Help me choose a version of WoW (please)

2022.01.25 05:40 SpaniardBaguette Help me choose a version of WoW (please)

Hi All these versions of WoW are a bit confusing. I quit after the end of vanilla and I like: - world pvp - interesting and rewarding quests - meeting new people while levelling
But I don’t like: - raids - battleground pvp - empty low level areas
Oh and I am a casual player. Can’t play more than 1-2h per day.
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2022.01.25 05:40 Aromatic_Trade3096 این یک دختر فمنیسته که البته فمنیست نیست مرد ستیزه.دخترا یه صحبت کوچیکی باهاتون دارم. ما اگه خیلی ابراز ها علاقه به سکس نشون میدیم بیشتر جنبه شوخی داره و ما اگه شمارو بخاطر سکس بخایم خب چه کاریه جنده استخدام میکنیم‌. ما شمارو بخاطر عشق و همدردی میخایم و برداشت الکی هم از حرفای ما نکنید.

این یک دختر فمنیسته که البته فمنیست نیست مرد ستیزه.دخترا یه صحبت کوچیکی باهاتون دارم. ما اگه خیلی ابراز ها علاقه به سکس نشون میدیم بیشتر جنبه شوخی داره و ما اگه شمارو بخاطر سکس بخایم خب چه کاریه جنده استخدام میکنیم‌. ما شمارو بخاطر عشق و همدردی میخایم و برداشت الکی هم از حرفای ما نکنید. submitted by Aromatic_Trade3096 to Qdpay [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 05:40 VulturCustomKnives My latest work. Vultur Custom Knives.

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2022.01.25 05:40 nobody1234567876 Is the hype starting to die down for you?

Idk. The longer we wait the less I seem to care about HOTD.😭😭😂I mean there’s only so many times we can discuss the same things in the books before it gets old, and I think we’re getting to that point now.
When it does eventually come out, likely later this year, I’ll probably still watch it. I just am not excited anymore. They’ve given me nothing to be excited for lol Maybe it’s just me🤷🏽‍♂️
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2022.01.25 05:40 damnyou777 How does the one filming have no survival instinct?

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2022.01.25 05:40 KheroroSamuel TRUTH Social Site Will Use Silicon Valley Algorithms To 'Proactively' Suppress 'Hate Speech' And 'Bullying'

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2022.01.25 05:40 robert_cortese Could California get more conservative on crime, homeless issues this year? - Vallejo Times-Herald

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2022.01.25 05:40 kikogeva Ultramonsters question

Does Ultramonsters are close to something like Digimon or Pokemon because i see them being reused in multiple seasons both new era and showa
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2022.01.25 05:40 Crabvens Today my boy climbed into his bed after his book and song

We've recently had a rough few weeks doing night weaning cold turkey and CIO to encourage my 17month old to sleep through the night. We do the exact night routine every night now and have also moved but he has handled it so well.
I'm so proud of my boy, he sleeps through the night at least 80% of the time and when he doesn't he goes back to bed pretty easy. Tonight however was the biggest thing, when he had his feed, read his book, sung him his song while giving him cuddles, he gave me a big one, kiss on the cheek and climbed into his cot, lay down and reached for me to put his blanket on. Such a proud Mama!
Also finally getting some sleep, it does happen!
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2022.01.25 05:40 Educational-Let-1027 My wife is really upset after being publicly humiliated at work and I don’t know how to console her

I don’t want to give too many details about my wife’s job, but for her job, when there are new people, older employees (like my wife) are paired with newer employees to show them the ropes. My wife’s boss has an idealistic approach, calling it a big brothesister and little brothesister relationship. Usually men are with men and women with women. All of the older employees have to do it, regardless of if they want to or not. This pairing only is for a week, and for the most part, the “siblings” don’t have to speak to each other after.
My wife got an employee “Anna” (24F). My wife was very welcoming towards Anna, asking her what she liked to do for fun and things like that. Anna answered, but wasn’t super open.
There’s a welcome week for the new employees. The big brothers and sisters have to make costumes. Every day, there would be a new theme, such as Country themed, 80’s themed. My wife did the best she could with the costumes, but while sowing one of them, she hurt her hand and couldn’t do them. As a result, out of five days, she and Anna only dressed up for two out of five days. She told Anna they wouldn’t have enough costumes before, and Anna seemed to understand.
My wife has been crying because it’s been four months since welcome week, and she only just found out that Anna complained about her. Anna complained to the boss saying how she wanted another big sister. She said that she wasn’t having any fun, and how she felt cheated because other people had more and better costumes. The boss went around asking several of my wife’s coworkers asking for my wife to come talk to her (the boss couldn’t find my wife). Not only did she ask around for her, but she told everyone what happened. So now all of my wife’s coworkers know the story, and think that she didn’t go to the boss because she didn’t want to (my wife just found out today).
For the past eight hours, she’s been crying nonstop. She’s just been in the bathroom sobbing. She almost got into an accident driving home. I tried to talk to her and make her feel better, but it didn’t help much.
Tl;dr: wife got publicly humiliated at work and can’t stop crying
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2022.01.25 05:40 crazyjava18 Success story(long story- tldr- came out of my shell. Not a virgin anymore)

Hi everyone, so little introduction about me i’ve been a hugless, kissless 26 old year virgin till new years.I’m an indian who lives in canada but this happened in india.I also have psoriasis which if you know about it is not attractive

 Anyway my personality is similar to the nice guy in the book ‘no more mr nice guy’. So all my life i’ve never hit on women because I thought i was not worth it and also i’ve realized that i’m a dishonest person( mostly about my intentions) Everything started for me when i moved to a new house in January 2021. I had this incredible housemate who was beautiful, intelligent and we vibed a lot. She was the first person that i genuinely felt that i can live with all my life. I was not in a good place mentally and she shared her story about her struggles which helped me a lot and made me feel less lonely. Anyway as some of you may know where this is heading I developed a serious case oneitis for her. Which obviously led her distancing herself from me. I thought i was the worst person ever in this world because of that. I did a lot of things for her to like me back which when I think back make me cringe. I knew she was not interested but could not accept it. A year passed like that and at the end i moved cities and finally almost let my feelings for her go. So last year while my career was going no where and me working a minimum wage job, I finally got fed up and went to a doctor. I got diagnosed with depression and adhd. Adhd medication helped me a lot. I quit my job in walmart and worked as a cook (which i always wanted to do)and as host at the same place because i was afraid of talking to people( that job helped a lot). Anyway coming to the main point I promised myself that i would not be a virgin anymore and that i will be honest about my feelings. I came to india for vacation and immediately installed bumble. I got a number of matches and started texting them. I suck at texting but decided I decided am going text whatever i feel like irrespective of what the other person feels. 
And to my shock it worked. I hit of with two people. One was a doctor and other is a writer. I was honest with the doctor from the beginning and told her my story when it came up in our conversation. She liked me irrespective of all my baggage and i went to her house after our first date and well i go to her house regularly now and i’m still in contact with the writer but could not meet her because she is recovering from covid.
I know there’s a barge of text here and I didn’t come to the main point yet but that’s my point here. I didn’t do anything special. I don’t have an awesome body, i changed my hair style and just started wearing clothes that are little better fitting but that’s it( and i have freaking psoriasis). I just didn’t care anymore. I started being myself and being honest about my intentions and things worked out. I always thought i had to have everything perfect for women to like me but i was wrong. I just had to be myself.
I just wanted to post this because I thought I would be one the posters of foreveralone but if things changed for me then it can change for anyone. 
Also thank you to all the people who put so much effort in creating posts which help people like me.
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2022.01.25 05:40 Tricky_Display_1627 Lmdshow si...

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2022.01.25 05:40 JohnWayne2016 Spent $1500 to get my $400 bonus and then lost it in 20 min

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2022.01.25 05:40 MrCappadocia Seems weird to me that no one has figured out Deacon is the player's son, especially since it's right in front of you.

The Shaun you meet isn't Sean. It's a clone.
Take a good hard look at Shaun, and Deacon, or Johnny D. John.
Shaun and John. Sean being a variant of John. But so what?
Well, look at how both men fundamentally do the exact same thing throughout the entire game just in opposite... except where it comes to you.
They both surveil you, they both recruit you, they both seek to put you into positions of power very quickly. They both view you as a kind of inherent paragon of virtue and will always take your side.
They're the same age. Both are unbelievably brilliant and extremely competent.
One tells the truth by lying. The other lies by telling the truth.
One was raised by the institute and the other was discarded.
This weird Shaun/John dichotomy pops up all over the place. To the point of it being weird.
Shaun is the leader of the most powerful scientific organization on earth.
John Deacon. Deacon.. a Deacon is the lowest rank in the Church.
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2022.01.25 05:40 CameraOther2884 Princess Cassidy

Im sure many of u guys already know but in security breach game files th princess from princess quest is called cassidy so could it be that Cassidy freed Vanny due to her being connected to Williams mind therefor she was able to free Vanny from his control.Wich could mean that ultimate custom night takes place after fnaf pizzaria sim and Afton finnaly beat 50 20 mode releasing him from hell and allowing him to face of against Gregory.
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2022.01.25 05:40 FallCompetitive7976 25-January I am still here

It is 25-January 08:40. I am relieved.
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2022.01.25 05:40 Revivous NRL 2022 Coaching clipboard sessions: Justin Holbrook on Gold Coast’s tough questions

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2022.01.25 05:40 Jankenbrau “What about robes? I put you on robes.”

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2022.01.25 05:40 stockinvest-us ONEW: Signal Alert - Undervalued identified

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2022.01.25 05:40 DeadPrateRoberts First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining (live, 2014)

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2022.01.25 05:40 vrokkoli Welcome $WISH investors. Last couple of months were hell of a ride. Can’t see any sign of light from this deep cave that we are in. Believe it or not, I’m still confident about where we will head to. I don’t know how soon we will get there but eventually we will get there.

As many of our investors, including myself, are getting tired of the roller coaster ride, I decided to make a story art dedicated to $WISH that might give joy to our team. Every episode will be related to the news of WISH. The story will go along with the stock movement. I will release a new episode whenever I can. I hope you enjoy it.
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2022.01.25 05:40 rustoo Students who went through vocational training enjoyed a wage premium into their thirties

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2022.01.25 05:40 Gramaticidio Pessoal daqui fala muito sobre ele, então fiz uma homenagem a ele, espero que gostem e press F to pay respect.

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2022.01.25 05:40 equinoxDE eSim in Swiss

I have a salt Sim card and i wanted a eSim for my phone but seems like they charge CHF 59, which is preposterous. Do other telecom companies also charge the same amount for eSim ?
my idea is to migrate the number to another telecom and get a esim if that is cheaper.
what would you suggest ?
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2022.01.25 05:40 Ryan_Lim Does the university of the guy matters (plays a role) to a girl when it comes to dating?

Firstly, apologies if this does not belongs here.
With a degree being a "necessity" & university graduates getting common (Be it public or private uni), I'm wondering if girls would steer clear from guys from a "lousier" uni (than them)?
Say in a local context, would a girl (undergrad/degree holder from any uni) prefer dating a guy that is from a more "prestigious sounding" uni (Big 3 over the Small 3/private) for whatever preconceived notion/cognitive bias there may be? (i.e. Guys from the Big 3 is smarter, earns more, better future, etc.)
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