Kanye pest

2021.12.05 22:32 Nut_Dealer556 Kanye pest

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2021.12.05 22:32 M4A1STAKESAUCE Yall can get vaccinated now. Jesus is down with 5G.

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2021.12.05 22:32 FantasyPL_bot Player Price Changes (December 6, 2021)

Risers (4)

Name Team Position Ownership Price Form
Ramsdale Arsenal Goalkeeper 14.4% £5.0 +£0.1 18
Thiago Silva Chelsea Defender 5.2% £5.6 +£0.1 25
Mount Chelsea Midfielder 14.5% £7.5 +£0.1 30
Jota Liverpool Midfielder 29.4% £8.0 +£0.1 35
Fallers (9)
Name Team Position Ownership Price Form
Ramsey Aston Villa Midfielder 0.2% £4.4 -£0.1 0
Gallagher Crystal Palace Midfielder 25.3% £6.1 -£0.1 21
Drameh Leeds Defender 0.1% £3.9 -£0.1 0
Matic Man Utd Midfielder 0.3% £4.4 -£0.1 4
Wan-Bissaka Man Utd Defender 3.8% £5.1 -£0.1 3
Dowell Norwich Midfielder 0.0% £5.1 -£0.1 4
Kane Spurs Forward 9.8% £12.2 -£0.1 10
Ndombele Spurs Midfielder 0.3% £5.7 -£0.1 1
Benrahma West Ham Midfielder 20.7% £6.0 -£0.1 9
= price change this gameweek. Form = points last 5 gameweeks.
Made by esoemah. Source: https://github.com/amosbastian/FPLbot
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2021.12.05 22:32 NewsElfForEnterprise Pope on Europe's migrant crisis: 'stop this shipwreck of civilization'

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2021.12.05 22:32 SLAVA_STRANA541 Flag of russia but its roblox’s build a boat

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2021.12.05 22:32 DerpLucario Am I the one who can kind of understand why the servers are kind of wonky right now?

I’ve seen a lot of posts complaining about the servers, which I can get behind because they are pretty broken and you’re entitled to your opinion. However, I can kinda see why they’re not really working due to multiple factors. The first is that it’s on a completely new engine which is bound to cause some problems with frame rates. Second is that it’s a whole new island which is bigger than the last one and has way more buildings meaning that frame rates are gonna drop regardless. Then there’s also all the other features which will be introduced in future updates like the weather and Klombo so that’s in the files as well. But I think the final and most significant reason behind all this is the hype. This is a brand new island with a lot of hype surrounding it meaning that newer and older players will be on. With all these people logging in it’s bound to cause some problems. You are allowed to complain, you have the right to do so, I am not saying you can’t. But I can see the justification behind the current wonky servers and know they’ll likely be fixed in a future update or hot fix.
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2021.12.05 22:32 Normal_Helicopter_20 Do I need to deactivate a windows key on a old computer before transferring?

I have a key I wanna transfer but can I just enter that key into my new build and it will automatically retract it from the old one?
If not how do I do it?
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2021.12.05 22:32 Kind_Perspective_206 H: TSffr90 fat man W: TSap15r fat man

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2021.12.05 22:32 big_bear_42O Not Sure.....

So I'm new to this but I have noticed that there are very specific labels that people give themselves or others. I get the practically of it, makes finding the right partner much easier. Problem is I can't seem to find the right label for me. Until recently i have always considered myself a straight man attracted to women, with one specific kink that most women aren't into Anal Sex. I did manage to find a few over the years but not enough ever satisfy my hunger to fuck ass. After taking copious amounts of weed edibles (something i do when i want to get out of my own head, and think outside the box) I came to the conclusion to for me it's not about about male or female it's about feminine and masculine. I'm attracted to and like having sex with Fem guys and girls, and get turned off by masculine guys and girls. is there a label that fits me? genuinely want to know, it would save me so much time dating not having to explain my sexuality, and have a label that sums it up. Maybe Fem Fucker, it's probably not that but you get the point right?
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2021.12.05 22:32 Savage_Esparza Why is Black Supremacy so normalized nowadays?

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2021.12.05 22:32 brianfielder Soybean Paste

Any idea where to find this? I don't see it in my recipes or any of the benches.
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2021.12.05 22:32 qbica Former Republican senator and US presidential candidate Robert Dole has passed away aged 98. Here he is calling on then-Acting PM Goh Chok Tong at the Istana in 1988.

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2021.12.05 22:32 Stumonchu I added a few new faces to the Weapon Wall.

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2021.12.05 22:32 Hot_Departure_4108 Looking for friends!

0777 8224 6314
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2021.12.05 22:32 IdkEric Is btd6 worth to get on pc

I’ve been playing on mobile since 2018 should I move to pc
View Poll
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2021.12.05 22:32 Abomination-626 Repost from r/memes feels like it belongs here

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2021.12.05 22:32 B00GAB00GA1 How to play Alolan Ninetales?

Alolan Ninetales can be just like MrMime, the first set skill of Alolan Ninetales is kinda weak for me can't even kill with that.Alolan Ninetales is more a support for me
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2021.12.05 22:32 malcolmrawley Art Loeb- Early April. Any thoughts on temps, views at this time? Going to do a thru hike using a shuttle.

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2021.12.05 22:32 PrimusBlahmus [Question] Character Creation Help!

(I don't know what tags are, and I am new to posting on reddit, so hopefully I did it right) Anyway, hey everyone! I just had a question regarding where I want to go with my DnD Character. So I am going to reddit. I made 2 character sheets with 2 different builds. One is a Fiend Bladelock and the other is a Champion Fighter.
(The stats are pretty nuts because of some cool homebrew rules by our DM)
Both are level 4 V-Humans. Warlock has the tough feat and the fighter has magic initiate as starting feats.
Fiend Bladelock stats: 18 str, 14 dex, 16 con, 12 int, 16 wis, 18 cha. With War Caster for ASI.
Champion Fighter stats: 14 str, 20 dex, 18 con, 10 int, 15 wis, 16 cha. +2 to dex with ASI. (Playing a finesse build, I think that's what it's called. Dual-wielding scimitars.)
The theme I have going for my character is that they had made a pact with a fiend, came from a soldier background. It is centred around that. The fighter has the magic initiate feat to get that warlock flavour without me actually having to dip into warlock. I am having trouble figuring out 1) which would be rewarding to play. (I like doing a lot of damage) 2) which would be cool to RP with. 3) What are some recommendations for ASI's and Invocations. Finally, if there are any writers out there, maybe some tips on what I should think about when writing the character. My DM made some really helpful suggestions when we started, and I would also like to hear what the people of reddit have to say.
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2021.12.05 22:32 Trey_Bum44 Okay so let’s get this straight. How much would you pay for an OG Grom?

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2021.12.05 22:32 mat0591 99 PS2 games in the collection – Any recommendations for the 100th?

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2021.12.05 22:32 Dazed_Chihuahua WAGMI SOL FRIENDS

WAGMI SOL FRIENDS SOL might be at $190 BUT we are feeling these vibes today. Who can't handle a little dip! Upvote if you feel the same. And follow - https://twitter.com/DazedDogsKC MINT upcoming.
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2021.12.05 22:32 Dkandler Not great

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2021.12.05 22:32 Believer109 No government would ever propagandize their own concentration camps!

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2021.12.05 22:32 ZealousidealCycle678 .

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