2021.12.05 23:55 nfowler0909 T4

T4 can play whatever you want an will give RP
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2021.12.05 23:55 RemedialMagicPod The Remedial Magic Podcast

Hello again everyone! We're back again with our 7th episode release, covering chapter 9, of the Harry Potter Universe fanfiction, "Alexandra Quick". Come follow along and provide any feedback that you can think of at our link tree below. Also any criticism or praise would be welcome alongside discussion points, or even just suggestions going forward for our podcast! We've still got plenty of episodes left, so if you think something could make it better, we want to hear it! Thanks again for listening, and thank you Invararity for AQ! https://linktr.ee/theremedialmagicpodcast
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2021.12.05 23:55 cheeper123 32M Trying to find my fun weird daily texting buddy !

I am looking for something long term, I know it could be hard to keep things interesting and on-going but with a little bit of effort it can be achieved. I hope you are as weird and goofy and fun as I am ☺️
It would be awesome to meet someone here who has the same amount of energy as I have and who is same amount of fun weird and goofy, if not they should at least have the energy to listen as I talk and talk and talk :D.
I am your generic working man with generic hobbies like gaming and movies but it does not matter because having common interests is not important as long as there is understanding and you are willing to put effort into forming a friendship.
I am just trying to find someone to talk to throughout these long repetitive days of my life. I prefer WHATSAPP and Snapchat to text and would like to have voice calls too :)
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2021.12.05 23:55 P-63_43-11722 A modified TBM Avenger cropduster with either a modified BT-13 or AT-6 canopy at the Lolo Pass.

A modified TBM Avenger cropduster with either a modified BT-13 or AT-6 canopy at the Lolo Pass. submitted by P-63_43-11722 to WeirdWings [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 23:55 KapitanKolor Zhong Xina WWE Entrance

Zhong Xina WWE Entrance submitted by KapitanKolor to YouTube_startups [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 23:55 openseason_ How unrealistic is it that Angel would forget Harrison’s name?

Dexter was close with Angel for years and years. Jamie looked after Harrison for what, 2 years? Angel was involved in Harrison’s life… really disappointed me how inconsistent with seasons 1-8 the writers portray of Angel was
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2021.12.05 23:55 ZeldaLover2018 Some more of my 7-year-old brothers' Final Fantasy VIII drawings. I added reference photos below the originals so that you guys would know where they were from.

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2021.12.05 23:55 cuatemichoacano Atlas 0-1 Pumas (1-1) - J. Dinenno 76' Liga MX Semi-Final

Atlas 0-1 Pumas (1-1) - J. Dinenno 76' Liga MX Semi-Final submitted by cuatemichoacano to LigaMX [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 23:55 monkeyatemysandwich Hol the fuck up

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2021.12.05 23:55 kiillluazoldyx I (f22) want to break up with bf (m23) of 4 years but don’t know how to do it

Hi Reddit, sorry for the formatting I’m on mobile. But long story short, I’ve been with my bf for 4 years & it’s been a crazy rollercoaster. He is kind of manipulating & has done mean things to me like downloading tinder & bumble (tinder within the first year bumble after our second year together)(i forgave him bc he manipulated me it’s a long story i don’t want to get too into, but I know it is not okay) I used to live with him & his family but around 8 months ago he told me he wanted me to move out & he wanted to break up with me so I said okay. Then when he realized that I did leave he wanted me to get back with him & idk why I forgave him & went back to him. But ever since that day I lost feelings for him. I moved back with my parents & I am really happy here. :) I really don’t want to be with him anymore & I’ve gotten the courage to finally leave him.. however there is a problem. I really like his family & it is almost Christmas time, I bought all them gifts & want to give it to them. So I was going to wait until after Christmas to break up with him. I also packed the stuff he has at my house & it is ready for me to drop it off. But I don’t know what to say or how to break up with him. I am scared & I do not know how to leave him. I am not sure how to tell his family, they are supporting though since they think what he’s done to me is not okay. Any advice is welcomed. Sorry for the long post!
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2021.12.05 23:55 ERD42420 Arlo Wired Essential Doorbell

Does anyone know how to add this to homekit? I just installed it but can’t find any indication of how to add to homekit.
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2021.12.05 23:55 UnworthySacrifice [PS4] [DS3] [HELP] Help with Dancer

PW: 1111 at fog
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2021.12.05 23:55 hanger More Quiet Carry Drifts (KNSW)

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2021.12.05 23:55 chankanta Why the current Zealotry create Consecrated ground on enemy's position?

Current Zealotry create Consecrated ground on rare or unique enemy's position.
But it lost the ability to 'increase critical chance against enemy on Consecrated ground'.
It only has the ability of Player life regeneration and reduce curse effect.
So is it better zealotry create Consecrated ground on Player's position?
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2021.12.05 23:55 superboreduniverse Is anyone out there actually not lonely?

I mean, I know this is Reddit, so there’s that bias, but I feel like no matter how many people I surround myself with, online or off, there will always be moments, most moments, where I am living and feel entirely alone. I don’t know how to explain it, or shake it. It’s just really bothering me right now. I am going through a faith crisis and just now realizing how shallow most connections are, even those I deemed a few months ago to be unshakable, namely, family connections. I’m torn between going full throttle to try and forge new friendships vs moving to a cabin in the wilderness and breaking all ties with humanity in my despair. I know which option my therapist would champion, if I had one. I just don’t trust that option to be fulfilling anymore. Anyone feel this?
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2021.12.05 23:55 walknpark813 [XBOX X/S][30/32] NO CHEESE SPORTS Madden League

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2021.12.05 23:55 HiddenWarpstar Planet Shrooms and N64

Anyone got a link to those tapes I could download ?
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2021.12.05 23:55 jwats1239 RX 580 Died, Need a Replacement

My XFX RX 580 died tonight. PC won’t boot with it in, but it does boot with it taken out, testing more tomorrow. I don’t believe I will be able to RMA it, but I will try. If I am unable to get it replaced, what are some GPUs I should keep an eye out for? I would like to be able to get something comparable to my RX 580 if not slightly better for 1080p >60fps gaming. (Indie and some AAA)
Here’s what I’m working with.
I know the market sucks right now and I would like to stay close to MSRP if I can. I’m in no real hurry to get one at the moment so I am willing to wait.
Thanks for your recommendations!
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2021.12.05 23:55 trasha_yar What chairs do you guys use with the bistro table?

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2021.12.05 23:54 distancingpattern Tried making the Roasted Sweet Potato from Aviary's Zero

And wow is it sweet. The pomegranate/fig flavors overwhelm the sweet potato.
For those unfamiliar, the drink is built from a mix of :

  1. Strong pomegranate green tea.
  2. Water infused with figs.
  3. Brown Sugar, Citric acid, Pomegranate Molasses
  4. A puree of sweet potato and sweetened condensed milk.
In fairness, I did a couple things differently from the book:
  1. I used a pomegranate green tea from whole foods rather than ordering a 1/4 lb of it from Rare Tea. I tried to pick the one w/ the least amount of 'stuff' in it aside from green tea and pomegranate.
  2. I had a stokes purple sweet potato, so roasted that according to the instructions in the book. Doing so left me with a 25% cooked potato, so I had to keep roasting for quite a while longer. To me, the stokes are a bit nutty tasting and starchier than a typical garnet. I would have thought this would dial back the sweetness, but maybe the garnet would hold up better.
I have been trying to broaden my horizons in terms of cocktails so I can offer my non-alcohol-drinking friends/family something interesting and composed, but so far the three drinks I've made from Zero (this one, a 'jamaican rum', and the banana chai - a clarified milk punch) are all a bit on the cloying side.
Has anyone else had that experience with the cocktails from this book? Are the cocktails in 'Zero Proof' any more balanced? Should i try again w/ a garnet?
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2021.12.05 23:54 Ezzypezra Who would win in a fight?

The fight happens on land.
View Poll
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2021.12.05 23:54 CronoDroid Choi Yena Personally Shuts Down Malicious Rumors Through Official Statement

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2021.12.05 23:54 TextStreet What would your personalized jolly roger flag look like if you had one?

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2021.12.05 23:54 Amaney255 Hocd

I’m suffering from HOCD and I’ m scared I won’t feel attracted to women again when all my life I have always been a ladies’ man. Is this OCD playing tricks on me?
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2021.12.05 23:54 mandypasta- Whats it like moving from a small town to a big city?

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