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Automatic changing wallpapers

2022.01.23 12:17 Nasser_b Automatic changing wallpapers

Does anybody know how to find which app keeps changing my wallpapers for my lockscreen and cover display?
It's only happening with my outer display; main display stays on the wallpapers I set. TIA
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2022.01.23 12:17 aldricchang Last Week to Play Hellsweeper's Alpha Demo + Some Sneak Peeks!

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2022.01.23 12:17 seekingbeta Parent’s house burned down in Middlesex

My parent’s house burned down in Middlesex last week, everyone made it out safe but it has been pretty devastating for them. Thought I would share some more info.
Here’s an article about it: https://www.timesargus.com/news/local/mutual-aid-works-in-middlesex-fire/article_de1bc3f9-4ff1-5fe5-8401-fdf1f97b6afa.html
Here’s a link to a gofundme a friend setup for them: https://www.gofundme.com/f/house-fire-finances?
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2022.01.23 12:17 Complete_Camera5022 Am I just deeply annoying?

I live with my parents. When my father is in the house, I hid in my room and refuse to do anything. When my siblings are in the house, I hid in my room and refuse to do anything. I don't know why and is starting to believe what everyone is telling me: that I'm just annoying. I stay mostly in my room all day and night, only going out when there's no one. In my room, I can't do anything but read because I'm listening to what the people in the house are doing, are saying. Hence, I almost never do the work I need to do, I never do what I need to do. Is it normal or am I just troublesome?
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2022.01.23 12:17 bigjahsir My 15’ R/T this morning 🔥

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2022.01.23 12:17 AdamA9403 What happened to the weekly updates?

I am part of a server where we get announcements and dev updates for the game, but the last dev update we got was on the 24th December, number #70.
Have the dev updates stopped, or is u/damidev0 forgetting to publish them for other servers? I’m not in the main server so I don’t know.
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2022.01.23 12:17 MrSpartanken Love her

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2022.01.23 12:17 boattailcharlie Decided to play some prop hunt, I honestly can't tell if this is cheating or dumb luck

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2022.01.23 12:17 AndrewHeard The pleasure in not understanding a language can be awesome

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2022.01.23 12:17 myboogerstastespicy TWoP Recap: ROL S2E8

Unedited; questionable language
Previously: Bret promised to find and take out any of the girls who were there for the "wrong reasons." I'm assuming that the "right" reason is that they want to legitimately devote themselves to Bret Michaels, which is, in its own way, very, very wrong. It's an upside-down world, isn't it? Ambre turned on her roommate Kristy Joe, starting a rivalry that can only be resolved in a kiddie pool full of pudding. The girls work out, and Ambre worries that her life is going to be hell now that she exposed Kristy Joe for the train wreck that she is. She has to step up her game, she says. The thing is that everyone is always stepping up their game -- if we are to believe their interviews, that is -- so they all end up evening out. For her part, Kristy Joe is fixated on Bret saying, at the last elimination, that he hopes that her effort at being "real" isn't too little too late. She's not in the best state of mind today. As compared to every other day, when her state of mind is totally lucid. You can always tell where Kristy Joe is on the Complete Fucking Mess Scale by how much makeup she's wearing. When the eyebrows are totally gone, watch out. Kristy Joe is realizing -- for the 112th time in three weeks -- that she really has a lot of shit back home to deal with. So, she calls her second husband. He asks how everything is going. He totally thinks she's on, like, What Not to Wear or Celebrity Rehab or something. (He doesn't know she's not a celebrity.) She tells him that a lot of stuff that they went through started surfacing, and he doesn't know what that means. After a long pause, Kristy Joe says that she has a really strong connection with Bret. Husband 2 asks if this means that they're going ahead with the divorce. Kristy Joe thinks they should. Husband 2 sounds surprised. Maybe his first clue that things weren't going so well should have been that restraining order she's always prattling on about? Husband 2 thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and can't believe that the first call he gets from her in weeks has her saying that she wants to get a divorce. What I think is ridiculous is that the litmus test do determine if their relationship is going to work is whether she finds love on a VH1 reality show. They couldn't make it a joint effort and go on Temptation Island, at least? Husband 2 is peeved. Kristy Joe interviews that she didn't want to do this over the phone, but calling her second husband and telling him she wants the divorce for real is her way of telling the world that she's there for Bret, and loves Bret, and is ready to move on with her life. Such as it is. Also, did she not intimate that she was maaaaybe a little further along in the divorce process than this phone call would intimate? Cut to Bret, who tells us that he had a lot on his mind with regard to the crazies in the house and so did what any normal man would do -- ran far and fast. In a fast car, by the looks of it! Bret says his hair follicles are too old for working. I say his hair follicles are too young to look-a like this. Bret Mail! "Good morning my sexy six / I want a woman who gets my soul / And loves a life of rock n' roll / Today I will test your creative side / Use my lyrics as your guide / Love, Bret." Kristy Joe tells us that she realized she needed to talk to Bret and tell him she's not going to back to her ex. However, she can't find him. Don't worry, Kristy Joe. He ain't got no plans, he ain't going nowhere. He'll be back. Ambre sees an emotional Kristy Joe and tells her to pull it together. Ambre interviews that she's sick of Kristy Joe's crazy fluctuating emotions. Kristy Joe confides to Ambre that she had a conversation with her soon-to-be ex-husband and told him there's no hope for their relationship. Ambre is pretty surprised 1) that Kristy Joe did this over the phone; 2) that she hadn't done it already, like, before coming on the show. I know! Jerk. Ambre is at a loss, and wonders what the fuck is going on. She wants Bret to see the true Kristy Joe that she sees, and she says to Kristy Joe's face that it's no wonder that Bret doesn't trust her. Indeed, the evidence tells us that Kristy Joe is not a trusty ho. Big John gathers the ladies together, and Bret tells them that today they're going to do something insanely awesome: make two music videos for two of his songs. One song is called "Go That Far," and the other is a "beautiful ballad" called "Fallen." Anything that these skanks come up with has to be better than that video where he's standing in the middle of a road wearing a wig, right? Bret introduces them to music video director Dean Karr, who will help them. There will be two teams. One girl on each team will be the creative director. The creative director for the winning team will get a solo date with Bret, while the other two participants will get a group date. They get three hours to shoot and edit the video. Team A is Jessica, Destiney, and Daisy. Jessica interviews that she's thankful she doesn't have to work with "that crabby ho, Kristy Joe." Destiney will be the creative director for this team, which will shoot the video for "Go That Far." This of course leaves Ambre, Megan and Kristy Joe as Team B, making a video for "Fallen." Ambre begs to be the creative director, and the others allow it. The teams plan their videos. Having the ballad, Ambre notes that it's pretty convenient that they have a team member who cries all the time. Kristy Joe thinks that the lyrics reflect her own internal struggle and is ready to show some emotion. Destiney, meanwhile, notes that she's trying to be a good creative director and leader, but it's hard when someone on your team is trying to take over. That person is Daisy, whose video storyline involves going to a strip club and having a good time. You can't say that she doesn't know her target audience. Back at Team B, the concept is being worked out so that Kristy Joe lies in bed and cries all day. Megan notes that this isn't too much of a stretch for her. Team A starts their filming, and Jessica tells us that Daisy is the worst camerawoman in the world. Her advice? "Seriously, pretend like it's a big cock and focus." Hee! I love the new, salty Jessica. Ambre films Kristy Joe in bed and can't keep her hand steady. Megan tells us that she was hyperventilating and gasping for air. As she's an old lady, this didn't surprise Megan at all. Jessica acknowledges that her team is monopolizing Dean's attention, but that it's obviously much more fun to hang out with them than to watch Kristy Joe crying all day. Ambre thinks that she might not even need Dean's help, because she has such a strong vision. She gives herself kudos after filming a shot of Kristy Joe racing down the stairs in a negligee. Daisy, meanwhile, gives herself kudos for being able to swing around a pole. Hey, everybody's got a special kind of story. Everybody finds a way to shine. Jessica tells us that Destiney has done jack for their team, while Megan tells us that, despite what she thinks, Ambre is not the next Martin Scorsese. Ambre, like, brings herself to tears after filming a shot of Megan slamming down the phone. It's pretty moving stuff, for sure. Who knew Ambre was such an auteur? Editing time! Destiney loves her team's sexy, dynamic video. Ambre's team, meanwhile, is facing some time pressures and technical difficulties. Basically, Ambre's video is so bad that it freezes up the computer that her team is working on, and/or Kristy Joe's stupid face broke it. Daisy, meanwhile, is giving a lot of feedback about the editing process and is overjoyed to learn that they can edit in clips of Bret. For, like, the third time, Ambre tells us that she's sweating. I mean, I feel her, but some knowledge should be kept private. Destiney and her team get on their editor's damn nerves as they all simultaneously yell different things that they want. Dean yells at both teams to stop, and everyone looks stressed. It's time to watch the videos! "Fallen" will be up first. Ambre is concerned that the other team's video is going to be super sexy, and of course that will appeal to Bret more. The "Fallen" video is pretty hilarious. Kristy Joe is sad in bed, tossing and turning. Megan, wearing only underwear, tries to coax her to have some fun, and then throws a pillow at her when she's denied. That's actually kind of realistic. And then Megan, still in her underwear, talks angrily to someone on the phone. And soon Kristy Joe comes running down the stairs and opens the door, where a mystery person hands her a red carnation. Ah, carnations, the flowers of discount love and gas station impulse buys. Nothing says "I love you" like the flower you get along with a pack of Marlboros, $20 worth of unleaded, and a Super Slim Jim. As Kristy Joe smiles, the video goes from black and white to color, almost as if a house had fallen on her head and only her feet were left poking out. Fin. The video gets a round of applause, and Bret tells Team B that they did a good job. Kristy Joe hopes that Bret realizes that the video shows her true feelings. Barf. Next we have the "Go That Far" video." In it, Jessica basically goes from whorish schoolgirl to full-on lesbo stripper whore under the tutelage of Daisy and Destiney. It's autobiographical. We also learn that "Go That Far" is the song from whence the Rock of Love theme comes. Who knew there was more to it than backstage passes and limousines? Bret, who applied his eyeliner with a basting brush today, says that the whole thing was very nice. After seeing Team A's video, Ambre thinks that their stripping, bisexual antics are a lock for the win. Bret tells both teams that they gave a great effort. He thinks that the "Go That Far" video is extremely sexy and cool, but he understands the concept of the "Fallen" video better. And the winner is "Fallen"! Ambre is psyched. She'll go on her solo date with Bret tonight, and tomorrow Kristy Joe and Megan will get their date. Kristy Joe is happy, but still wants to talk to Bret and get her issues hashed out. Again. Destiney is pissed that stupid skank Kristy Joe gets another date with Bret. As she fixes dinner, she screams about how unfair it is that Kristy Joe is even still there, since she already packed her bags, like, three times. Kristy Joe is like MRSA. She enters and Destiney screams at her for a while before leaving. Kristy Joe is pretty cool about it all, I have to say, and just ignores her without crying or screaming back or anything. As Kristy Joe leaves the kitchen, a really haggard looking Daisy sarcastically says, "Have fun on your date tomorrow." Crappy Joe, she tells us, doesn't deserve to win. She wants her to take her shit -- which is already packed -- and fucking go. Daisy bawls at the breakfast nook. Meanwhile, Ambre's date happens in Bret's room! You know what that means. They have some food set up on, like, a magic carpet on the floor. Bret is totally about to take her over, sideways, and under. Ambre has butterflies, and it feels good. Bret tells us that if you want true love, you have to experience both the body and the soul. So, he has a special guest to help him find out about Ambre's soul. It is Satish Dholakia, an eastern master healer. Can you, like, get a certification in Eastern Master Healing? An EMH degree, as it is commonly known? When Ambre first sees Satish, she wonders if they're going to have to have a threesome together. A threesome of psychic healing, that is. They all breathe and close their eyes and try to find peace together. Satish says something about God playing music through them, and Bret gets a little confused. Satish, holding both of their hands, has the feeling that Ambre and Bret have known each other since the 12th century. Bret asks Ambre how old she is. HA! He thinks she's 900. Ambre says that she's 32. Satish needs to call some cosmic bullshit on that. Kristy Joe, meanwhile, still wants to talk to Bret. She's frustrated. So, she goes and knocks on Bret's door, just as Satish is telling Bret and Ambre that God is not an accountant. If he were, though, he would get you the biggest fucking tax refund you've ever seen. God knows about the write-off. Anyway, Kristy Joe is totally interrupting Bret's peace of mind, much to his chagrin. Bret tells us that she's very hot, but very annoying. But mostly hot. Well, so much for the enlightenment. He tells her that they can talk after the date, but in the meantime he's going to do something really beautiful for her. He sends Satish up to clean Kristy Joe's chakras or put some crystals on her non-existent eyebrows or something. Ambre, meanwhile, is pissed that Krusty Ho is interrupting her solo date. Kristy Joe meets with Satish, who asks her if she's seen a sad tree or a frustrated ocean or a crazy mountain. Kristy Joe interviews, "What the fuck did you just say?" I'm with Kristy Joe on this one. He asks if she knows that the whole existence is celebrating. Well, the other girls in the house are not celebrating, and that's because they hate Kristy Joe. You can banish her to crazy mountain if you want to, but the fact remains. Satish wants Kristy to join the party. Kristy just kind of laughs. Meanwhile, Ambre and Bret lie in bed fully clothed and smooch. Bret tells us that Ambre is without question the best kisser in the house, and he's feeling very emotionally connected to her right now. He expresses that connection by asking her if she feels like making a porno. Ah, romance. After the porno is made, Bret invites Kristy Joe to come down and see him. Jessica, Daisy, and Destiney are pissed that once again Kristy Joe is in Bret's room "working the magic." Kristy Joe tells Bret about her conversation with Husband 2, and how she's starting the process of the divorce. Bret has a quick take, and interviews that this is unbelievable, and means that Kristy Joe lied about when the relationship with her husband ended. Kristy Joe tells Bret that she'll always be honest with him. Except for all the times, like, 2 days ago when she wasn't. Jessica, Daisy, and Destiney sit on the stairs and weep, thinking that Bret has made his decision in Kristy Joe's favor. Bret asks Kristy Joe if there's anything else she wants to tell him, and she smiles as she says, "Other than I'm falling in love with you? Nope." Satish needs some Lysol to clean Kristy Joe's chakras, man. Bret tells us that he has absolute, heartfelt feelings for Kristy Joe, but he's a little confused. On one hand he thinks that she is really falling in love with him, but on the other he's not sure that she knows what she wants. She wants a lobotomy if you ask me. Kristy Joe emerges from Bret's room and passes the Bitches of Yeastwick on the stairs. They hate her more than ever and try to put a hex on her by using the power of their collective fake parts. Big John delivers Bret Mail. "Megan and Kristy Joe / Your video moves left me spellbound / Sexy scenes with a rockin' sound / I want to take you to the top / For a special date that may never, ever stop." Megan is not excited about sharing her date with Kristy Joe and says that she'll make Bret spend equal time with her. Megan allows Kristy Joe to enter the limo first, which causes Big John to say, "Age before beauty." He hates Krusty Ho, too! The girls head to the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach, where they first have some food. Bret isn't sure how he's going to deal with Kristy Joe, but his strategy is to keep it cool and light. Megan capitalizes on this by straddling Bret and mauling him as Kristy Joe is, like, eating her sandwich. She has to get up and leave. Once Kristy Joe is gone, Megan tells Bret that she hasn't spent much time with him and wants to be serious first. What does that even mean? I think this was some editing hack job rather than Megan's own dimness, but who knows. She tells Bret not to look away, and he replies that he's not looking away, he's looking at her tits. He is for sure a prince among men. Sometimes I kind of like Bret a little and I feel bad for making so much fun of his eyeliner and toolishness and follicular challenges. And then moments like these come along, and I remember that I'm doing a public service. Bret hasn't made a real connection with Megan but is happy to suck face with her for as long as it takes. Which, by the looks of it, is a really long time. Bret finally remembers that Kristy Joe is on this date too and goes to get her from the lobby. She tells him that everyone in the house thinks she's crazy. He says, "Thinks, or knows?" She admits that she's a little bit crazy. Kristy Joe then tells Bret that she doesn't like him. That might be the first rational thing she's said all season. The whole thing is really awkward, and Bret tells us that he doesn't know what to make of her. Megan comes back to the table, telling Bret that she missed him too much to stay away. Megan is happy that Kristy Joe is mad. They return home, and Bret huddles in his room to make his decision about tonight's elimination. Kristy Joe enters her bedroom, and Ambre wants to talk to her. She's still mad about how Kristy Joe interrupted her date with Bret, right as she was about to get a reference for the universe's best accountant. Kristy Joe, already distraught about her date, just freaks out on Ambre. She tells Ambre she basically doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks about her, except for Bret. Ambre tells Kristy Joe not to fucking raise her voice at her. Kristy Joe is sorry that Ambre can't handle the truth. Ambre yells that the truth is that Kristy Joe is a hot tranny mess. Kristy Joe says that she's stressed out to no end, and she deals with her stress by becoming Madame Wackadoo. Ambre is pretty much done with Kristy Joe and says that she's sick of her fucking with Bret and everyone else. So, punch the ho in the throat and take flight on her. I really have no other advice to offer at this point. Kristy Joe thinks that Ambre is messing with her head and wants it to stop. Eliminations! Destiney is nervous of her status as the losing creative director for the video. Kristy Joe is a big fucking mess, and also wears a cooter-skimming dress. Bret gets right down to it. First called is mostly sane 900 years old Ambre. She's very excited. Then there's hot Daisy, with whom Bret has a spiritual connection. She's solidly planning on staying and rocking his world. Next called is newly sexy Jessica, who is very relieved. Next is Destiney. Megan is confused at how Bret could gaze at her tits for so long yet put her in the bottom two. Bret tells the girls that he had a really hard decision to make. He asks Kristy Joe to come to him. He holds her hand and says that they've had a roller coaster of a relationship, and that she's tried to leave him more times than someone he'd been with for eight years. However, he really cares about her and feels a connection. There is one thing Bret needs to know from Kristy Joe -- would she continue to stay in the house and rock his world? Kristy Joe starts crying, and Bret asks her again if she wants to stay in the house. Megan can't believe that Bret is leaving her fate in Kristy Joe's gnarled, wart-ridden hands. Kristy Joe says that she has a lot of stuff to take care of at home. Bret asks if he couldn't help her take care of that. I am so sure that he would be a HUGE help in Kristy Joe's life matters. Bret interviews that he has all the intention in the world of keeping Kristy Joe in the house, but he doesn't want to force her to be there. He wants her to want to be there. And then! Kristy Joe says that she needs to go home and take care of her business. She makes it sound like she hasn't pooped for three weeks. Which, she probably hasn't.
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2022.01.23 12:17 hands---free DIVIDE | DIVIDE: At first the left hand is stationary. The right hand comes down an inch or two and contacts the left hand. Then both hands move downward and to the sides.

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2022.01.23 12:17 my_eep3 Architects (building) of Reddit - how much emphasis (resources) do you place on your digital presence (website, social media, etc) and why?

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2022.01.23 12:17 Due_Belt6799 New developments

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2022.01.23 12:17 SirDavidAttenbor0ugh Evergoods Civic Access Pouch 2L + Aer City Pack

Anyone have both of these and can confirm whether the Civic Access Pouch will fit into the bottom of the main compartment in the Are City Pack?
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2022.01.23 12:17 just_abhi99 Looking for a better among us experience? Come play in non-pub lobbies! (Discord server)

(16+,fully sfw,no-mic)Hello, we are a fairly active and friendly among us community. People are nice and welcoming and free from toxicity. We play frequently mostly with no-mic(in game freechat) but its veryy fun. Need more friends to join and populate the lobbies!!
If you are looking for decent among us players to make friends and play regularly with, do give this server a try, you will love it!!
We are also starting to dip hands in the new goose goose duck game which is really fun and similar to among us.
The server is strictly sfw and we ensure that the vibes remain positive and friendly. Hope to see you there :D
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2022.01.23 12:17 Llarimar Disney confirms Sixth of the Dusk movie

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2022.01.23 12:17 kingsacrifice don’t look up it’s pr0nogruffy

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2022.01.23 12:17 whicky1978 Anything but that

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2022.01.23 12:17 italiansallion Requesting r/Levi’s, currently inactive

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2022.01.23 12:17 Mustachioed_Pizza But it helped, didn't it?

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2022.01.23 12:17 relaxeverynight_20 Thunder and Rain on Road to Sleep Fast, Sleep Well, Study, ASMR

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2022.01.23 12:17 hurricanemod Cedar High School inducts 4 more into Athletic Hall of Fame

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2022.01.23 12:17 Joey9932657 LEDGER LIVE VS LEGER LIVE PC

Does anyone know why i can't see my Saitama on ledger live pc, but can see on ledger live app on phone?
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2022.01.23 12:17 Desperate-Ant-2341 Predestination is evil.

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2022.01.23 12:17 pattysal External HDD to store pictures from Android Phone/SD Card

I am getting my sister an external HDD to store all her pictures on. She has some SD cards and and Android (Samsung) phone but no PC or laptop. I've always had a PC so I am not familiar with transferring pictures directly to a HDD. Is there a particular type of HDD that excels at this? Or is there a particular program that is needed to do this?
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