Thoughts/suggestion on Food & Happiness

2021.12.06 08:35 Shagrath1988 Thoughts/suggestion on Food & Happiness

The current food and happiness systems are fine - they do their job, I do think they could be improved significantly though...
My squad of 7 guys and 3 mules at the moment don't lack for food at all - they simply get 1 brandy and chomp down on raw animal carcass for the rest of their dietary needs - which nets me back to 0 happiness (with the 2 happiness perks).
Once moving onto the second region I found food options opened up quite a bit more and alot of them have happiness boosts - but seeing as you only need to target 0 happiness, it all seemed kind of moot - grabbing some brandy and hunting for carcasses is still the cheapest way of feeding your guys (if you have the weight to carry them). The devs have put time an effort into quite a detailed food system, but 15 hours in, I'm barely interacting with it as you only need to target 0 happiness.
I propose these systems become more intertwined with happiness from food being stackable, giving the party additional benefits (I.e. every +X (2 or 3?) happiness above 0 your party gets a small buff like +10% dmg output, -10% dmg taken, +1 movement, +1 primary class attribute etc). It would mean you are actually incentivised to use these new foods.
You could also potentially link this into raw food giving minus happiness, but I think that would be more suitable to a hardcore mode.
Food categories are also in the game (Meat, Fish, Fruit, Vegetables) - so lets use them, lets say for each variety of food you gain + 1 food. (I.e. assume all food only gives +1 for example: you need to reach 10 food, you can use 10x meat, or 8x meat & 1x fish + variety bonus of +1 or Meat+2 & fish+2 & Veg+2 & Fruit+1 + variety bonus of +3 etc.
I also noticed it's possible to overfeed your group, but it gives no benefit, so propose over-feeding could also give +1 happiness per X(5?) food over the required amount (I.e. if the minimum food is 15, give them 20 for an additional +1 happiness as they've feasted). Balancing wise you could say for every camp where your troops are overfed, there is a 10% chance (per character) to gain 'gluttonous' trait which does what it does now, if they've already got gluttonous they gain 'Overweight' which gives movement -2 and then again they get 'Obese' which gives -2 all attributes (maybe so you don't ruin a character by bad dice roles there is a 50% to lose Obese if camping and only eating the minimum food and a 25% chance to lose Overweight by the same method - but Gluttonous remains permanent once gained.
...and finally a very minor pet-peeve - can we have the ability to cook pork steak without salt as the first known cooking recipe? Roasting some unseasoned pork is significantly easier to do than baking bread without an oven.
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2021.12.06 08:35 Dapper-Survey-5468 Hey guys check out this NFT

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2021.12.06 08:35 aqnayab123 How to Start Career in Software Testing?

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2021.12.06 08:35 McDorkin Please delete if not allowed. Has anyone ordered from Savage Tacticians recently? I ordered Nov. 23rd & got order confirmation, but haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet. Are they running behind? I know they’re a small company & busy, so not wanting to bother them with emails if this is normal.

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2021.12.06 08:35 Anxious_Fix5232 I am a beginner shooting with compound bow.whenever I shoot my elbow is in pain especially after releasing. Is there any solution for this

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2021.12.06 08:35 Serian6 Emerald, Warforged Barbarian.

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2021.12.06 08:35 pinkminitriceratops Pinkminitriceratops runs CIM

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 3 No
B 3:03 (sub-7 pace) Yes
C Leave it all on the race course I think so?
Back up goals PR (3:22:18) and BQ (3:35) Yes
Mile Time
1 7:00.7
2+3 13:34.9
4 6:44.0
5 6:57.6
6 6:53.5
7 6:51.8
8 6:52.1
9 6:55.4
10 6:47.0
11 6:55.7
12 6:59.9
13 6:56.4
14 6:51.4
15 6:55.4
16 6:55.2
17 6:42.1
18 7:00.7
19 6:58.7
20 7:02.6
21 6:55.5
22 7:00.3
23 7:00.0
24 6:48.1
25 6:45.2
26 6:46.4
0.2 1:19.8
Training This was my comeback marathon after having a baby in mid-2020. I did a 10k training cycle in the spring to work on getting speed back, since it turns out that although running 14 minute miles while pregnant feels like a hard workout, it takes some work to turn that fitness into speed. I did a Pfitz 10k cycle, peaking in the low 60mpw range, and ran a 40:35 10k time trial at the end.
After a few down weeks, I jumped into Pfitzinger’s 18/70 marathon training plan, starting it right around my baby’s first birthday. I had originally been very disappointed to not run Boston in spring 2021 like I’d originally planned, but in retrospect the extra time and lack-of-pressure due to no races worked out really well for me. It was good to take my time and not rush into marathon training again.
My training cycle went well be I followed the plan pretty much as written. I lost half a week in early November due to some arch pain, but thankfully that resolved quickly. For the first two mesocycles, I was gaining fitness incredibly quickly, then the 70 mile weeks hit and it seemed like my fitness was plateauing. I ran a few tune-up races: a hilly 15k in 60:00.0, a solo 15k time trial in 59:57, and an 8k in 31:03.
The other notable thing about this training cycle was that I working with a running dietitian for the first two months. Eating enough to fuel both marathon training and nursing is hard, and her guidance was key for stabilizing my weight and keeping my macros in line (apparently breastfeeding really ups protein requirements). She also made me a race-day fueling plan and had me practice it on all runs over 13 miles, and had good guidance on carb loading (so many carbs!!!).
Pre-race The baby was coming with me to Sacramento, so I carefully selected flights to minimize disruption to his (and my!) sleep. Then the airline cancelled all our flights, and switched them to red eyes. Yay!
Luckily we got out to CA a few days early, so I had time to recover. I have family in Sacramento, and my mom came down from Oregon as well. My aunt was super excited about the marathon, and even made t-shirts for everyone (they say “Go [my name]” on the front and “Boston 2023” on the back).
I never really adapted to Pacific time, which was great because I had to wake up at 3:30am to have time to eat breakfast, nurse the baby, and get to the bus to the start line by 5am.
On the bus ride, I noticed that my left quad had seized up a bit. I have chronic (but manageable) issues with my right SI joint, and had been dealing with a bit of right arch pain off and on, but my left quad has never been a problem! It continued to bother me throughout the race which was unfortunate.
Side note: CIM had the most impressive line of port-a-potties I have ever seen. They literally stretched out into the horizon farther than you could see.
Race Got off to a good start, it felt like I was going out a bit hot but my splits for the first few miles were reasonable. I spent a good chunk of the first 10 miles running with two guys from Kansas City who were shooting for around 2:59. I felt pretty good for the first 10 miles, although not as great as I’ve felt at the beginning of other marathons—I was definitely working early on, which worried me. And the left quad was still weirdly tight and uncomfortable, and not doing well with the cambered roads. I was also struggling to get enough water down at the water stops (most of it was ending up on my shirt).
There was a series of (small) uphills around miles 9-10, and I was concerned to notice that I was starting to struggle. I backed off the pace a touch, but didn’t want to slow down much more than 6:52 pace. I crossed the halfway mark in 1:30:07, and was not feeling good. Luckily there a nice sustained downhill around there, and I was able to hang on. I was really trying to stay focused on the mile I was on without worrying too much about later. I had spent a lot of my mental preparation focused on the final 10k, and was not fully prepared to be struggling much earlier than that. I tried to hang on until miles 18-20 without losing too much time.
I picked up a water bottle from a random spectator around mile 16, which was a huge help. I hadn’t been able to get more than a few sips at the water stops, and could feel my gels sloshing around without enough liquid to digest them. I’m fairly certain that water bottle saved my race!
Miles 18-23 were pretty rough. I knew I was just barely falling off pace, but each time I tried to put in a surge to regain my pace it would only last for a few seconds before slipping again. My left quad was extremely tight and was keeping my stride shorter than normal, and the other quad and both hamstrings were exhausted and felt like lead. The predicted finish time screen on my watch was spending less and less time in the 2:59 range and more and more in the 3:01-3:05 range.
My aunt, uncle, and a few of their friends were at the 20 mile mark in their matching t-shirts. It was definitely a pick-me-up to see them, and I felt like I picked up the pace after that (in reality, I think I just maintained pace when I otherwise would have slowed even more).
There’s a final “hill” around mile 22, and once I got over that I was able to kick things into gear a bit more. Once I passed the 23 mile mark, something clicked and the lead-like feeling in my legs began to dissipate. At that point, my watch was predicting a finish time of around 3:01, and although sub-3 seemed out of reach I wasn’t ready to give up yet. Miles 25 and 26 were my fastest of the race (along with mile 4 which had some substantial downhill). My mom and baby were at the half-mile-to-go mark, which was perfectly timed because the faster pace was really getting to me. After seeing them, I kicked things back into gear and finished strong, although not quite sub-3.
Post-race I felt great for about 30 seconds after I finished, and then my legs seized up and I had a massive coughing fit. Once I got some water (and a burrito! they had finish line burritos!), I hobbled off to find my mom. Baby and I had a red eye flight home Sunday night, which I would not recommend post-marathon.
Thoughts I’ve spent a lot of time today thinking over if I could have found another 30 seconds anywhere on the race course. I’m happy with my decision to not push harder before mile 18, and my last couple miles were strong, so any time would have needed to come from miles 18-23. Despite my strong finish, those miles were really rough and it would have been hard to pull another 30 seconds off them.
All in all, I’m happy with my time. I had a fantastic training cycle, and although I didn’t quite go sub-3, I smashed my original goal (3:13), my mid-training cycle updated goal (3:05), and as recently as last week I was saying I thought I was in roughly 3:03 shape. I’m really glad I made a good try at sub-3, and now I know what my 2022 goal should be!
My one regret is not being better prepared for struggling so early in the race. That was definitely a good learning experience, and now I know that struggling early doesn’t necessarily mean I’m headed for a massive blow up. I do wonder if with a bit more confidence and mental grit, I could have gone sub-3, but I put in a solid effort and I’m happy with that. This was also my first marathon where the last 10k wasn’t a death march, and I think that experience will help me push more earlier on in my next race.
I’m also really proud of how I managed to really push things the last couple miles even when I knew that sub-3 was out of the question. It can be so easy to fully fall apart once you’ve missed a goal, and the only reason I didn’t end up with a 3:01-3:02 is because I kept pushing when sub-3 was out of reach.
What’s next I’ve been feeling burnt out—marathon training took a lot out of me. Definitely taking at least a week fully off, and then keeping things lower key for the rest of this month. I got an elite(!!!) entry into my local half marathon in March, so I’ll be doing a short half training cycle next. Planning on another full next fall to get my sub-3! Probably won’t decide which race for awhile. I think my main options are Wineglass in Upstate NY, Philadelphia, or maybe NYC (if they’re allowing non NYRR races for qualifying times). Wineglass is a very fast course, and Philly is very conveniently located by family.
I’m also planning on finally running Boston in 2023. My previous BQ-7:42 was 5 seconds short of the 2021 cutoff, and the 2022 race doesn’t work well with my work schedule. I’m excited to finally get to register next fall!
Thanks Thank you so much to all of you ARTCers for your advice and support this training cycle. I don’t have a lot of runners where I live, and this community more than fills in that gap. Thank you!
Special shout-outs to u/NonnyH for always being a step ahead of me with training, and to u/bizbup for some well-timed advice on mental preparation.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2021.12.06 08:35 footwit 15-й тур Премьер-Лиги. Анонс матча понедельника

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2021.12.06 08:35 KalpPanchal Also Rajesh Koothrappali from BBT, who else watched it!

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2021.12.06 08:35 LittJames Smart Patio String Lights Outdoor, 48Ft Commercial Grade Cafe String Lights Works with Alexa/Google Assistant [40% OFF with COUPON] -$66 {Expires 12/11}

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2021.12.06 08:35 Pretty-Beautiful6213 Protect the children! So don't get them vaccinated against a deadly virus! 🤦‍♀️

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2021.12.06 08:35 Allania2000 He contacted me after two weeks of NC

We broke up over such a small and silly thing. I wanted him to meet my closest friend and he chose a social house party over meeting them (& he had hung out with this group twice before in the same week). There were obviously many other things that I wasn’t happy with but this was kinda the last straw for me. I was upset because this wasn’t the first time he had stopped putting me a priority. After two days of barely any texting he came over and broke up with me and said I was ‘mentally draining’ and said I had acted really childish. I said I wanted to work on things but if he didn’t want to I wasn’t going to fight for him. I asked him if he still loved me and all he said was that he just cared for me.
I was doing really well, I cut him off completely, I told him that I needed NC to get over him and started going out much more. I have really been enjoying being single and spending more time with friends! I saw one of my guy friends at a car event (my ex knew about this) and it escalated into a bit more. My ex literally texted me at midnight and then again 2 hours after with ‘I guess we still aren’t talking then.’
He texted a bit more and we called a few days later because I just needed to clear it up again with him that I needed NC. During this call he said ‘I think I didn’t make the right decision’ & ‘I’m in a really bad space, you were perfect it wasn’t you it was me’. He asked if I had slept with my friend and I said yes and he cried. He then asked if I did it to hurt him and I’m just there like thinking ???? You broke up with me, I wanted to give you the world. Of course I didn’t do this to hurt him, I just want to get over him.
I have cut contact with him again but my head is just spinning and I feel so worried about him.
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2021.12.06 08:35 thiagoorochi [For Hire]/[Artist] December Furry commissions are open 🐱‍👤

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2021.12.06 08:35 throwaway64829292948 Sometimes I hate how stupid my sister is

I was showing her memes, and I quickly scrolled past a screenshot from a manga I'm reading. Apparently she really wanted to see what it waa, so she yelled, "go back, I saw boobs!" at the dinner table.
There were no boobs
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2021.12.06 08:35 comandarns The 3 different types of Decentralized Exchanges that are prominent within the DeFi realm, which ones are your favourite?

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2021.12.06 08:35 InconspicuousCuboard Hi UKPF! Just looking for some hounest feedback :). Does anything with the below investments look like a obvious dumb move?

Set up the below budget / account today:
23 year old UK investor - 25k budget - looking for sensible slow returns over a long period, nothing too glamorous.
6k emergency fund.
19k in accounts - 15k in S&S ISA, 4k in LISA for a house later on.
STOCK portfolio for S&S ISA
FTSE All World - VWRL 66 shares
NASDAQ 100 EQQQ - 12 shares
FTSE 100 VUKG - 61 shares
S&P 500 - 31 shares
(Pending for this afternoon)
Nvidia - NVDA - 6.44 shares
Microsoft - MSFT - 2.68 shares
That's the 15k breakdown.
Nothing yet, went with HL for the provider. Do I invest with my 4k per year or just leave it for the Goverment 1k bonus for a first house purchase? (I'll be depositing 4k each year)
If you've read all of this, thank you! I'd love to hear if I've made any errors or can get any useful advice. I have much to learn 😅
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2021.12.06 08:35 Fluid-Daydreamer Donnie Dunagan also portrayed the young son of Baron Frankenstein in Son of Frankenstein. For his service he received a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. Dunagan kept his acting career a secret while serving in the Marines.

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2021.12.06 08:35 No-Enzofcd8-7193 8026 7554 3943 raids reshiram

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2021.12.06 08:35 K33nzie Message from Skier

"Hello, soldier boy, I've got news for you. As always, not a word to anyone, I'm only telling you this because you're my most beloved worker, he-he. So, our local kingpins are preparing for some sort of a meeting, judging by their behavior. My mates say they're switching places with each other, like on some sort of night watch. So you better be alert, keep your eyes open when strolling around their places. If you get into trouble, do not blame me. "
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2021.12.06 08:35 ----Ash----- I think it’s mutal

I talked to him after he came back he opened up more he kept looking at me in a group setting blushing this dude never reacts to anything. I hugged him twice and he started going red we hung out he was still red! Before I approached him he was pale asf
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