Can I ask my gf to exercise?

2021.12.06 07:58 jonesinforone Can I ask my gf to exercise?

I’m 24 she’s 22.
She hasn’t exercised at all for about a year now. It’s bothering me.
I exercise a lot I really like it. It’s part of my lifestyle. It used to be part of my gf’s but she stopped.
She keeps saying she doesn’t like the weight she’s gained (and tbh it’s significant) but she won’t do anything about it. I’ve offered to take her to the gym with me, pay for a membership, go on hikes. Anything. She doesn’t do it but says she’ll do it later.
It’s turning me off quite a lot. And sometimes it’s making me feel a bit sexually frustrated coz I don’t really like the weight gain.
Can I actually ask her to work out somehow? Or am I just fucked.
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2021.12.06 07:58 Disastrous_Rooster is there any achivement/trophy website that have "all-in-one" list?

i mean, i want to see my achivement/trophy list where xboxlive and psn games listed both at same time. is there any website for such option?

gta5(x360) 50%
gta5(xone) 60%
gta5(ps3) 70%
gta5(ps4) 76%
gta4(x360) 75%
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2021.12.06 07:58 Qwerty_1215 I found a tank in my hometown, and there are few times where I've been happier.

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2021.12.06 07:58 Stallrim Moving to Hyderabad for my first Job.

So I got an offer from a company in Hyderabad. The office is situated in DLF, Indiranagar, Gachibowli.
I am from Maharashtra and this will be my first time moving to a new bigger city.

  1. So how's the area my office is situated in? Any good PGs before I find a flat for myself?
  2. How's the weather? I am from Nashik and it has really good weather.
  3. I've heard there's water and electricity issues in some parts of Hyderabad so is it true and how severe is it?
  4. Dating/Social life /Nightlife is it as bad as people make it to be on the internet. Are people open minded? What were your or your friends experience with dating and hooking up?
  5. There's a Bangalore location too of my office and I can ask them if there's a spot there too. Would you recommend Bangalore over Hyderabad if it's possible, I do have significant number of friends there. And the office location in Bangalore is in Bellandur.
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2021.12.06 07:58 gradenko_2000 A Review of Rice Tariffication in the Time of COVID-19: Rationale and Road to Rice Self-Sufficiency in the Philippines
An excerpted sample, emphasis mine:

Abstract: The Philippine government passed the Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) in 2019, despite a strong and united peasant opposition to rice industry liberalization, which the RTL facilitates and further accelerates. Amid falling Filipino farmers’ incomes due to the deluge of imported rice, negligible milled rice price decreases for consumers, rising rice prices globally, and in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that has already disrupted food supplies and is poised to cause continuing instability in the price of imports, this paper is aimed at reviewing recent rice tariffication policy literature. Such review will be a springboard in making a case in favor of RTL’s reversal and presenting alternative policies towards prospective rice self-sufficiency in the Philippines. The paper contends that the RTL will only encourage the Philippines to rely on imports and also fail to make the local rice industry more competitive. Hence, the local rice industry must be supported rather than allowed to be gobbled up by liberalization, especially that the COVID-19 pandemic proved that countries cannot always rely on food imports. The paper prescribes drastic investments in agriculture and R&D, rural solar electrification, and promotion of more agriculture-oriented research focused on increasing yields, boosting productivity, and planting sustainably as feasible steps in the road to rice self-sufficiency.
Meanwhile, Cororaton and Yu (2019) noted that full liberalization lowers “import price of rice by 32.9%, which leads to 113.3% increase in rice imports,” decreases output prices of paddy and rice, and reduces “consumer price of rice by 14.7%” (p. 176). Their simulations also showed that rice tariffication at 48.9% tariff rate (proceeds of which are allotted to “cash transfer” to vulnerable sectors) with “rice imports at the previous quota level” (Cororaton & Yu, 2019, p. 176). will reduce the import price of rice by only 0.13% and will also actually slightly cause the consumer price of rice to rise by 0.26%. The same study pointed out that “gradual reduction in tariff” with “cash transfer” will result to lower import price of rice by 8.13%, and consumer price of rice by 2%.” Hence, in Cororaton and Yu’s article, price movements will depend on what form of liberalization is adopted. Parallel with Mendoza and Torres’ assertions, Cororaton and Yu’s simulations showed that “retaining the protection on domestic paddy production through tariffication and earmarking the revenue generated as a cash transfer to poor households will reduce poverty considerably by four million in 10 years” (p. 180). Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that one quantitative study (Bacud et al., 2019) offered a relatively different perspective, as it found out that “imposing tariffs results to increasing wholesale prices as well as farmgate prices,” which “would mean that more consumers will shoulder price increases as brought by tariffication” (p. 79).
Guzman’s (2019) policy brief is the only anti-tariffication paper among the surveyed literature; it strongly criticized RTL as “it will worsen the jobs crisis and poverty”. Guzman (2019) explained that “...the law imperils the more important dimension of accessibility – which is people having adequate incomes and livelihood – by subjecting the Filipino rice farmers to undue competition with subsidized imports”. Guzman’s criticism is buttressed by the peasant sector’s declaration (Federation of Free Farmers et al., 2019) on the vastness and importance of the country’s rice sector which “accounts for around 20% of the gross value added (GVA) of Philippine agriculture...employs 2.5 million households, broken down into 2.1 million farmers, 110,000 workers for post-farm activities and 320,000 for ancillary activities” and supplies “90% to 95% of the country’s rice requirements. The welfare of rice therefore crucial in ensuring the food security, economic well-being and political stability of the country”.
Cororaton and Yu (2019) remarked in their conclusions that “the influx of imported rice will definitely affect the income of rice farmers” (p. 180). Perez and Pradesha (2019) computed that with a 35% tariff rate, “producers are set to lose US$29.73 billion...for the 20-year period 2020–2040,” and in all tariff scenarios, “producers lose” (p. 7). Mendoza and Torres’ paper (2019) pointed out that the policy could “put pressure on some farmers’ incomes” as “they face stiffer competition from imported rice,” especially in provinces such as Occidental Mindoro and Negros Oriental where, as in similarly uncompetitive provinces—“some farmers may need safety nets” (pp. 3-5). Even in seemingly competitive regions, many farmers complain that RTL caused palay prices to drop (Fenol, 2019; Inquirer Northern Luzon, 2019; San Juan, 2019).
Beyond the typical discussion on the policy’s impact on farmers (which was a feature of other available literature), Tobias’ (2019) paper also discussed more negative effects of tariffication on various sectors: (a) lack of safety nets for Filipino farmers; (b) displacement of rice farmers, NFA employees, 90,000 accredited NFA retailers, 6,600 registered rice millers with 55,000 workers; (c) shortage of rice by-products such as rice bran (used for making animal and aquaculture feeds), and binlid or brewer’s rice (used for alcoholic drinks), possibly leading to price hikes of pork, chicken, and beer; (d) shortage of rice hull (“used as fuel for biomass furnaces” and “as a binder for cement and land fillers”); and (e) resurgence of the rice trade cartel, which would push more people to go hungry. Both Tobias (2019) and Guzman (2019) pointed out that there are no guarantees that unlimited rice imports would mean lower retail rice prices, with the former warning that reliance on imports makes “the country vulnerable to higher world market prices as well as to rice production and export decisions of other countries.” Tobias (2019) noted that Vietnam, India, and Pakistan “restricted their rice exports amid rising global rice prices” in 2008, and Guzman (2019) emphasizes that “the global rice market is narrow. Only 9.7% of global production ended up in the global market in 2018,” with rice exporting countries consuming 90% of their production, in this world of uncertainties where “nothing replaces the role of stable local production in moderating the impact of emergencies.” Guzman (2019) provided evidence on how the rice cartel took advantage of supposedly cheap rice imports: “ rice has become cheaper due to increased production and exports after the 2008 crisis, but this did not translate to cheaper local prices...what the Philippine market had from 2011 to 2014 was record increase in smuggled rice and escalating rice prices at an annual average of Php1.20 increase per kilo.” Only Tobias and Guzman acknowledged the strong possibility (if not continuing reality) of private cartel abuse under RTL.
Furthermore, Guzman (2019) provided broad counterpoints to the government’s claims on cheaper global rice. On historical Thai and Vietnamese rice prices, Guzman asserted that “despite fluctuations and recent global trends showing that export prices are going down, global rice prices have actually increased since 2016” (2019. Using government statistics, she further remarked that “the landed cost of imported rice is not dramatically lower” as in February 2019 when the landed cost yielded “a still more expensive imported rice ranging from Php44.08 to Php44.75 per kilo” (2019). On tariffication’s impact on peasants, Navata (2017) digressed with the rest by claiming that tariffication is also beneficial to small rice farmers because they “are net buyers of the commodity” (p. 6). Moreover, his paper noted that “at 35 percent tariff, which is the current rate under the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Free Trade Area, local farmers would have price advantage..and about 35 of the country’s rice producing provinces will be able to compete directly with their Vietnamese and Thai counterparts” (p. 5). The 35% tariff rate is now proven insufficient to maintain what Navata called as local farmers’ “price advantage,” with even Senator Imee Marcos (2019), a very pro-government legislator, joining the clamor for a higher tariff rate (500% to 800%). Unfortunately, just this May 15, 2021, instead of hiking the tariff rate on imported rice then (40%), President Rodrigo Duterte reduced the tariff rate to 35% by signing Executive Order No. 135 (Office of the President, 2021).
Sharing some general conclusions with Mendoza and Torres (2019)—especially on peasant empowerment—and emphasizing that food self-sufficiency is rooted in other structural socio-economic reforms that the country needs, Guzman blasted RTL as a means “to further justify open trading system and liberalization of traditional sectors such as agriculture” which “violate the people’s right to food, their right to access resources...such as having free land to till and state support as well as their right to produce food of their own choice and decisions” (2019). She added that RTL “eventually abrogates...the people’s inalienable participate in, contribute to, and enjoy development processes.”
Overall, most of the literature analyzed clearly claimed that rice liberalization or tariffication will be generally good to consumers as imported rice is expected to be cheaper even with tariffication. Almost all of the literature reviewed also favor tariffication as a policy. On the impact of rice liberalization on farmers, almost all surveyed researches concede that this policy is generally bad for local peasants. All papers—despite majority of the reviewed literature’s support for tariffication—pointed out that the law’s adverse effects on local farmers will have to be cushioned by strong measures. The available literature—except for Tobias’ and Guzman’s short discussions on cartels—did not discuss how foreign rice exporters and local corporate interests will benefit much from the rice tariffication policy. Such discussion is necessary to shed light on the overall pros and cons of the law on a macro-level.
Other than mentioning countries where the Philippines imports rice from, the surveyed literature failed to offer comparative perspectives on past and parallel tariffication/liberalization experiences of other countries too. Finally, the surveyed literature also lacks clear plans for the long-term competitiveness of the domestic rice industry, which, arguably, is an essential element of food security—a declared State policy. Even a more recent study on RTL’s domestic and international impacts (Balié & Valera, 2020b) only mentioned salient policy prescriptions in its conclusion, but without any elaboration. To complement such positive suggestions, this paper will also outline a plan towards rice self-sufficiency that could help Philippine policymakers to implement the State’s own objectives stated in the RTL’s declaration of policy: “ ensure food security and to make the country’s agricultural sector viable, efficient and globally competitive” (Rice Tariffication Law, 2019, Section 2).
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2021.12.06 07:58 MattWi77iams 2022 Player Breakdowns: Marcus Semien

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2021.12.06 07:58 Tukotki Funny box I wonder what's inside

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2021.12.06 07:58 shakallezoulou Mmmmm Celle de droite elle doit avoir un putain de gros cul. A enculer sans modération

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2021.12.06 07:58 Mission-Eggplant-210 [A3] [Recruiting] [EU/NA] British Foreign Legion (BFL)

We are British Foreign Legion a.k.a BFL - a multinational ArmA 3 milsim community, combining the concept of the French Foreign Legion with the British Army’s doctrine and equipment.
We have been around now for roughly 10 years, and combine our real life military experiences with our decade of in-game knowledge to create a truly unique gaming experience.
BFL’s members hail from nations all across the world such as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Australia and more.
Our unit is always open for recruitment - If you are interested in a well organised and realistic unit with an emphasis on fun, please feel free to join our Discord server and introduce yourself.
World's fastest growing arma community. Over a decade of in-game experience. Combine real world military experiences + decade of in-game knowledge to create a unique experience. Well over 40 members from from all around the globe - including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Latvia, Belgium, Austria and more! Use of real British Army doctrine and equipment. Emphasis on creating an enjoyable and fun experience for all our members.
We are a welcoming community, we host one exercise and one op every week, as well as multiple community events and casual servers
Join us at
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2021.12.06 07:58 FFGG2323 Bible discussion: Should women preach in churches? Are there conditions to it?

This is a common question in many circles and I thought it would be a great interesting topic to raise to the group. Many new Christians will probably at some point encounter this question and not know how to answer.
With that, Your challenge is to share your view point WITH reference to scriptures. PLEASE KEEP THE RESPONSES RESPECTFUL I AM NOT TRYING TO START A WAR, ITS A FUN DISCUSSION...NOTHING SERIOUS.😂
This discussion will literally be a way for people to learn about the many perspectives people have in regards to this topic as many Christians don'trealise there's actually opposing views.
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2021.12.06 07:58 NewsElfForEnterprise Countries With the Most Leaked Passwords

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2021.12.06 07:58 Strange_Ad_9883 Academic integrity

Hey guys, I am freaking out and I need some advice right now. I am accused of plagiarism on an math assignment (which worth 10% of this unit). I didn’t actually plagiarise but may reference some falsely? I want to know what is the worst outcome for it? Thanks!
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2021.12.06 07:58 wozzelsepp Oerator + Black customization

I would really appreciate it if someone could comment on my planned customization of my Operaor + Black plan according to my goals.

Current routine
OP for 6 week cycles (finished 6th cycle yesterday)
minimal number of sets for squats, maximum number for "upper body", 1 working set DL on all workout days. Sometimes performed "normal", sometimes as "circle", always at least 1:30s pause between set/excersise
Mainly running (5km/~3miles ~22:30 mins), some Heavy bag resets, EMOM sandbag carries, Meat Eater and KB-Swings in general
My goals are to get strong and explosive while staying "lean" and "functional",no care about aesthetics, but I simply perform better when staying "lighter". (SS-likish Background, >100kg/225lbs, horrible conditioning). And also staying injury free.
For injury prevention in boxing core and neck muscles shall be strong
Grip & Core (Uppber back /traps?). If i fail, its for most of my lifts due to weak core and/or grip. And i have the feeling that both gets better just by squatting and deadlifting, but my lifts would progress much better if i would address them directly additionally. I also have noticed the following: my traps feel really weak. I cant shrug my deadlift weights - as i have read you should shrug more than you deadlift.
But unfortunately i tended to do too many exercises. What i like about TB is the simplicity, i was afraid that i could harm that by adding to much "assistance"

My Plan
I would like to add some exercises for Abs/Core, Grip and explosiveness. I like the videos of Brian Alsruhe, and like to add some "Strongman"-stuff for conditioning and strength. So here is my plan:
  1. Superset Zerchersquat | AB-Wheel (Anti flexion)
  2. Superset chinups | OHP | Full-Contact Twist (Rotational)
  3. Deadlift
  4. Strongman finisher
For the finisher i thought about heavy carries (farmer walk, suitcase carry (anti-lateral flexion), sandbags), sandbag over shoulders, axle bar DL. For example EMOMs, eg. 2 Sandbag over shoulder for 10 minutes, marching on place with farmer handles (small place) for a certain time.
I would add the additional exercises + finisher on the trainingsdays only if i feel good, and none of them on weak 6 (and maybe 3)
I would stay primarily with running (5km/3 mile, 600m sprints, occasionally 10km or more), Meat Eater, KB swings in general, heavy bag resets.
As i love the method of GTG i would also add captain crush throughout the day.

Does anyone have criticism / suggestions for improvement? Thank you all for your help.
Stay strong and healthy!
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2021.12.06 07:58 TszKiChow CP is working very hard. Even on Sunday and 05:41….in the early morning. XD

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2021.12.06 07:58 cTePeOMy3blKa Cant believe even authentication systems arent immune to woke SJW agenda 🤦‍♂️

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2021.12.06 07:58 __hrga__ Ovo je ozbiljna emisija na HRT-u: "Fufe s ptičjim mozgom objavljuju svoje sličice"

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2021.12.06 07:58 MikkoSavannah r/roastmypet ... On his way to that job interview!

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2021.12.06 07:58 MoorGaming Farming Prophecy dungeon question.

So I have a question, I thought that once an encounter drops a specific weapon it should drop that same weapon all week until reset.
I got the hand cannon on the first boss encounter but after running it about four times it then drops a sniper.
What am I missing?
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2021.12.06 07:58 Jasheley22 Your reminder that Ethan Klein has always been a POS. Good people don’t defend domestic abusers irrespective of their relationship, nor work with greedy liars after they expose them for profiting off a marginalised group.

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2021.12.06 07:58 pitch_blacck How do you cope day to day when seeing an attractive women is enough to ruin my entire day?

I'm fucking beyond weak and pathetic ok? I know I post a lot and am a total sad bore and waste of everyone's time but so much builds up and there's no fucking way I could tell anyone the truth about how I feel. I see an attractive women and two things go through my mind: she would never in a million years think you're attractive, and if you tried to get close she could only be repulsed by you. It's just an unspoken rule that lvm like me don't bother women. Second thing is what is wrong with you you subhuman piece of shit? There are women you're not attracted to and you don't have any choice who you end up with. It's OK for women to be shallow and demand her guy has a full beard all the muscles and protect her at all costs but I'm a shallow pig of a man if i want to be with someone who has an ok ass for example but I know for a fact I could never be with anyone because I'm skinny and feminine and attractive women ONLY like manly men. And i know I'm even more of a fucking bastard for saying attractive but I know for a fact even women who are 600 pounds still get hot boyfriends and would puke at the sight of me. Im just such fuciimg garbage I can't get over THIS ONE THING. If i could just let go if this one need i could live, but there's nothing life is so bleak and empty
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2021.12.06 07:58 pablo091 dev1ce not Awping?

Throughout IEM Winter Hampus has frequently been using the AWP instead of dev1ce. Why?
NiP signed one of the best AWPers and yet they are giving him a rifle more often than not - especially on the CT side, where he is known for his defensive/passive AWP playstyle.
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2021.12.06 07:58 969103 Mega steelix on me add 8074 5018 4577. Dont leave

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2021.12.06 07:58 felixtalksfilm Huge season coming up!!! This race promises to be one of the closest in a long time.

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2021.12.06 07:58 -MANGA- Thanks to Summoner Duels, I finally got the Grails to +10/+10 PMKris

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2021.12.06 07:58 chillzxzx Who do you normally ask to do your reference check?

Who do you guys normally ask when your interviewing company asks for a reference check? If possible, could you break it down by years of experience when applying for the job, such as new graduate, middle career, seniodirector, etc? I'm still a student but want to get a head start in understanding how industry works, but I never really understand who you would ask for references, especially when you are job hunting while still working in a position?
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