[News Shorts] Parents of Michigan school shooter charged with involuntary manslaughter ¦ ABC News on Youtube

2021.12.05 23:03 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Parents of Michigan school shooter charged with involuntary manslaughter ¦ ABC News on Youtube

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2021.12.05 23:03 GeneticEmo I know this isn't as high as some of you, but keep in mind I just got Spotify in November

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2021.12.05 23:03 crushedredpepper_ First cheeseboard I have sold!!

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2021.12.05 23:03 -Agent-47_ Where’s the depressed hamster ?

Btw it was called bridge.
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2021.12.05 23:03 walstart1 Best trial lawyer magazine?

As a soon-to-be attorney in personal injury, what magazine would you recommend I get a subscription to so I can stay up to date on developments? I've seen a couple like AAJ and Trial Lawyers Magazine but I think one would be ok for now. Just not sure which is best. So many resources out there, I just want to make sure I'm using the best of em.
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2021.12.05 23:03 CorinaMuro Officer Floki is Coming To Arrest You - Next 100x Token | Big Marketing Budget For Every Platform| Audits | Earn BNB Rewards! | Launched 2 Min Ago!! | Experienced Team | Be The Part Of Our Family Before Big Marketing Campaign Starts | Maybe already started?

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✅Our audit will be completed in the upcoming week.
BUY tax 9%
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🔹WEBSITE www.officerfloki.com
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🔹TELEGRAM https://t.me/OfficerFLOKI
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2021.12.05 23:03 GTAclipster Pride before the fall

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2021.12.05 23:03 Eskuire Only got 3 days vacation from work. Now. I can sleep. <3

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2021.12.05 23:03 igloo716 Mentor program under AHIMA

Has anyone tried this or something similar with an established organization? ( I am newly certified and member- not much contact with former school/classmates.) I’m looking for support with specific E/M codes. thank you!
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2021.12.05 23:03 Shaktimaanwo7 Practice Daily Current Affairs Quiz. Attempt 6 December Daily Current Affairs Free Practice Quiz For UPSC CSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, Banking Exams, Railways exam, etc.

Daily december important current affairs quiz for ssc exams.
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2021.12.05 23:03 Charli-was-here LF Chimchar FT Staravia w/Pokerus

Hey! I got pokerus and regret picking Piplup.
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2021.12.05 23:03 redfoxisred I have trouble articulating my needs/issues to my partner. Any advice?

My partner and I have been together for eight years. Over the last two years I’ve had issues of not feeling important. There’s a few other things but I think that’s my main issue.
I always feel like a second thought. For example he organised an outing with his friends on my birthday because he thought I would be hungover on my birthday from drinking the night before. He didn’t put in any effort for my birthday present and took me shopping instead however he happily bought upcoming Christmas presents for his family that same day without any issues. He often forgets to get me a drink when we’re out and he’s offered to get me one from the bar. He told me I had to go to his sisters bachelorette day out even though I said I didn’t want to because I don’t know many people and it was expensive. When I told him how I burst into tears on the way home from the day because I was so anxious he just said he was happy I still went because his sister is important to him and made no acknowledgement about how I felt.
There are things he’s done in the past like leave me alone in a bar in a foreign country and I had to go home alone because I didn’t know where he went and another time I asked him to hold my drink while I went to the toilet at a party. When I came out of the toilet my drink was on the table because his friends had come past and asked him to go swimming in the lake with him.
I try not to hold these past events against him but they are examples of how I’ve learnt to feel not important.
I want to tell him this but he always comes up with a reason as to why he forgot my drink or why he doesn’t want to pick a present for me himself. And if I bring up examples from a few years ago he blames me for not being able to let things go.
And this happens every time I bring it up to the point that I start nit picking other things such as how he doesn’t help much with cleaning the house. Even though that’s an issue I can get past, I find myself bringing it up out of frustration because he doesn’t seem to acknowledge my main issue and the reasons for it (mentioned above)
How can I articulate this clearly to him without getting frustrated or off topic? I feel like this issue is something that will make or break our relationship but the conversation is difficult as he doesn’t seem to understand how his actions hurt me.
Any ideas of how to articulate my problems clearly?
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2021.12.05 23:03 chubachus “How France aided her fighters - Renault tanks going to the front." Stereoview photo published by Keystone View Company.

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2021.12.05 23:03 acheld Do you have to hate the show in this community?

I was 'invited' privately to join this reddit (whatever joining really means in a public subreddit) because I had some criticisms and concerns about the show I gave in ... another community.
I've read a bit here, and the theme seems to be "that other community is just adoring the show uncritically, whereas we aren't such sheep. We mainly hate the show." Maybe I'm getting the wrong impression
I have a lot of criticisms of the show, but I still like it (yes, I'm a book reader) so far. I'd like to be able to discuss some oddities in demographics without dealing with "the main characters should all be white" people. I'd like to be able to criticize directional deviations from the book without devolving to "lol, the show is such shit".
Is this the right place for that or is it, as it seems, a requirement that you primarily dislike/are angry about the show? I'll respectfully move on, if so.
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2021.12.05 23:03 LordDaisah It's the UNSC not the USSC.

So add some non-American voice types, please. I sure hope the marines in campaign are a little more nationally diverse aswell.
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2021.12.05 23:03 cbbBot [Post Game Thread] St. John's defeats Fordham, 83-69

Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Fordham 33 36 69
St. John's 46 37 83
Index Thread for December 05, 2021
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2021.12.05 23:03 Flyingcatfart what

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2021.12.05 23:03 EpicPlayGaming Toxic People

First day playing and was really confused asking for help, and everyone was really toxic and they kept killing me. Now I don’t even want to play this game anymore. Thanks for reading.
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2021.12.05 23:03 icydata Bunting fires home a PPG

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2021.12.05 23:03 Cute-Status9117 crap, what should i do

I dropped AP Gov at the beginning of the year to take a 0.5 credit course for American Gov. However, on the list of current courses, I wrote down AP Gov and did not change it since. I submitted several apps and caught this mistake today. (I guess I focused more so on mistakes in essays). I feel unbelievably stupid, but mistakes happen I guess.
Should I email them and clarify that I dropped the course (which honestly doesn't look great) or just leave it to see if they ask for any clarifications (but if they don't, it almost seems like a fraud.)? I know this is something so miniscule, but it's definitely weighing on my mind. I'd really really appreciate advice ❤
Have an amazing day :)
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2021.12.05 23:03 truecrimefanatic1 Hair loss during weight loss

I started working on losing weight in June of this year. I'm a woman in my 40's and it was time. I've lost 45 lbs through CICO and some cardio/strength training. I have about 45 more to go. I eat around 1500 calories a day, with a few more on weekends. I am 5' 10".
I noticed about 3 months in that my hair was REALLY coming out. I have curly hair and I only wash once a week. So hair loss seems a bit more extreme anyway since I'm not washing every day. However, I'm losing WAY more than normal. I have gained/lost in the past and I can't really remember hair loss like this except for a brief stint with keto. Probably because I never stuck with anything this long.
I've read everything I can and it says this happens, take a vitamin, take biotin, make sure you're getting enough protein, etc. I've checked every box on that. I'm about 6 weeks into hard core taking vitamins, biotin, and making sure I get enough protein daily and it's STILL shedding badly. Does anyone have any advice to slow this down? How long will this last and will it come back? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.05 23:03 daltonoreo How to resist to write a story based on consumed media?

I have been faced with this issue constantly, and I think it is starting to hamper my own creativity. To summarize my issue shortly, it seems any media I consumed that even half interests me immediately compels me to drop everything I have written to write a story based on what I read/watched/played.
This feels like a really stupid problem to have but it keeps nagging at me if I ignore the urge and I will inevitably find those inspirations leaking into unrelated works. Does anyone else have this issue, and any tips on staving this off?
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2021.12.05 23:03 HornyHeracross Girl with blue hair [Original]

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2021.12.05 23:03 riverboatshim Best movie theater in Long Beach?

Which one and why?
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2021.12.05 23:03 umm_question What's a good $10-$20 white elephant gift?

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