Cargo Ship Gardno out at anchor earlier today in the storm.

2021.12.05 22:59 keefography Cargo Ship Gardno out at anchor earlier today in the storm.

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2021.12.05 22:59 Fair_Confection327 ED claim denied

Long story short….I am at 100% T&P. However, I am 70% PTSD as MST victim. Put in a claim for ED….have prescription from VA. Haven’t received my letter yet, but it was a freaking ACE exam! How tf you deny a MST victim ED? Should I do HLR? I know it’s 0% and SMC-K. But that’s $111+ a month he screwed me over. Not to mention the intent to file goes back to Nov 2020!!
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2021.12.05 22:59 Double-Following-543 Pov:dezzy choosing what mode zack wants to fight dezzy:UR SOO MEAN me:and i dont win a give aways so face death or the wrath

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2021.12.05 22:59 Chaseypoo111 My first dye. C line MD3.

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2021.12.05 22:59 Targa_driver What took me so long?

I've had my Mighty about a year and have experimented with all sorts of temp stepping, etc.. For some reason until tonight, I haven't just fired it up to 410 and cleared the bowl. Yeah, it was sort of harsh, hot and not as tasty, but holy crap, I got roasted! This was a 1:3 THC/CBD mix and I was still drawing vapor when I got tired of vaping it and just turned it off. I probably won't do this on a regular basis, but every once in a while...Yeah.
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2021.12.05 22:59 Nestorillo Akina's vocal range on her 1993 album UNBALANCE + BALANCE. A good album that I recommend listening to if possible.

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2021.12.05 22:59 a_wet_arduino [NA][t4] Looking for jg

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2021.12.05 22:59 T33CH33R Lost my saves with latest update to steam version...

Anyone else have this issue, and is there a way to get them back? Was rep 11 with mods.
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2021.12.05 22:59 sxmplyjvss LF : Puffin

My 1st offer : F Peacock, 5 Mythic eggs, neon bandicoot
My 2nd offer : Gold dragon and metal ox
My 3rd offer : 7 Mythic eggs and summer walrus( +pet wear )
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2021.12.05 22:59 normiespy96 The fact that wizards can nerf cards on a whim and not refund anything is a clear predatory practice.

I honestly see no point in playing historic now, and no reason to get into alchemy. Is standard the only format for me now?
Wizards can now just nerf top decks to the point they are basically banned, not refund you and then do the same the next month. So now unless you're a huge streamer, you're gonna need to spend so much money you won't be able to pick up. Historic is already expensive, now it's gonna be as expensive as WotC wants it to be.
Take into account this is the same company that refuses to reprint cards just to add them in overpriced products. I'm not suspicious, but sure, that WotC will carefully look at what cards to ban to force players into spending more wildcards.
Remember, Wizards is not your friend. Don't reward this predatory practice. Don't give them your money.
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2021.12.05 22:59 alle15minuten Gerade ist es December 06, 2021 at 02:59AM

Gerade ist es December 06, 2021 at 02:59AM
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2021.12.05 22:59 Comfortable-Ad8849 I met a new girl I really liked and now I'm depressed about it

This weekend I went to visit a friend who lives 5 hours away from me. While I was there, a group of us went out to a local bar, first time going back since covid. I ended up meeting this girl and we were dancing and just having a great time for the rest of the night. I've been on a couple of dates since my breakup and I was never really feeling it, but I REALLY liked this girl. I can never just do a one night thing because I always get too attached. But we just hit it off so well. And then at the end of the night when she asked if I lived nearby, I had to say weeell I'm actually from out of town, a 5 hour drive away. At that moment we just both knew that we wouldn't see eachother again. I just hate the fact that 6 months after my breakup I finally meet a girl I really like but of course it had to be in a far away city and will never go anywhere. Now I'm sitting back at home, back to my boring job and boring life. And any progress I made learning to be alone doesn't matter and I'm just super sad again. I just can't be happier alone no matter how hard I try.
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2021.12.05 22:59 themanofthehour44 13m i think i’m bi but i wanted to know what gay guys would think about how i feel

i don’t feel any romantic desire to any guys only girls. i find some guys really hot and i would definitely do stuff but i would only ever date a girl. does anyone know anyone like this or is it just me?
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2021.12.05 22:59 TheSuperRainbow My Boyfriend Wants To Buy A Bored Ape

Warning, I know nothing of NFTs.
So my boyfriend and his friends plan on pooling their money to buy a Bored Ape.
Can anyone point me and him in the direction of RELIABLE info on where to read more on NFTs?
My boyfriend wants to join his friends and he believes them when they say this is a great investment but he still wants to be more educated and informed on the subject before he jumps in.
For me, I believe in crypto, but Im late to the NFT party. I also dont understand why Bored Apes are popular?
My boyfriend and I live together and we always discuss major purchases and investments and agree on them together.
In short: Why invest in an NFT? Why invest in a Bored Ape?
Thank you
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2021.12.05 22:59 WitchCulture ISO original Xbox game I can’t remember the name of

So what I remember was that it was a driving game only. There were different areas where you could go and different missions you would do. Similar to a twisted metal but I don’t think it was twisted metal. You could run over pedestrians and there were a lot of hell/devil/demonic references and my main memory is the radio stations. They were EXTREMELY explicit and the radio shows were banter about murder and stuff like that. I know this is vague but I was pretty young at the time and NEED to find this game. Thank you
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2021.12.05 22:59 uptownwoman Missing our guy on days like these

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2021.12.05 22:59 Js4nts413 WTS unid torch

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2021.12.05 22:59 irishbison Hi

So I like to complete every achievement in a game usually so all I need is the Halo Topper or The Ion Rocket Boost but mostly the Halo Topper, All I have to trade is TW Tyranno GXT but Im on PS4 so if someone could help that would mean a lot
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2021.12.05 22:59 Cheesyduck126 Hey guys wasn't yesterdays episode so good? I mean it was great yesterdays episode was

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2021.12.05 22:59 Top_Passion7368 Not a full one yet !

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2021.12.05 22:59 guiguisurlinux Lies, damned lies and foreshadowing : Lessons from Tchaikovsky's Cage of Souls

This is not a review, just a comment on an interesting element in this novel. Spoilers ahead. I'm thinking in terms of effective writing, this analysis/rant doesn't make the book good or bad. It is extremely well written overall, this is just one aspect of it that I felt merits reflection.
From reading and watching writing advice books and channels, I've often seen it implied (though rarely outright stated) that foreshadowing must be subtle. The subtler, the better, so that the novel reads completely differently the second time around.
This book, at times, takes the exact opposite approach by stating outright when someone will be important later, as in "he will be important later" or "considering the horrible things he would prove capable of". I can't remember anyone else doing it so explicitly, and this is something only this specific "journal"-ish format allows (and really, it feels to me like this is why this format was chosen). Tchaikovsky foreshadows almost everything to different degrees, and it works very well in some places and not really in others.
For people, it is effective to a degree that truly amazed me, at least when it comes to grabbing my interest. I never realized before how all I need to care about a character is a literal statement about their importance. Thelwel, when first introduced, barely has any trait that I can remember, but I still remember when he comes in because I was told he would play a big part, and I was excited to see how this piece fit into the big picture. This is basically the author screaming "pay attention to this guy", which I can't remember other authors doing (though I'm sure he didn't invent the idea). It reminds me of a magic trick, with the anticipation there is now an element of mystery to what would otherwise just be a sleight of hand. As good as this is, it becomes "too much of a good thing" at times, especially when the foreshadowing doesn't really manifest. For example, Gaki isn't portrayed doing anything particularly loathsome (relative to the other characters) or even just anything bad until very late in the book, which makes him feel as a "stand-in" for evil rather than an actual bad guy (like he's more aura than character). Also, Thelwel's part ended up being far from major in my opinion, which was a letdown after the buildup - he's there to show that androids exist more than for what he brings to the plot. What he is matters, what he does or even who he is... not as much. If Thelwel had been human, he'd be... some guy who survived? In the end, the delightful foreshadowing of "where else is there" ends up being more about what he is than who he is or (especially) why he does things. Any old human could have become the Island's leader in the end. The author also foreshadows some elements without trying for a payoff at times (Keira and Peter's relationship is never made explicit despite being heavily foreshadowed) and doesn't make connections as explicitly at much more important times (Gaki and Hermione playing chess, Greygori). The latter examples, though still very much foreshadowed, feel like huge lies of omission in the way because others got revealed as bad very early on.
When it comes to foreshadowing events, this is much less effective, I think partly because it's much more common in literature, and partly because it wasn't specific enough and could be summed up as "things will happen", which contrasted with the explicit way in which characters were described from the point of view of "future Stefan". This is possibly because of the dissonance between narrative and intent, in other words characterization of the narrator. If you're always saying "Sergei is actually nice, we would become friends" and "Gaki is an evil motherfucker as you will find out", omitting that they would later escape the prison when they arrive, or that everyone is dead now, feels inconsistent in a "are you or are you not someone who gives spoilers or not" kind of way. I think it's closer to bog-standard than the way it's done for people; whereas this would be "cheap" (or normal) hooking in other books, it becomes a glaring flaw in the context of the chosen narration format and style.
As for things, this is an even bigger issue, because there is no foreshadowing as far as I can recall (unless you count neutral descriptions as foreshadowing, which I don't). The diamond knife appears to be a trophy or symbol for Gaki, but there is no clue that he would later use it, and no interaction between him and Sulplice. There is no sinister tone when describing it, and no real indication that it would be a good murder weapon. The Weapon itself, likewise, is described in neutral (if mysterious) terms, there is no indication that it could actually be used (quite to the contrary), much less against Shadrapar itself. This is much more egregious to me, as the citizens are almost always described as not understanding old technology no matter how basic it is to us (ie sails), and the Weapon is very old and far from basic. This is the biggest lie of omission and I felt that it really cheapened the ending, which without the Weapon seemed to be headed toward revolution, not annihilation.
Overall, I really liked when the foreshadowing was explicit, it seemed a very effective use of the format or even a great tease, but I feel like it's a double-edged sword and this book shows why. I think in order for a narrative voice to feel believable, the degree of subtlety used in foreshadowing must be consistent, or it seems like some sort of trick and the events that follow don't seem justified. In other words, if you tell us that Gaki is a huge asshole from the get go, you must also tell us that the Weapon is a Big Deal for the story, not just an interesting architectural element. Of course, it may be more difficult to get attached to characters if we're told from the onset that they all end up dying - such is the other edge of the sword - but I would have preferred at least a middle ground approach (e.g. "this damned Weapon" or "it would doom us all"), because what few clues there were seemed to be pointing in the other direction. Between red herrings and casual world building, I feel like I could not have guessed the ending, which to me makes the whole thing unjustifiably depressing.
I think this perceived inconsistency I'm describing is linked to the poor characterization the author has been criticized for (which I don't usually notice or, frankly, care about). The clues and lack thereof seemed arbitrary to me, as I have no idea why the main character actually finished the story. It's implied that he writes different parts at different times, or at least doesn't write all of it in one go (as he started in prison), but his narrative voice doesn't ever seem to change to reflect a change in his state of mind or personnality. The only part where I can remember the narrator being emotional is when Helman dies, an event that happened in the somewhat distant past (relative to the first chapters). He handwaves this sort of inconsistency at the end as him essentially not feeling like doing any edits, but I can scarcely imagine someone who both a) cares enough about a story to end it after the world has ended and b) doesn't care enough to go back and modify the story to take into account said end of the world. It also feels kind of silly that he relies on paper when there is a centuries-old computer available (which incidentally would have been great foreshadowing, but is instead trivial worldbuilding). I simply can't imagine his motivations, and none was really given past the halfway point. I get that his characterization itself was rather subtly consistent (he's basically just underestimating himself to the very end), it just didn't show in "his" writing style, or rather it was "too" consistent in the way it didn't seem to change after hugely traumatic events.
In conclusion, I realize that this seems rather negative, but again I must insist that the book is expertly written to an absurd degree, I think this is why this specific element stood out to me as less-than, like a scratch on a masterpiece.
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2021.12.05 22:59 jessbliss What should I expect in a first appointment with a specialist?

Hi all, I am not diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. I’ve been having issues with painful urination/bladder pain in general for years with negative urinalysis screenings always but all of my gynecologists have attributed the pain to my Crohn’s disease. My GI doc didn’t agree after some testing and I found another new gynecologist. The new gynecologist told me that it sounds like I have interstitial cystitis and referred me to a urologist. My first appointment is next week. I’m wondering what I should expect overall? What “tests” diagnose interstitial cystitis? What is typical treatment like for interstitial cystitis?
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2021.12.05 22:59 DASSL0 2021 lights are blessed with a 🦄 puddle reflection!

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2021.12.05 22:59 Elloit_fan9 2020 Hamlin and logano throwbacks

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2021.12.05 22:59 jr_play Entrem

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