slither into his mind and the creature begins to take the shape of Alexa, another walks in behind her, Hyleigh. They calm you down by drawing on your face. Alexa tentacles move aside and kiss his lips and draw on his chest with her warm, moist fingers.
In his bed at home with Alexa, safe, Anyia in the bassinette next to the bed.
He opens his eyes as Hyleigh, Alexa and Anyia all speak the words at the same time.
“Water knowledge, knowledge of the deep.”
Your bulbous pink foreheads touch as your tentacles begin to wrap around on each other. Unity of the Mind.
I just needed you to see the worst possible outcome before you make your decision
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I had 951 points and then refresh the website and it puts me down to 750ish. I luckily get enough points to have 1016 points to get cat burglar Jessie and then refresh it again because it had taken a while to get on my account and I puts me down to 986!😩 Could someone help me or tell me what went wrong for me to lose points and not unlock the skin.
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A lot of people I run into tell me that Necro is better for feral yet when I tried playing Necro I feel like there is no burst and I can’t lock down kills I mean I understand it’s a bleeds class but what makes it better then convoke ?
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In the year 2 reveal trailer IOI said there will be pcvr for hitman 3. Does this mean i have to buy a pc and a vr headset for that pc? Or can i buy something like an oculus quest 2 and play it on there? And if i can play it with the oculus quest 2, can i transfer all the dlc’s i bought from my ps5 to that oculus quest 2?
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21yr old looking for some buddies to play with. I've got demons souls, ds1, 2 and 3, back4blood, riders republic, R6siege, Destiny2, bl2 and 3 plus hundreds more.
Feel free to add my psn @Aitsao
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I do runing and go to the gym so witch supplement should I choose bcaa or Whey protein maybe even both?
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