kknr9 7s8hr k2nkk zifr8 5kny6 9r8fn 9y3ka 3ftzs 88dkh r8tzk sr27a t6ssb 6s2y5 2haf7 sd5zr bakz2 3dbn9 d86yn 8n6y8 2hf3r bfy75 Who likes my Rick and Morty Home Screen? :D |

Who likes my Rick and Morty Home Screen? :D

2021.12.06 08:29 CorruptedDonuts Who likes my Rick and Morty Home Screen? :D

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2021.12.06 08:29 TudorD95 Learn Java programming for free

Hello. I prepared this free Java programming course for you. Enjoy! https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-java-programming-java-beginners-course/
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2021.12.06 08:29 Sweetcakes2100 Is my boyfriend suffering from mommy issues?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost three years now, it’s been the happiest relationship I’ve ever been in but from the very start it was known that he suffers from an anxiety disorder, this anxiety only ever occurs at night and it always leaves him confused and crying, at one point he needed to stay at his grandmother’s place because it got so bad and she’s his safe person, me dating him this long has made me a safe person for him too, my boyfriend’s mother has never really been present in his life from what I was told, no contact, no phone calls but a once a year hi or hello, please keep that in mind, I’ve noticed when his anxiety hits, he looks for a female presence, like me or his grandmother, he’s close to his uncles and brothers but refuses to talk to them about it, when when I comfort him it’s like he treats me like a mom, expects forehead kisses and hugs and cuddles pep talks, my boyfriend is a very masculine, quiet and dominant person, I have no problem with the attention he craves but I’m thinking maybe this is a sign of “mommy issues”? I might be wrong on this one but I would like to hear a word of advice from another person.
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2021.12.06 08:29 Existential_Steak New role quest unavailable after being abandoned.

Have a weird bug where after abandoning the new role quest to do it later, it isn't available at the npc anymore. Anyone else?
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2021.12.06 08:29 Shorter_McGavin Ranked Playlists

Did 343 really think it was acceptable to launch the full multiplayer experience with ONE ranked game type variation? I always assumed a bunch more would drop on the 8th, but that doesn’t seem like it’s the case. Who is in charge making these decisions?? And no, UI limitations is not a valid excuse.
P.S, screw adding Team Slayer — we want team doubles.
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2021.12.06 08:29 SteFrance Matching non-related Casio items...

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2021.12.06 08:29 guzynx On trauma mindset🌿✨

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2021.12.06 08:29 GirasoleDE Corona in Sachsen: Polizei rüstet sich mit Wasserwerfern gegen Proteste

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2021.12.06 08:29 MoodyLiz ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - Another Morning Stoner

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2021.12.06 08:29 rose_alvina Elope in Paris: The pro Guide to the Perfect 2022 Paris Elopement

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2021.12.06 08:29 MyName3124 Is this game still worth playing?

I started playing when Hearthstone was first released in 1986 and loved it. I quit playing 10 years ago because they teased a new 6 mana minion. Some stonehand oger thingy that basically wins the game on the spot when played. Is the game playable now or is it the same draw oger and win solitaire game? Please help me come back to this game. It's the only thing I have left after my wife divorced me and took my kids away because I was "abusive". Well fuck you too, Sarah, you bitch!
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2021.12.06 08:29 mreloquent Makeup Tutorials

Can anyone recommend some simple makeup tutorials that I could use, would love to be able to at least do a nice, simple but good-looking daily look that I'd be comfortable doing myself.
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2021.12.06 08:29 bigeyedfrog A Small Town with an Incredible Secret...

A place where the strange meets the common, and live alongside each other. For reasons that aren't understood, this seaside town in the state of Oregon sits at the intersection where realities meet, becoming the beacon that many of the stranger inhabitants of the multiverse are drawn to. But not all is good, and both humans and non-humans must put aside their differences to ensure the balance and secrecy of the town, working with a powerful glamour spell to shield the town's true reality.
While the town is officially called Potterstown, many residents refer to it affectionately as "Monstertown, USA."
Come visit us! We offer:
*A well-established RP server with original lore and history. *Helpful and experienced staff members ready to guide and help. *Mature and thoughtful players who enjoy writing shared stories and experiences. *Freedom to create varied and fanciful character concepts. *A friendly and non-toxic environment.
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2021.12.06 08:29 shyboy2103 Sixth Team Member - Help

Taking my time to enjoy the main-game, just about to take on Fantina.
Team currently is : Infernape, Honchkrow, Kadabra, Scizor, Rampardos and Electabuzz.
My final team will consist of : Infernape, Honchkrow, Alakazam, Scizor and Milotic.
Not entirely sure who I was as the final member, will Rampardos or Electivire be a good addition to the team or should I have a different pokemon in this slot. Other ideas I had were Froslass or Garchomp. Who do you think would compliment my team?
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2021.12.06 08:29 Inevitable_Feature89 Can anyone link me or guide me on how to DRS from tiger brokers step by step

can some kind souls help me out with this thank you !
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2021.12.06 08:29 Tough-Truck Variants of homer.

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2021.12.06 08:29 inspyral 「THE iDOLM@STER: Starlit Season」DLC PV2 with Hayami Saori and Company

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2021.12.06 08:29 ClassicSoulboy Of all the places in the world, you'd think Austria, Hitler's birthplace, would have learned about totalitarian tyranny.

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2021.12.06 08:29 GeniunelyStewpeed Unpopular opinion: Auba must be benched.

Currently I don’t see him improve significantly. The best gamble for Arteta is to let the young ones to at least inspire the team with the relentless and pressing energy. Martinelli and even Nketiah can offer us more in terms of our attacking situation. What are your thoughts?
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2021.12.06 08:29 Mukul84 Top 10 shared website hosting providers

Are you a blogger or want to start a website but looking for some affordable website hosting options? Do not worry as you can opt for a shared website hosting which is just like sharing an apartment with others but having your own personal room. Here, you just need to share the expenses with others who also live in the same house.
So, shared hosting is something that will save you lots of money and it is one of the best solutions for having multiple websites on one server.
Websites hosted on a single server use resources accordingly but the main expenses are distributed accordingly among all members who have opted for the same server. Obviously, the server resource is allocated according to the package you have opted for the resources which are required by you.
In fact, it is an affordable and economical option to go for shared web hosting in case you want to hit the online world with limited financial resources. There are a number of shared website hosting which is available and here we will discuss the best 10 shared websites hosting including Linux and Windows shared hosting.
If you are thinking about whether it is safe to use shared hosting or how it works then we will tell you in brief how shared hosting works and is beneficial for anyone who is looking for an affordable hosting option.
In shared website hosting a single server is partitioned in such a way so that it allows multiple accounts for different users with their own different websites, databases and emails. Shared hosting has many pros which might tempt you to go for it like it is affordable and cost effective. It does not even require any kind of technical maintenance from your side which means you need not worry about any technical stuff and just focus on your business.
These also have inbuilt Cpanel which is helpful in DNS, email settings, etc. Moreover, shared hosting is best suitable for medium size websites or blogs. The user always has an option to upgrade to dedicated website hosting or VPN hosting later so it is advisable to go for shared hosting in the beginning.
Despite the fact that there are lots of shared web hosting available you should wisely make the decision to opt for the best one as there are few service providers which are one of the top service providers and also affordable. On the same hand, these are completely safe to host the business website or personal blog.
So, let us tell you about the top 10 shared websites hosting and assure you that these are among the finest service providers.

  1. Nexcess
  2. WPEngine
  3. InMotion
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. SiteGround
  6. GreenGeeks
  7. Hostgator
  8. Dreamhost
  9. Bluehost
  10. Hostinger
1. Nexcess
This is one of the topmost shared web hosting because it is a dedicated type and works smoothly with WordPress. Whether it’s eCommerce, content or any other type of website it will work perfectly for all types.
Additionally, this hosting provider has a special feature called cloud accelerator which actually adds up a layer to the cloud stack for increasing the website loading time. So, it helps in the quick loading of the website. There are many plans which can be opted according to the requirement and due to this reason, it has become popular. All types of businesses especially those which are in a growing stage can avail its services.
Moreover, the dedicated 24* 7 support team is always there to provide instant support in case someone faces any technical issue.
2. WPEngine
This is in the second position but it does not mean that it is not good enough because it also has a wide range of plans and features which are hard to find in another shared hosting. It will not be wrong to say that it provides excellent service to the customers.
Especially for those who have listed their website on WordPress because it is made in such a way that a WordPress website instantly opens with a very short loading time. You might find it a bit high price as compared to other shared hosting but it is completely worth it to opt for it as the security features and good storage size is acceptable.
The annual subscription can also save you a bit of money on the total price as compared to the 3 months plan. It is managed by WordPress and works well for the WordPress website assures that the website speed will be incredibly good that too with no downtime as most of the maintenance and updates are done automatically. Hence, it is best suitable for WordPress websites due to high levels of optimization.
The 24*7 customer support ensures that you never face any problems in sorting the issue, so it is a recommendable hosting for those who have the less technical knowledge and want most of the things to be done automatically.
3. InMotion
It is another great option to opt for due to its affordable rates and impeccable service. There are plans for almost everyone and the best support system to help the customers whenever they face any issue or find some problem.
Amazingly they also offer 90 days free trial of shared hosting which is exceptional as there are hardly any other shared hosting that provides such a long period of a free trial. Also, there are lots of plans that you can choose to upgrade when the site visitors grow or you require more storage as compared to the initial growth stage.
The best part about this shared hosting is that it has dedicated resources allocated, Cpanel and WHM are already included, better uptime with 90 days money back guarantee and free setup along with website transfer.
In case you require the entry-level plans then also there is no need to worry about anything as the same level of support services are provided to each and every user. Everything is crystal clear and has nothing to hide. All the information is readily available for the users.
4. A2 Hosting
This hosting is suitable for those who like the incredible speed and do not want to compromise on the load time as it is among the top shared hosting which can be completely trusted for the speed.
If you have already used other shared hosting then try this one, we are sure that you will be amazed to see the difference. They have Turbo boost and Turbo Max plans which are 20 times faster as compared to their other servers which already provide high speed.
So these Turbo plans have pros which are like 40% faster AMD CPU performance. 2 times faster to the first byte, capability to manage 9 times more traffic and 3 times faster to read and write speed with special NVMe drives.
It also boasts of its 99.9% uptime which is simply great as the user will almost ever face any downtime and it makes it more reliable hosting to opt for.
Not just this it also allows free migration from other servers and makes the whole process smooth and efficient. Hence, it will save you from downtime with great speed and a professional support system.
Anyways it also supports 1 click install for CMS like Drupal, WordPress and Magento. Furthermore, if you have a plan to host multiple websites then this is one of the best options where you will only get the high speed and virtually no downtime.
5. SiteGround
When it comes to fast loading or almost no downtime then this is also a good option to go for as the plans are also quite affordable. So, it is suitable for those who have less technical knowledge and are looking for a simple shared website hosting that is easy to manage along with a professional support system that is always available.
It is optimized in such a way so that the user’s websites are fast enough to load without any lag that too with complete security. All this is made possible by the advanced technology they use to provide hosting to the users. It uses Google Cloud to smooth and effective connections and the SSD data storage always ensures low latency in the system.
Notably, its developers have developed such a system that provides 30% faster speed as compared to the standard PHP along with 15% less memory usage. To take care of the security part they have developed ultrafast PHP which is a proactive security measure and the firewall rules are weekly updated.
Additionally, it is also capable of blocking more than 5 lakh to 2 million brutal force attack attempts each hour on the customer’s websites which are simply great.
It is hard to find this type of combination of high speed and security in one place. So, if you are concerned about security then this is one of the best choices that you can rely on upon without thinking twice.
  1. GreenGeeks
If you are a nature lover or want to do something to help nature along with opting for the best-shared hosting then this is the best choice because it is eco-friendly hosting that uses renewable energy for providing power to their web hosting servers.
It is suitable for WordPress, reseller web hosting, VPN servers, WooCommerce hosting. The biggest advantage of using this hosting is that you will never have to worry about the loading time, storage space and downtime as it provides exceptional high speed, superb uptime and fast speed.
Just like any other it also provides 1 click WordPress installation along with auto-updates. Furthermore, the security is also good as it takes daily backups supported by the latest security features to keep the user data safe. All the latest technologies are supported such as CDN, SSD and PHP7. The support system is also impeccable as they provide 24*7 support and are fast to respond and resolve all sorts of queries without any hassle/
7. Hostgator
Hostgator is among one of the top shared hosting that is popular all around the Globe as it has minimal price packages which are cost-effective along with secured and fast servers. Additionally, it also provides a 45 days trial period so if you are not satisfied with the services you can get back the money.
It is best suitable for a simple website with minimum features. Hence for a faster load time and secured environment, this hosting is a reliable option. A support guide for all types of plans and 24*7 customer systems are available for all customers which are good.
It can be used for Linux and Windows both so it is suitable for websites that receive huge traffic and require high-security levels.
8. Dreamhost
It is one of the most affordable hosting solutions for those who are looking for a cost effective option along with good security and high speed of the website. It has multiple plans according to the duration and features that a user wants to have. Anyways the month-on-month plan is recommended to those who like to check as it will give them a good overview of whether they would like to continue with the service in the long term or not.
9. Bluehost
Bluehost is a popular hosting that is not just cheaper as compared to other providers but it is also secured and safe to use. It provides all the basic services like Cpanel, DNS, email and 24* customer support who are professionals and provide online solutions even to those who are not tech-savvy.
It is also recommended by WordPress which further adds credibility to it.
10. Hostinger
Last but not least this is also one of the most cost effective hostings that is recommended as it has received lots of positive reviews online as well from offline customers.
It offers month on monthly plans that too with free SSL certificate along with 30 days money-back guarantee. It is completely safe to use and also provides a decent speed to reduce the load time of the website. Customer support systems are always available for all types of plans and customers.
We have provided the best information related to the top shared website hosting which is recommended on the basis of their reviews provided online and offline. All these websites are good for high speed, security, free SSL certificate and auto-updates along with affordable prices.
#Techtrimmer #sharedwebhosting #Bestsharedwebhostingn#top10sharedwebhostingproviders
Source: https://techtrimmer.com/technology-news/top-10-shared-website-hosting-providers/
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2021.12.06 08:29 sweatybeerpint Kante or 85 Blanc? CDM

View Poll
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2021.12.06 08:29 blueconstant Just heard about lung collapse aka pneumothorax. Is it a risk?

So basically lung collapse aka pneumothorax sounds quite scary. I run 50 miles per week (80 kilometers) and I have asthma but I've never been injured ever. Apparently it's common if you're tall and skinny. Is it just totally random? Anything that prevents it?
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2021.12.06 08:29 ehabich The Contact Project on Github (any open source developers here?)

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2021.12.06 08:29 Boudi884 Will there be a QAS for the dec 4th SAT? Or any way to check the questions and the right answers for them

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2021.12.06 08:29 Dry_Link_7131 First meme hai guys

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