How do grades work at St. Andrews?

2021.12.06 09:25 Crazy-Sizes How do grades work at St. Andrews?

Self-explanatory, I understand it’s on a 20 point scale but I don’t get the difference of the first and second year vs third and fourth
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2021.12.06 09:25 jack_kettleman I'm Jack Fuckin Kettleman!

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2021.12.06 09:25 assagitaz d-phrag & Valentin Mavron - Take Me Away [BC2]

Publisher: BC2
Out Date: 2021-12-03
Quality: MP3 15.55 Mb / AIFF 68.46 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
d-phrag & Valentin Mavron - Take Me Away / (Key Em, BPM 121, Length 6:28)​
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2021.12.06 09:25 BandicootAncient Not sure where the ball came from but never hear a “fore”.

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2021.12.06 09:25 ScimitarsRUs A few shots from Shisendo Temple, Kyoto

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2021.12.06 09:25 niuz-bot Sibiu: Pârtiile de la Arena Platoş Păltiniş se vor deschide sâmbătă - [Social]

Pârtiile de la complexul Arena Platoş din staţiunea Păltiniş se vor deschide sâmbătă, dacă temperaturile nu vor creşte în următoarele zile, potrivit unui comunicat remis AGERPRES.
"În cazul în care temperaturile nu se vor schimba în următoarele zile, instalaţiile de produce...
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.12.06 09:25 gevvstrr Engine (motor) oil as antifreeze in door locks?

I have a 30 year old car and live in a arctic climate. Before the winter kicked in I squirted some cheap thin type lock oil in my driver side door. Now that door is the worst of them all, it freezes so I have to breathe heavily in the lock for a minute or so before even being able to stick the key in.
So, I was thinking, I've earlier had great success with * drum roll * friggin' motor oil for bicycle locks during wintertime. They never freeze. Shouldn't I be able to use a syringe and fill the inside of my door lock with some good 5W-30? A bit nasty / greasy by all means, but at least it wouldn't freeze so that I can't stick the key in, or what do you think? Here in Sweden where the temperature sometimes reaches -20° C (~68° F) I think that thin PTFE oil sometimes do more harm than good.
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2021.12.06 09:25 Manolost11 Mega Steelix

Friend Code: 1200 8064 5282 Start in 15 minutes
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2021.12.06 09:25 Wafran So... What if spinel was the gem pink brought to earth instead of pearl?

So... What if spinel was the gem pink brought to earth instead of pearl? First, the reason to irresponsibly bring an impressionable dictator down to earth is not "She ordered it to me" it's "Let's play a game of hide ad seek" or some other hijinks that make them both go to earth and play in an infinite garden...
Now, I bet the war and the rebellion would change Spinel from her baby self into a more mature... maybe still more playful than pearl personality. Probably, Amethyst would be closer to her than she was to pearl, but she would still be overprotective of steven... the only remains of her true best friend.
Her reformed form after the war would probably use circus elements from the earth, maybe establishing a truly buffoonery look! or maybe settling for a more modern big neck kind of clown...
As she doesn't own holograms her memories would display as flashbacks similar to garnet's... the scene in the big floating rock can still happen...
"My Spinel... You are wonderful"
For some reason, I'm picturing spinel using something other than a spear...
Maybe a sword (With something of a drill design to get the best of her power) so as to keep the fusion weapons and the whole Connie ark.
Now... she ain't no smart, we know that...
So peridot would absolutely have an easier time getting the leadership of the drilling project. BUT... I'm not ruling out that spinels are known for actually having lots of information on huge drills...
(I'm sticking to some fan theories that say that spinel's drill IS hers since she has a unique physical ability to de-activate it)
Now, I'm assuming pearl stays in the garden... she wasn't entertaining pink diamond by the time she was given earth., and as we know, a pearl can't go against a direct order from a diamond.
"Stay here... until I come back for you"
What would her attack consist of? Simple... an invasion of pearl hologram clones... all bearing a spear-like weapon, and the actual core of the invasion going after the main team, puffing them with the grace of ballet and copies of herself.
We know the holo-pearls can exist even if pearl doesn't, I'm picturing that rejuvenating her doesn't stop them from harming the citizens of beach city and wreaking havoc on the town.
Maybe... Pearl's favorite pink tree would've survived until this point...
"That's right I've heard that song over and over again..."
I'm.... imagining her version of "other friends" being quite more ballet-y.
NOW... what do you think?
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2021.12.06 09:25 uotsca The Stain stacks theme is the best browser theme I've seen in the last several years

There's really not much to it - grey/beige color theme with a pink highlight, but I'm absolutely loving it because it seems to mesh so well with Edge's UI.
I really think that it should be Edge's standard theme. If you didn't know about it the theme, I highly recommend trying it out (DL it from here: Satin Stacks - Microsoft Edge Addons )
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2021.12.06 09:25 SonkyJ Annihilus KO Red Tornado? HERO or zero! Let AI decide on AI.Decider

Annihilus - winner, no chance for Red Tornado! Skills comparison - Annihilus vs Red Tornado
Round 1: Red Tornado jabs to the body, and then a hook. Red Tornado controlling Annihilus’ right arm. The referee isn’t seeing enough action, though, and separates the fighters. So Annihilus goes back on top, landing more strikes as Red Tornado is horribly spent.
Round 2: Counters from Red Tornado as Annihilus presses forward. Annihilus recovers half-guard, but Red Tornado traps the left arm and unleashes right hands on Annihilus’s unguarded face. Annihilus lands a low kick and right hand, met by a pair of good punches from Red Tornado. Good counter left hook by Annihilus.
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2021.12.06 09:25 jefra_the_great Bad Time.

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2021.12.06 09:25 UchihaItachi1638 Lisa

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2021.12.06 09:25 TronicBoy Introduction To Financial Literacy For Teens

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2021.12.06 09:25 Fantastic_Leg_86 Tamudan niyo na mga lodi sarap neto

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2021.12.06 09:25 Infinite-Royal7652 Paris wants to transport passengers using flying taxis in 2024 (01/12/2021)
Article in linkcontains 2 pictures of the Trifan!!!

The French government announced on Thursday that it is starting testing of new electric taxi vehicles. The country has built a new test site just outside the capital. They have set out to create at least two transport routes for electric flying taxi vehicles to transport visitors during the 2024 Summer Olympics.
France tests a new mode of suburban transport
French Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari attended Thursday's grand opening of a test site at the airport northwest of Paris. "Everything builds on each other beautifully, new partnerships, innovations, test spaces, decrees and funding," Djebarri said. "All the components for success are in place, all that remains is to implement everything."
The first Olympic route will transport visitors between Charles De Gaulle airports and La Bourget, and the second will connect two Paris suburbs. Around 30 manufacturers from all over the world signed up to test electric aircraft with vertical take-off (abbreviated eVTOL) and their components. It is for them that the test area at the airport will serve for these purposes.
Will we normally fly between cities?
An airport spokesman said they had already tested drones carrying medical materials such as blood components, medical packages and anti-collision and charging systems, among other things. In September, Bloomberg reported on a plan to build 65 stations for flying taxis. Among the participating cities are, for example, London or Los Angeles. The first such habitats should be opened during 2022.
In September, NASA also announced the start of testing eVTOL aircraft. These aircraft are manufactured by Joby Aviation, a company from California. Their aim is to create a new form of intercity transport. Joby is also one of the manufacturers testing the aircraft for use in Paris.
Will eVTOL aircraft actually carry passengers, medical supplies and cargo on a daily basis? If they are good enough for the French government and NASA, further tests may make flying taxis another eco-friendly mode of transportation. At least for a group of people who will be able to afford such transport
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2021.12.06 09:25 J0rO79 Rob Turner GoGo Penguin announcement!

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2021.12.06 09:25 TronicBoy Introduction To Financial Literacy For Teens

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2021.12.06 09:25 thompson103 Does anyone else absolute mash with Brett Gardner?

I swear, he has 80-90 someodd power on each side, and I suck at this game. But I'm hitting .344 with 12 400+ no doubters off both left and right sides with this guy....
I can't believe it. It feels like a cheat code. Has anyone else had this experience with the man?
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2021.12.06 09:25 vikramgoel68 Understanding Market Order and Limit Order.

Whenever we talk about the share market, we talk about buying and selling of shares, but it’s important to understand what type of order we’re placing every time we buy a share.
Yes, you got it right, there are many different options for purchasing a share. Two of the most common types of orders are Market Order and Limit Order.
Before diving into Market Order and Limit Order, let’s recall our basics right on how the market works. Say, you wish to purchase a pair of shoes. You would pay some money to the seller and the seller would deliver the shoes to you. Once this is done, the order is considered complete. Now, in the share market, instead of shoes, the transaction here is of shares. You pay money to buy shares and the seller receives money to sell shares.
It is important to keep in mind that the share market is extremely volatile and the prices fluctuate within milliseconds. Let’s assume that the price of asset A is Rs 100, in no time the price can change to Rs 101, Rs 102, Rs 99, or Rs 98.
Going back to our topic of Market order and Limit order. Market order requires you to specify only the quantity of shares that you wish to buy, and the transaction takes place almost instantly. However, in the case of Limit order, you specify both your desired quantity of shares as well as the price you wish to buy it at. Your transaction takes place when the market price reaches your specified price.
Read More
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2021.12.06 09:25 A_lonely_Camille The only card art that doesn't appear among the new cards is Yordle explorer. There is actually hope that this is just a bad joke!

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2021.12.06 09:25 ItsJymmi (WIP) I'll See Your Evil Lair and Raise You 'Imperial Palace'. I've Still A Lot of Work to Do on it. Currently Houses the Space Elevator. Storage and Lighting Will be Added Soon™.

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2021.12.06 09:25 CleanContrast Damn I can't believe Vince made this m'Japanese man do a Japanese accent (so racist). Fuck Vince, Fed Bad. Black Champions, I guess.

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2021.12.06 09:25 notfoundop Xd

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2021.12.06 09:24 JackPotter643 “When I’m raping”

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