Drawing FE3H Badly Until a New Fire Emblem Game is Announced - Day 143

2021.12.05 23:04 rico5647 Drawing FE3H Badly Until a New Fire Emblem Game is Announced - Day 143

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2021.12.05 23:04 Spaceman1965 An Introduction to Breakfast in the Ruins

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2021.12.05 23:04 smalliffalse [PC] [H] Lots of Blueprints [W] Credit Offers

Here's a long list of blueprints in alphabetical order. Let me know if you're interested in anything, and feel free to ask about series if you're looking for specifics!
20XX - Show-Off Unpainted
Air Strike - Noncertified Unpainted and Acrobat Sky Blue
Almagest - Show-Off Cobalt and Noncertified Crimson
Ambustion - Noncertified Burnt Sienna and Noncertified Cobalt
Apparatus - Guardian Unpainted and Noncertified Forest Green
Astro-CSX - Victor Unpainted
Atomizer - Noncertified Unpainted(2) and Striker Unpainted
Balla-Carra - Noncertified Unpainted
Bravado - Victor Unpainted
Breakout: Astaroth - Noncertified Sky Blue
Breakout: Chainsaw - Show-Off Unpainted
Breakout: Taniwha - Noncertified Unpainted, Acrobat Unpainted, Aviator Unpainted, Tactician Forest Green, and Noncertified Black
Buffy-Sugo - Noncertified Unpainted(2)
Candyfloss - Noncertified Unpainted
Circuit Board
Clodhopper - Noncertified Black and Noncertified Purple
CNTCT-1: Infinite - Aviator Unpainted, Sniper Unpainted, and Scorer Orange
Comet - Noncertified Forest Green
Cutter: Inverted - Noncertified Unpainted(2)
Dey KC: Schematized - Victor Unpainted
Diestro - Scorer Forest Green and Noncertified Crimson
Dingo - Noncertified Unpainted
Dingo: Rascal Stripes - Noncertified Unpainted
Dominus: Funny Book - Scorer Unpainted, Scorer Sky Blue, and Noncertified Purple
Dominus: Huntress - Striker
Dominus: MDGA - Sniper Pink
Dominus: Mixtape - Goalkeeper Unpainted, Noncertified Grey, Noncertified Saffron, and Noncertified Sky Blue
Dominus: Mondo - Turtle Black, Noncertified Cobalt, Noncertified Forest Green, Noncertified Grey, Noncertified Orange, Noncertified Saffron, and Noncertified Titanium White
Dominus: OR-AISE - Goalkeeper Lime, Goalkeeper Titanium White, Guardian Unpainted, Playmaker Unpainted, Noncertified Cobalt, and Noncertified Lime
Draco - Noncertified Lime
Dynamo - Goalkeeper Unpainted and Sniper Titanium White
Endo - Noncertified Burnt Sienna
Fennec - Show-Off Unpainted and Victor Unpainted
Fennec: Bodacious - Striker Unpainted and Noncertified Grey
Fennec: Distortion
Fennec: Edge Burst - Aviator Unpainted, Paragon Unpainted, Victor Unpainted, Sniper Saffron, Noncertified Forest Green, and Noncertified Purple
Fennec: Hardline - Noncertified Unpainted, Sniper Unpainted, Noncertified Black, and Noncertified Lime
Fennec: Ombre - Noncertified Black
Fennec: Slimline - Noncertified Unpainted(2), and Guardian Unpainted
Fennec: Zeus - Noncertified Unpainted
Flamerate - Goalkeeper Unpainted, Sweeper Sky Blue, Noncertified Cobalt, Noncertified Saffron, and Noncertified Titanium White
Flim-Flam: Inverted - Noncertified Unpainted, Juggler Lime, and Paragon Unpainted
Glitch - Striker Unpainted
Glorifier - Sniper
Glossy Block
Gravity Bomb - Noncertified Unpainted(2) and Sweeper Unpainted
Hex Tide - Noncertified Unpainted(2)
Hexphase - Noncertified Cobalt
HNY Wheels - Noncertified Lime and Noncertified Purple
HNY: Inverted Wheels - Noncertified Unpainted
HNY Banner(2)
Hydraul1k - Noncertified Sky Blue
Illuminata - Noncertified Unpainted
Infinium - Noncertified Unpainted
Insidio - Striker Unpainted and Noncertified Crimson
Insidio: Mr. Coney - Noncertified Black
Interstellar - Noncertified Unpainted and Goalkeeper Unpainted
Intrudium - Noncertified(3)
IO Infinite - Victor Unpainted, Noncertified Orange, and Noncertified Unpainted
Jager 619: Mister Monsoon - Noncertified Unpainted
Jager 619: StarLighter - Goalkeeper Unpainted
K2 - Noncertified Black and Noncertified Sky Blue
Komodo - Paragon Unpainted
Krackle - Noncertified Unpainted, Noncertified Pink, and Noncertified Purple
Libertine - Noncertified Unpainted
Lightspeed Trail - Paragon Pink
Mantis: Snakeskin
Medianic - Noncertified Unpainted
Meteor Storm - Noncertified Unpainted
NeOctane - Titanium White
Neuro-Agitator - Noncertified Unpainted and Aviator Unpainted
Nimbus - Acrobat Cobalt
Nucleon Clutch - Noncertified Unpainted
Octane ZSR: Mechaceph - Sniper Pink
Octane: 10dril - Scorer Unpainted and Victor Saffron
Octane: Abtruse - Aviator Saffron, Scorer Forest Green, Juggler Unpainted, and Sniper Unpainted
Octane: Bodacious - Noncertified Unpainted
Octane: Chantico - Striker Unpainted
Octane: Dragon Lord - Noncertified Unpainted(3), Aviator Unpainted, Paragon Unpainted, Tactician Unpainted, Goalkeeper Crimson, Tactician Sky Blue, Noncertified Crimson, and Noncertified Lime
Octane: Gale-Fire - Noncertified Unpainted, Acrobat Unpainted, and Tactician Unpainted
Octane: Lone Wolf - Noncertified Unpainted and Guardian Unpainted
Octane: MG-88 - Playmaker Unpainted, Sweeper Unpainted, Playmaker Lime, Noncertified Cobalt, and Noncertified Titanium White
Octane: Ripped Comic Book
Octane: Slimline - Noncertified Sky Blue
Octane: Sticker Bomb - Noncertified Unpainted and Noncertified Pink
Octane: Tumbling Blocks - Paragon Lime and Paragon Pink
Octane: Vaporwave - Noncertified Unpainted, Scorer Unpainted, and Noncertified Titanium White
Octane: Vertebrate - Scorer Unpainted and Noncertified Grey
Octane: Windblast - Noncertified Unpainted and Aviator Unpainted
Ouchie - Black, Orange, and Purple
P-SIMM Inverted - Noncertified Unpainted
Party Time - Noncertified
Pearlescent (Matte)
Peregrine TT - Aviator Saffron, Sniper Grey, Noncertified Orange, Noncertified Sky Blue, and Noncertified Titanium White
Peregrine TT: Ombre - Noncertified Unpainted
Picket Holographic - Aviator Unpainted and Noncertified Lime
Pixel Fire Boost - Sweeper Crimson, Noncertified Burnt Sienna, Noncertified Pink, Noncertified Purple, and Noncertified Sky Blue
Pixel Fire Banner - Unpainted
Playock - Noncertified Pink
Proton - Aviator Purple
Pulse Crawler - Unpainted
Pyrrhos - Sweeper Unpainted, Turtle Unpainted, and Noncertified Sky Blue
Pyrrhos Inverted - Noncertified Unpainted
Quasar - Goalkeeper Unpainted
Sentinel - Guardian Burnt Sienna and Sniper Cobalt
Sentinel: Faceted - Show-Off Burnt Sienna and Victor Purple
Shattered - Noncertified Unpainted and Scorer Unpainted
Shortquarter: Inverted - Noncertified Unpainted, Tactician Saffron, and Noncertified Sky Blue
Slipstream - Noncertified Unpainted and Noncertified Grey
Smokescreen - Noncertified Black
Solar Flare - Guardian Unpainted
Spanner - Noncertified Titanium White
Spanner: Inverted - Noncertified Crimson
Spiralis R2 - Acrobat Cobalt, Paragon Unpainted, Victor Unpainted, and Paragon Titanium White
Stella - Juggler Unpainted
Stipple Gait - Guardian
Takumi: Sticker Bomb - Show-Off Forest Green
Tidal Stream - Noncertified(2)
Toon Goal Explosion - Noncertified Unpainted, Show-Off Unpainted(2), Victor Unpainted, Noncertified Forest Green, and Noncertified Lime
Toon Sketch Paint Finish
Toon Sketch Trail - Noncertified Unpainted and Noncertified Orange
Tranquil Toff
Tremor - Noncertified Unpainted
Tremor Inverted - Noncertified Black
Trigon - Noncertified Unpainted(6), Victor Unpainted, and Noncertified Crimson
Truncheon - Sniper Black
Truth Beam - Noncertified Purple
Tygris: Mister Rad - Sweeper Unpainted and Victor Unpainted
Tygris: Platformer - Noncertified Unpainted(2)
Tygris: Silencer - Noncertified Pink
Ultralex - Noncertified Unpainted
Voltaic - Sweeper Unpainted and Noncertified Purple
Voxel - Sniper Unpainted
Wrench-Roller - Noncertified Saffron
X-Tempo - Noncertified Unpainted
Yuzo - Noncertified Sky Blue
Z-Current - Noncertified Saffron
Zefram - Noncertified Unpainted
Zefram Infinite - Noncertified Unpainted and Noncertified Titanium White
Zigzag - Noncertified Black and Noncertified Lime
Zomba - Noncertified Unpainted(2), Juggler Unpainted, and Victor Unpainted
Zowie - Noncertified Unpainted and Scorer Black
Zowie Infinite - Noncertified Forest Green
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2021.12.05 23:04 FirstGeneralRavioli El mejor morfi (Ronda 8): Se fue el locro, la comida del comentario más upvoteado se va.

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2021.12.05 23:04 HedgehogShoddy What does it mean if you don't see/hear from your admin much? (New teacher)

New teacher. I don't hear from and am not micromanaged from my admin. What do you interpret this to be? Is this the dream or is it a red flag? Middle school, USA
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2021.12.05 23:04 thelowandtobask Returning over Land Border from Canada to USA as a US Citizen - Do I need a negative COVID test?

Hello. I am an American currently in Canada on a study permit. I need to return home to the US via car, should I need to present a negative COVID test when I get to the border? Or should just the vaccine card be enough? I can't seem to find much specific information about what's needed for a US Citizen crossing over the land border. It looks like some rules change this week and I can't tell if they apply or not
Last time I got a COVID test in Canada to cross the border via plane I paid like $200 for it so I'm hoping I can avoid it this time. Thanks!
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2021.12.05 23:04 LetOffSteamBennett Luv 2 sport

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2021.12.05 23:04 Old_Law_8583 [USA][IL] Traffic Cheater Meets Karma

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2021.12.05 23:04 SirFluffytheGreat Which character created solely for WWE video games is your favorite? I really love Jacob Cass from WWE 12

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2021.12.05 23:04 knitslip 又一次荒唐的以己度人 — — 论所谓“汉人专骗汉人”

可以认为民族主义者在一定程度上反而是相信“汉人专骗汉人”的,甚至认为这是符合普遍的人性 — — 同族往往比外族更了解你,更容易让你放下戒心,自然同族之间欺骗得手的概率会更高,各路骗子也天然更倾向于欺骗同族。这个例子其实说明了一个道理:任何共同体的同胞不是你的父母,不会无条件袒护你爱你,大家也是利益博弈关系。地球上没有天堂,也没有任何共同体内部是“兄弟姐妹情谊”的,如果有人自称搞了这种人间天堂,说这个天堂内大家都是兄弟姐妹,“博爱”,那他肯定是个骗子,受骗的也是没有社会经验的。
作者:汉之声专用号 链接:https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/441453536
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2021.12.05 23:04 ounilith So, uh... anybody remembers the Funeral episode?

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2021.12.05 23:04 JenksK Album Drop #2…

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2021.12.05 23:04 hahadeadmemegobrr what should i build in minecraft

im sad and i have a minecraft world for things i build that people suggest to me so give me ideas to give me something to do. i feel like doing some big shit
(also i just built a satanic temple and it was fun)
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2021.12.05 23:04 ineverdothis_1 What do men think of women who wink?

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2021.12.05 23:04 jk-antwon I made some promotional material with new art of my comic Zemara. [oc]

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2021.12.05 23:04 Nash__Kent Get up close and personal with my abs and V

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2021.12.05 23:04 LegolandoBloom Looking for a small SMP!

Hello, I am looking for a small smp for my first smp experience. I have never played minecraft on an online persistent server before.
I'm not much of a builder(my visual intelligence sucks) but I at least try to make things look pretty.
If anyone is looking, message me or leave a comment here :=)
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2021.12.05 23:04 Jettmichaels TIGER WOODS WORLD NUMBER ONE AGIAN

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2021.12.05 23:04 DannyYTee CV mission in water but nothing there?

I completed the driving school lessons (i beat the story) and then ceasar gave me a call. Then a mission showed up in the water on the map, but there nothing to activate when i go there. i read it's part of the import export cars but I'm not sure what do i do?
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2021.12.05 23:04 lavindex I feel horrible after having an incredible date

For context, I’m 18F and I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve talked to people before and have gone on dates but I’ve never been in anything committed, which I’ll explain later.
Last night I went on a date with a guy that I’ve been talking to for about a month now. We’d planned it for over a week and were super excited for it, talking about it a lot, etc, and so finally we went on the date, after a lot of buildup and hype.
And it was amazing! It was so much fun and I really felt like I enjoyed being around him, and I felt like he reciprocated that. We did some Christmas shopping, sang in the car, took some photos, walked in the park, etc etc, and it was great. I was super jittery with excitement afterwards and I was really really happy, and he told me he was too.
But I woke up this morning, and out of nowhere I became extremely anxious and felt some sort of horrible regret. Like I couldn’t breathe well and my chest felt super super heavy, and suddenly I was very afraid of dating this guy. He didn’t say or do anything that put me off, I just kind of started feeling like this. The only reason I can maybe think of is that he mentioned he was going to post some of the photos from that night, but even then that doesn’t seem like something that would bother me normally, and I’ve been put in other guy’s posts after a date with no problem.
I feel sort of ill with how bad I feel right now, and I can’t think of the reason why. He’s very nice, smart, handsome, motivated, etc.
The main thing I want to figure out is why I feel like this, because this is something that happens to me after I begin to experience some sort of romantic closeness. Every single time. And each person has been different; there’s not really any similarity I can pinpoint that would cause me to feel this bad every time. I’ve looked into it being maybe something with anxiety or a fear of intimacy?
I do actually like this guy though, and I don’t want to hurt him by out of nowhere just telling him I want to break things off. I just want to know why, after one of the best days of my life, I feel so regretful and anxious that I want to vomit. I want to know so I can hopefully figure out how to fix it.
TL;DR: I had an incredibly good date, and the next day I felt so terribly anxious and regretful that I feel ill, for no foreseeable reason. This is a reoccurring issue for me in romantic endeavors.
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2021.12.05 23:04 Falc0n28 May I present, Karamazov, my first real ship after spending god knows how long in the sandbox mode testing weapons.

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2021.12.05 23:04 simmillarian I honestly don't see many non-tipped orders.

I rarely ever see $2.50 orders coming in. I do get a ton of $4-5 orders though, but I never accept them. Maybe this is where everyone is seeing all the non-tipped orders?
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2021.12.05 23:04 EveningSoother Gallery Etiquette

So guys, I'm currently working on a very drastic reno of a building I downloaded from the Gallery (let's say 20% of the exterior and 95% of the interior), and it's coming out better than expected. So much so in fact, that I wouldn't mind sharing it. Of course I would maintain the original name with RENO added to the title, the name of the original creator would be there, and I would mention them in the description as well. But given that this would be the first time that I share a reno on the Gallery, I'm not sure this is good etiquette, or if would be considered reloading or downright stealing. The last thing I want is to upset a fellow builder and rob them of their work. What's your take on this?
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2021.12.05 23:04 ferris-shaheem4 Grace Boor #3

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2021.12.05 23:04 Ok_Ganache_3659 19F idk what I wanna do with my life 😋

Which I always hear is pretty normal but in this sense I know I can make so much money doing certain things 👀 but dk if it would be worth it. Is anyone else going through an entire identity crisis :p
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