Well that was a good 9 minutes of football.

2021.12.05 22:42 Live795 Well that was a good 9 minutes of football.

Guess I’ll keep drinking
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2021.12.05 22:42 iWrangleCoochie Reshiram raid on me ASAP

I need a couple of people for a Reshiram raid, friend code is 6949 1303 1227
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2021.12.05 22:42 BumpkinSSB Selling a POF A2 stock if anyone is interested

$110 shipped
Was gonna SBR my PTR but decided to just get a brace instead
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2021.12.05 22:42 Halyycon Whose side were you on for the whole Micheal Scott paper company debacle?

Personally I feel like they (the Dunder mifflin people) should have apologized to the mspc. They all insulted him, ignored his offers of employment, and told him he’d never make it. Then when he did make it and stole their clients, they got mad at him. I just don’t feel like they had any right to be that mad at him and Pam. Pam was a good salesmen and that’s how she got those clients.
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2021.12.05 22:42 mrsimpson928 FBE Mayflower Mayhem Results

What a show huh? FBE fans from around the world all came onto our cruise ship to witness amazing matches such as a hellacious 5-man ladder match for the newly reinstated Television Championship, a Vince Russo Consensual Destruction match between two of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest stars, and the fruits of the Gedo Classic’s labor, a three-way match pitting the FBE Junior Heavyweight Champion and the two men that tied in the prestigious tournament all against each other as they look to claim the greatest prize in the Junior Heavyweight division. Without further ado, let’s dig into the results for Mayflower Mayhem!

FBE Television Championship Ladder Match: Erick Koeman vs. Ganso Jr. vs. Karma vs. Mr. Calcote Miller vs. Will Storm
Kicking things off uber-hot, we’ve got ourselves a five-way ladder match, with the winner claiming the newly reinstated FBE Television Championship! So many of the greats have held this belt, with the likes of Travis Crowley, Nate Matthews, Inferno, Capital STEEZ, and the Discriminator, the Fat Fucker, the Wrestling Karen, Conor Cassidy all being people who have done so. But tonight, one of the next generation’s legends get to etch their name among the rest of these men. All five of these men put on quite the effort here, however in the end, there was only one man who ended up coming out on top, and his name is Karma! The war paint proved effective for the man from the Shadow Realm, as he was able to climb the ladder and make himself famous by becoming the new FBE Television Champion.
Karma (9) def. Erick Koeman (3), Mr. Calcote Miller (2), Will Storm (2) and Ganso Jr. (No-Show) to win the FBE Television Championship

Alpha Mason vs. John LaGuardia
After that insane ladder match to kick off our show, we saw a match that pitted the EVIL Dick Boy up against “First Class” John LaGuardia. Both of these men fought to a draw on last week’s episode of Firestorm, with this match being made to settle the score between these two. And in the end, we saw everybody’s favorite flight attendant come out on top, as John LaGuardia defeated Alpha Mason and walked away with the win.
John LaGuardia def. Alpha Mason by No-Show

Corey Youngblood vs. Adrian Styx
Up next on the card, we saw a match that pitted recent recruit Corey Youngblood against new debut, Adrian Styx. Last week, Corey Youngblood’s debut match saw him defeat TJ Lavene, and now, he’s got to test his merit against a new debut in the Blackblood, Adrian Styx. And in the end, it was the Youngblood who went over the Blackblood, earning himself another win as he begins to grow a winning streak of 2-0.
Corey Youngblood (9) def. Adrian Styx (7)

Mark Steel vs. El Cráneo
After that, we were treated to a grudge match between two men who were involved in a backstage altercation, as Mark Steel went one on one with El Cráneo. Mark Steel suffered a loss last week to Kaze Tanaka, and now he’s got to see if he can prove himself against the debuting Kentaro Sakamoto. These two men battled it out with each other, however in the end it was none other than El Cráneo who walked away with the victory, getting a win over Mark Steel to kickstart his FBE career.
El Cráneo (9) def. Mark Steel (7)

First to 5: Bling Ben vs. Him
After a technical masterpiece last week that saw a DOUBLE FUCKIN NO-SHOW, we finally progress this series, only seeing a SINGLE FUCKIN NO-SHOW as Him doesn’t show up to his match with Bling Ben, meaning that Ben brings this series up 1-0.
Bling Ben def. Him by No-Show, bringing the series to 1-0

Sebastian King vs. Johnny Eagle
Up next, we’ve got another debut, as Johnny Eagle looks to test himself against an established junior in Sebastian King. The Messiah of (Nu)Metal is looking to get his record back on track, and what better way to do it than with a victory over Johnny Eagle? Lucky for King, things go his way this match, and he’s able to earn another victory on his record to further his quest for gold.
Sebastian King (12) def. Johnny Eagle (5)

Cedric Lockwood vs. Kaze Tanaka
And now, we see one of the men who are set to compete in the main event of Stand-Up in action, as the Phantom Thief of Hearts goes one on one with the leader of Tanaka-gun, Kaze Tanaka. Cedric Lockwood has been on an absolute tear ever since his debut, impressing every fan week in and week out. Few have been able to defeat him, and this week Kaze Tanaka looks to join that list. After a hellacious match between these two men, Tanaka is able to do the unthinkable and walk away with the win here, earning the biggest victory of his career.
Kaze Tanaka (9) def. Cedric Lockwood (6)

Emmanuel Christianson vs. Robert Bobson
And up next, we saw a match that pitted the Realest Realist up against the Swedish Nightmare, as Emmanuel Christianson goes one on one with Robert Bobson. Christianson debuted two weeks ago, winning a match against John LaGuardia, and while he wasn’t able to win the qualifier for the ladder match last week, he still was able to impress many people with his performance. However, tonight isn’t about Christianson, it’s about the debuting Robert Bobson, who’s able to earn himself a huge victory over Christianson in his first FBE match.
Robert Bobson def. Emmanuel Christanson by Forfeit

PJ Broadway vs. ND Ball
And here it was time for the huge return of ND Ball, who announced his return right at the start of Mayflower Mayhem. His opponent? None other than the Final Act, PJ Broadway. It’s been a rough few weeks for the Final Act, as he lost to ROSHE at Final Stand III, then lost to Will Storm on last week’s Firestorm. However, a win here could rejuvenate Broadway’s career, as ND Ball carries a great deal of weight with him. And sure enough, we see a victory for the Final Act,
PJ Broadway def. ND Ball by Forfeit

Jake Bronson vs. Grayson Steele
And in the third to last match of the night, we saw the debuting Jake Bronson go one on one with PRIMETIME member, Grayson Steele. The Deathmatch Militant has been trying to potentially earn himself a shot at gold ever since making the semi-finals of the Gedo Classic. However, tonight doesn’t belong to Steele, it belongs to the debuting Jake Bronson, who’s able to get a win over the PRIMETIME member and start his career in FBE off hot.
Jake Bronson (11) def. Grayson Steele (6)

Vince Russo Consensual Destruction: Gedo vs. DOUKI
And now it’s time for the penultimate match of the night, as NJPW invades FBE and Bullet Club’s Gedo goes to war with Suzuki-gun’s DOUKI. When we last saw DOUKI, he was unable to defeat Master Wato at Graduation, but here he manages to make earn a huge victory by defeating the man with paint in his ass.
DOUKI (11) def. Gedo (7)

FBE Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Code Blue vs. T.M Imran vs. Guy Fawkes (c)
And now, it’s time for the main event of the night, as these three men do battle over the ever-so prestigious FBE Junior Heavyweight Championship. Will it be Houston’s very own Code Blue who walks away with the gold? Or will we see the True Megastar claim the belt? Or will the two-time Junior Heavyweight Champion be the one who ends up walking away with it all. This match was a battle for the ages, as three of the best that the Junior Division have to offer look to etch their names in the history books for good. However, there was only one man who could walk away with the gold… AND HIS NAME IS CODE BLUE!!! Code Blue does what Derrick Lewis couldn’t do, as he brings some gold back to Houston!
Code Blue (11) def. T.M Imran (5) and Guy Fawkes (1) to win the FBE Junior Heavyweight Championship

And that’s that on Mayflower Mayhem! Once we reach land, we’ll be in South Korea for Firestorm 84, as we take over Busan’s Sajik Arena with a main event of ROSHE vs. Petite Jupiter for the FBE Intercontinental Championship! That’s something you sure don’t want to miss, as I know that these two men are more than ready to get their hands on each other. But, until then, remember to STAY ELITE! FBE F-F-F-F-F-FOR LIFE!
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2021.12.05 22:42 Littlewalterblues Me mudei recentemente e meus vizinhos são doentes

Bem, me mudei faz alguns meses, e estou feliz com a casa tirando alguns imprevistos, mas pra variar não dei sorte com vizinho, dessa vez inclusive tirei a "sorte" de ter os dois vizinhos completamente doentes
A vizinha, vejam bem, uma senhora que vive sozinha e com 2 cachorros. No inicio já achei ela estranha pois é uma pessoa muito apática que só olha pro chão, não fala as palavras claramente, anda com dificuldade e fala sozinha pela rua. Um dia ela abre o portão e os cachorros voam numa poça de água suja e bebem como se fosse a ultima água do mundo, ficamos assustados pois é um sinal claro que os animais não tem água disponível em casa, no dia seguinte a mesma coisa (a mesma poça inclusive, só que dessa vez mais seca e mais suja). No mesmo dia colocamos um pote de água do lado de fora de casa. Na mesma semana, um dia estava chovendo bastante e escutei um cachorro latindo muito na rua, quando fui ver eram os cachorros dela presos do lado de fora, nesse dia deixei os cachorros entrarem aqui em casa para se abrigarem da chuva(tive que prender os meus em outro espaço), e os alimentei, pasmem os cachorros comeram muita comida em pouquíssimo tempo, estavam passando fome. Depois entendi que ela sai a tarde, põe os cachorros pra fora, e só põe eles pra dentro à noite quando chega, e eles ficam no sol aqui do lado de fora, sem agua, ou na chuva, sempre com fome. Depois resolvemos disponibilizar comida para eles, comprei uma ração apenas para isso, mas aconteceu uma situação muito complicada onde os cachorros da vizinha ao verem a comida começaram a se atacar (imagino pelo fato de estarem muito estressados). Moro em região rural e infelizmente não consigo simplesmente denunciar, não há muito o que fazer, não há abrigo ou outro órgão interessado, então apesar desta situação traumática ainda vamos tentar ajudar estes animais. Outro dia tive que subir no telhado e vi o imóvel da vizinha, todo tomado por mato, realmente a pessoa parece ser uma pessoa sozinha e doente.
Agora o outro vizinho, no inicio apenas pareceu ser fuxiqueiro, mas depois se revelou sendo muito folgado e agora mostrou que é seriamente doente. Um dia começa a me chamar na rua (nem tocou o interfone), eu ouvi e fui atender, "ah que desculpa ai, fico com vergonha, mas vc tem 20 reais pra me emprestar, pq sexta feira o pessoal joga bola e custa 20 reais pra participar, minha mãe recebe amanhã"
e minha resposta foi algo como
"Po João, infelizmente não tem como, não tenho dinheiro em casa, foi mal não vou poder ajudar"
João, meu vizinho, é um adulto de aprox. 35 anos de idade, e mora com sua mãe.
Nos últimos dias começou a aparecer bêbado na rua
Ontem toca o interfone 9h da noite, bêbado, pedindo ajuda, pois segundo ele, entraram em sua casa pela garagem e roubaram sua TV, perguntando se tenho câmera, e se posso ajudar, se eu queria ir lá ver como ficou o quarto depois de terem roubado a tv (?), enfim, desnorteado e alcoolizado. Diz que chamou a policia, e realmente logo chega uma viatura, e eu deixo eles lá e entro em casa
Hoje toca o interfone novamente, a tarde, e diz que precisa falar com a mãe, se eu posso ligar pra mãe dele, e de boa vontade ligo pro telefone whatsapp dela. Notem que moro aqui há apenas 2 meses ou menos, e não tenho a menor intimidade com eles, e tenho o whatsapp da mãe dele apenas pois tivemos um problema na rua onde tivemos que trocar contato
A mãe atende o telefone e tudo fica mais claro. O dialogo se desenrola mais ou menos assim, com as palavras balbuciadas num tom alcoolizado:
"Mãe to com saudade, onde você tá, tem que ver como vai resolver, se não resolver vou vender tudo nseioq", e a mãe tenta administrar, "João vai tomar um banho e deitar, não fica bebendo, eu já estou voltando, eu to na praia (viajando), vou ligar pra fulana ir aí, blablabla"
Enfim, ficou a impressão que o cara mesmo tirou (vendeu)a própria TV como uma maneira de punir a mãe dele por ter viajado e deixado ele sozinho, não sabia disso até então mas o cara é doente que precisa da mãe, não quero me aprofundar no problema dele mas puta que pariu que merda, depois que desligou a ligação falei pra ele que não vou mais poder ajudar e não quero que ele me chame estando alcoolizado, caralho que situação, pqp, vizinho é foda mas sempre fico com esperança de ter bons vizinhos quando me mudo, e dessa vez tirei simplesmente os piores casos possíveis haha, uma acumuladora que deixa os cachorros passando fome e sede, e um cracudo que não pode se afastar da mãe
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2021.12.05 22:42 ImportanceSilver3251 Chelsea W [3] - 0 Arsenal W - Sam Kerr 77’ (great goal)

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2021.12.05 22:42 madrid987 Madrid centro

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2021.12.05 22:42 svanapps Kotak breaks crypto ice with account for WazirX

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2021.12.05 22:42 No-Sorbet3496 Ft: Arach Mesh for vex

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2021.12.05 22:42 Impressive-Anxiety30 Take my towel

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2021.12.05 22:42 JamalMurraySZN Gold looking to make trades Per Sources

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2021.12.05 22:42 beefhaddington ‘Xmas tunes’ on Spotify (Link in comments)

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2021.12.05 22:42 Aguerrero12 Given Marlo really cared about his name and reputation. How do yall think he would react to online trolls today like DJ Akademics or other media outlets? I was watching the Atlanta episode where the online troll is messing with Paper Boi and it reminded me of Marlo in a way.

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2021.12.05 22:42 hullopalooza The man in the Iron mask.

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2021.12.05 22:42 MagicalMysteryBoy I’m glad this upcoming game is crucial

I feel like the players and coaches know how much this upcoming game is going to mean for the division and playoffs. And while they seem to slack off or get ahead of themselves when it comes to AFC opponents, this time its at their front door. That division title that we’ve treated as a given all season is still for the taking. I just trust this team and coaching staff for these type of games. DIVISIONAL OPPONENT, DECEMBER FOOTBALL, NO TIME TO FOOL AROUND. And with Dallas being the most healthy they’ve been all season, and with 10 days of rest, I love our chances. Poor Washington is in the wrong place at the wrong time. DLaw, Gregory, and Parsons will be playing at the same time. Can’t wait to rain on these fools parade. Let them get excited and get their hopes up, the more confidence the better.
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2021.12.05 22:42 CremCity Christensen Knifeworks Bangarang

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2021.12.05 22:42 emmamacinerney00 All the whores and politicians will look up and shout 'Help Us!' And I'll look down and whisper 'No.'

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2021.12.05 22:42 blakeusa25 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi) - Slow Network Internet & Wifi

New build - all seems to be working well except I have very slow internet- both wired and wifi. Have tried updating drivers for the Network adaptors and Wifi - but when I select the driver to do it manually it says the driver is updated to the latest version- although the ver numbers are different. Just can't seem to get it to accept the new driver.. think this is my problem.
What am I doing wrong.
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2021.12.05 22:42 ghostposting_ Adding a spiderman to this highway until no way home comes out (day 5)

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2021.12.05 22:42 pandemic_voice [Classic Series] Honey Dijon 2017 (December 5, 2021)

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2021.12.05 22:42 VulgarWander Looking for hardscape that are more boulderish and round. Not to rough. I wanna make a scape based of a Ghibli film. (Howls moving castle or princess mono)

I heard of elephant stone but their so long. I want short fat blouders.
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2021.12.05 22:42 Techlidbull HCMC update

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2021.12.05 22:42 Gryllodea Even Hunter D4 to Legend with 68%

Even Hunter D4 to Legend with 68%
Decided to give it a go, tried replacing a card or few, f.e. Golakka Crawlers make pw matchup favourable. Not sure about other cards though, any advice on that?
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2021.12.05 22:42 pertanyaan_bodoh a

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