Dogs on Solana: Doge Capital Announces Doge NFT Staking Program

2021.12.06 08:39 CoinjoyAssistant Dogs on Solana: Doge Capital Announces Doge NFT Staking Program

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2021.12.06 08:39 kubdiepie i need help with choosing what computermouse to play,

I've used Steelseries Rival 310, a looong time, i love the mouse but the rubber toads on the mouse sucks. just tryed out zowie ec1 not a big fan of that mouse, so what can people recommend for a gaming mouse, that has previously owned steelseries rival 310, and wanted to upgrade
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2021.12.06 08:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - As Mexican cumbia band tours U.S. South, every accordion squeeze brings nostalgia | LA Times

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2021.12.06 08:39 PsChampion_007 Which of the three was the best experience?

Taking into account dialogues, endings, storylines, characters and even gameplay
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2021.12.06 08:39 ZB_AU Halo Infinite Campaign

Getting great reviews from all outlets
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2021.12.06 08:39 SamThePieceOfHam LF: High IV Yanma, Scyther or Larvitar FT: Shieldon

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2021.12.06 08:39 CaptainSaveBPD How can I fix someone I started dating?

I'm dating a girl and i'm trying to fix her
she is incredibly insecure and has no self esteem
she has trust issues because her father is supposedly having an affair but still married
She told me her ex abused her and is a narcissist but never really told me details or what happened but then after times she tells me how good he was so its hard to help
she constantly needs me to text her 24/7 or she gets sad as she thinks im ignoring her
how can i try and fix her issues?
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2021.12.06 08:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Entertainment] - Congress members blast proposed Discovery WarnerMedia merger | LA Times

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2021.12.06 08:39 zullar Can a friendly soul spare 2 vtho ? So i Exchange some vex? I Will pay you back 100 vet? 0x1e128334aA20dc709F8e740AFE681975cD0D4a8C

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2021.12.06 08:39 Tall_shirt2001 Experiences with Prozac

Evening everyone just got prescribed Prozac today and have been reading about it on the internet. It seems that the bad side effects outweigh the good and im scared that my OCD would get worse. Could anyone tell me their experiences with taking Prozac? Thank you!
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2021.12.06 08:39 Motor-Ad-8858 AP PHOTOS: Myanmar's Suu Kyi faces new dramatic turn | AP News

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2021.12.06 08:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Op-Ed: College athletes are cashing in, and it's going better than many feared | LA Times

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2021.12.06 08:39 IThrewDucks Bitter about the Skyward series after Cytonic

Spoilers for the main Skyward, Starsight, Cytonic, Sunreach, and ReDawn novellas + some vague cosmere mechanics.

TL;DR While I enjoyed the series overall, the sequels and novellas never quite reach as high Skyward, the books feel disjointed and inconsistent, the stakes feel lower with each book, and parts of the worldbuilding read like they belong in the cosmere without actually being a part of it.
Skyward This was my first non-cosmere Brandon book and it’s still my favorite. As a person who approaches books from an emotional distance, Skyward was refreshing, and different, and made me feel things. When Spensa confronted Jorgen I actually understood them, felt Spensa’s “Do you even care?” and Jorgen’s response. Spensa’s relationship with her family, with Skyward flight, and the struggle not to be coward felt real, personal. I was afraid to loose flight members every time they flew, afraid that Alta or Ignius would be hit.
What I wasn’t expecting, was that this book’s characters would be mostly irrelevant in the sequel.
Starsight A lot has been said about this book. When reading it for the first time, I couldn’t bring myself to care for new characters, the lack of Skyward flight soured my mood further, and stakes felt lower - until the ending, that is. I kept thinking, “Spensa and M-bot will obviously be fine - they’re the main characters!” The only interesting parts were the lore and the worldbuilding.
And then the ending happened. When Braid summoned a delver I finally had that feeling from Skyward - that people were going to die. Even as Spensa called the DDF and told them to kill all communications I could already see our protagonists almost killing the delver, only for some minor character to turn the wireless comms back on. Then, Spensa sends the delver TO STARSIGHT. The implications of that could’ve been even worse than the casualties among the DDF.
Until Spensa and the delver met in the white room. Again, many said much about this scene and did so much better than I ever could. It felt cheap and easy. The only casualty of that battle was Hesho, how fortunate that Starsight had a shield, eh?
Except that Hesho didn’t really die - his crew just didn’t think to mention that his body magically disappeared. And after seeing Detritus’ planetary shield in action, it’s even more fortunate that Starsight had a level 99 shield, even though Detritus was designed specifically to contain and control delvers and it didn’t work for some reason.
Sunreach and ReDawn These books made me feel things again. I was never into romance but FM and Rig were fun to follow. Character relationships, not just romantic ones, were a lot more human and personal than usual in Brandon’s books. I have some minor issues and nitpicks but they’re easy to overlook. The stakes still felt lower than Skyward, even the plotline of FM dealing with loss.
Cytonic The book was fine. We got fun alien pirates. We got an adventure in a strange land and Spensa got to live her childhood dream. We got another set of characters to fly with, only to leave them in the Nowhere. We got two fakeout deaths that I don’t care about. And we got a bunch of juicy delver reveals. Fun but unremarkable.
The stakes felt even lower than Starsight. The only casualty of Starsight got resurrected. The two casualties of this book got resurrected in the next chapter. Okay, I guess.
Delvers and AI I’m conflicted about. Personally, I don’t like anthropomorphizing computers and refer to M-Bot as it. So computers getting emotions and having an existential crisis didn’t work for me, especially M-Bot being annoying in the first chapters. Made me want to push a mute button on him, or make one if the drone body didn’t have it. But the details of AI’s ascending to a higher state of existence were interesting. Like them not having code but something similar they could alter is fascinating to me. So I don’t know.
Structure I realized that I had a problem with cohesion in the series after finishing Cytonic. Instead of a fluid progression from one major plotline to the next, it feels like I got hit on the head with a baseball bat made of a random new plot element. Every transition suddenly made it necessary for Spensa to go to a new location on her own and do something completely different that’s only vaguely connected to the rest of the plot.
Thinking about infiltrating an enemy military? How fortunate that the universe threw a random alien girl who can give you this exact opportunity. And even more fortunate that your home planet will be absolutely fine, so much so that they can spare one of the few trained military commanders for magic training.
Then, whack again - your enemy is throwing a military coup of the government you’re infiltrating! Quick, jump in that portal to the place ironically called Nowhere, where you don’t have to worry about your home planet for another book! Your enemy will try to send eldrich monsters after you, but they would’ve come after you regardless. You brainwashed one of them, after all.
In that regard, Sunreach and ReDawn read more like sequels to Skyward than Starsight and Cytonic. There is an escalation after humans stood up to them and the people of Detritus have to deal with that.
Not quite cosmere This is weird to say, but so many worldbuilding elements seem to fit into cosmere’s rules that I find it difficult to not think of it. I don’t know if that just me wanting more cosmere, or Brandon came up with the world and magic as part of the cosmere but couldn’t make it work for some reason.
Just to list some parallels:
Nowhere and Lightburst - cognitive and spiritual realms. There was even a line about time and space being one there but I can’t find it now. Lightburst also behaves like the sun in the cognitive realm.
Slug boxes - aluminum boxes.
Slug tech - organic fabrials.
Holograms - Lightweaving.
Translator pins - era 2 translator medallions.
Cytonic rocks - behave similarly to something from Secret history. Secret History: (Kelsier interacting with the Ire fortress and seeing its history and meaning.)
Delvers - behave like cognitive entities with some nuance. They were physical beings that evolved in the cognitive realm and then decided to live in the spiritual, like the Shards. AI having emotions would also work better in the cosmere, since everything has a soul there.
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2021.12.06 08:39 beerbellybegone Can't even count to one

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2021.12.06 08:39 PinheadLarryIII Dash ZERO - Tried out minting for the first time!

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2021.12.06 08:39 hanssamayoa Mixed a workout guide with a vlog, not sure if it's a good idea for the long run... would appreciate some impressions. [Review Video]

Hey everyone, hope you're well!
I'll try to keep this straight and to the point, but you need some context to understand my struggle.
Context So, my niche is vlogs, fitness, traveling. One of my primary goals with my current stage on the platform is to grow the channel, make myself as a brand known, and have a great connection to my audience.
For this reason, vlogs are my go-to format for most of my videos, since I have found them to be the most relatable.
About The Video In this video, however, I tried to mix some more educational content (workout guide) with a relatable vlog style. Since it's not purely educational, nor purely casual/vlog-type I struggled with the title for my video.
An alternative could be like: "5 Simple Kettlebell Exercises to Gain Muscle"
My dilemma in this sense, however, is that the format, with such a title, right from the get-go becomes too educational in my opinion.
It could just be my bias but would appreciate some feedback from you if my choice of title was the appropriate one, or if another title would be better without making the expectations for the video too educational. Again, relating and connecting to my audience while keeping things somewhat casual is important.
Lastly, I would appreciate some pointers as far as pacing of the edits, music choice for the workout guide part, and overall feel as you watched the video.
The Video Thank you for the feedback in advance, and here is the link to the video:
Self Reviews Self Review:
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2021.12.06 08:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Op-Ed: Yosemite has been at its best under pandemic restrictions. Keep the cap on crowds | LA Times

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