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How long does a trimmed live stream video stay in processing?

2022.01.23 13:24 ExoFury How long does a trimmed live stream video stay in processing?

So.. I did a live stream of about 5h and after that I trimmed some parts of it. Now its in processing for almost 24h. Is it normal or is bugged or something?
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2022.01.23 13:24 ContentForager2 Multiple Covid positive patients calling in today to see if the new Pfizer drug to treat Covid is available yet but won’t get a vaccine by the same company. I can’t even wrap my brain around it. (/r/ontario)

Multiple Covid positive patients calling in today to see if the new Pfizer drug to treat Covid is available yet but won’t get a vaccine by the same company. I can’t even wrap my brain around it. (/ontario) submitted by ContentForager2 to mistyfront [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 13:24 ResearcherBubbly2671 Did not know the statue of Zeus did that

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2022.01.23 13:24 mhw619 A. Vulgare Magic potions and orange Dalmatians

What is the difference between the Japanese line and the USA line for magic potions? Some people say that the USA line is also know as orange Dalmatian, is this true or are they separate morphs? If they are separate morphs what would happen if you had Japanese mp, USA mp, and orange Dalmatians in the same enclosure? I was looking in my mp bin today and I’m pretty sure I have something other than Japanese magic potion
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2022.01.23 13:24 LilaKat16 First time dying hair need advice

Hello I’m thinking about dying my hair blue/black I have dark brown curly virgin hair with red undertones and I think that blue/black (raven black) hair would be the easiest to maintain for me personally and after doing research I’m deciding to go with color brilliance midnight blue/black but I need advice on if I should use permanent color brilliance or simi permanent ironically enough I’m 16 and in cosmetology classes but we haven’t gotten to the color section so definitely would like some advice here Lol also should I use developer? I don’t think I’ll need to bleach my hair considering I’m going darker and not lighter ?
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2022.01.23 13:24 MoJoTuck Have Y'all read EVGA's anti-consumer limited warranty for their clc AIOs?

If you ever think about purchasing an EVGA CLC, go read that Corpo wet dream of a warranty. It will make you think three times about purchasing one of those CLCs.
It will also make you think twice about EVGA being a good company.
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2022.01.23 13:24 AllisonDevil Question about the HOA ending

Is there a way to have Rachel be the only one who makes it to the surface? I know you can kill everyone but her when the eclipse happens but I wanna see what she says when everyone else is dead
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2022.01.23 13:24 Hot_Photograph5227 Anyone want to join discard server

It has about 300 members but like 20 are active
Yes yes? They are very funny but everyone is busy nowaways so I need more people to cum join
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2022.01.23 13:24 Marissa_slayed Trading Mona starter acc

Ar: 10 NA server Must be willing to use a trusted MM You can ask if you want more info :) Taking offers
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2022.01.23 13:24 JeOhnSon FanDuel Incorrectly Suspended My Account - Any Recourse?

After NFL wild card weekend, FanDuel suspended my account for detected suspicious activity. This resulted in myself submitting a ticket to their Accounts Team and sharing requested documentation. Fast forward to this past Friday, I received a response indicating that my account is linked to 33 different devices in the same geographic area ultimately resulting in them closing my account based on their rationale that I am working with others to conceal my net worth or betting patterns from them.
Their decision caught me by surprise as I am a long-time user of both applications and only only ever logged into my account on either my PC or cell phone. I also have not shared my account information with others so I initially thought I was being hacked. That said, my account balance they plan to refund me is exactly the same as when I last looked so it feels less like someone is hacking my account and more like the system is incorrectly flagging my account.
Is there any recourse for escalating within FanDuel's support system to talk directly to a supervisor or get more transparency into what they are seeing? I have shared my concerns with their Accounts Team but have not received any additional information so I'm wondering what remaining options (if any) I have.
Thanks for reading and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.23 13:24 Rabbiv Join Visible (Verizon MVNO), get your first month for $5 - Unlimited data, minutes and texts - 5G Ready!💸💸💵

Join Visible (Verizon MVNO), get your first month for $5 - Unlimited data, minutes and texts - 5G Ready!💸💸💵
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2022.01.23 13:24 dbzonepiecenaruto anyone wanna listen to my long highschool "love" story 💀gxg...

coz i'm bored lol so this was yrs ago like in 2014 when i started high school (hs). i walked into it not expecting much but u know just being a normal person starting anew, wanting to make friends and get good grades. holy shit everything started on the first day tho and then our weird-ass bond lasted till the end of hs which was like 5yrs...
i don't remember all the details since it was so long ago but basically, it was the first day, first class was music class. we went around in a big circle singing and clapping rhythmically introducing our names. while doing so, i noticed there was this white girl with blondish brown hair opposite from me staring at me with those big beautiful blue eyes, giggling, smiling and staring at me still even after I've finished saying my name and it was the next person's turn... i was a bit embarrassed coz no one rlly pays much attention to me, a little asian girl. oh yeah, i was the only asian there btw in a class of like 24. I tried to ignore her and acted normal coz i thought maybe she thought i was weird being overly happy, ugly, there was something on my face or maybe she's never had an asian in her classes b4 coz this was in australia. not many asians in schools i went to anyways.
so, she made the biggest impression on me that first day. in the first week, she was rlly trying to talk with me, wanting to see me smile and high-fiving me. i was rlly innocent back then and shy ig? didn't know how to react. she was like extroverted and wanted me to open up?? i honestly dk why she wanted to see me smile. I've smiled b4 and she's seen it but yeah, weirdo. that's wut i thought, i thought she was weird and obsessed lol for wut reason?? i couldn't figure it out? i'm not pretty, had the simplest hairstyle, nerd-like, no make-up or fashion sense. i could honestly been a victim of bullying.
but i ended up falling for her. she encouraged/complimented me so many times like when i was doing speeches, playings sports, also initiated small talk and skinship. i was like why me? i was the unpopular quiet girl and u're this popular pretty girl that I've soon realised. there was another asian in her homeroom class but she doesn't do the things she does with me to her?? so wut's so special about me? had lots of bfs... one time, she was about to kiss a guy and was looking straight at me and giggled. like wth. but yeah, it became like a normal crush where i wanted to look perfect everyday. it was so tiring to maintain my high grades, not make mistakes and make a fool out of myself. i did embarrass myself a few times in front of her and i was so scared she would lose interest in me. yeah ik she didn't say she had a crush on me but it was pretty obvious. we knew we had something but just didn't say anything. we just let our little interactions speak. for example, we were assigned seats next to each other in this one science class. well, it was a table of 3, and a guy was at the end, she was in the middle and there was me. we shared my textbook coz they didn't bring it lol i gave it to her so we can all look. she was sandwiched together with me casually resting my head on my hand. i knew wut i was doing hehehehe. while we quietly read through, i saw her face flushed and she suddenly said she needed to go out and get a drink. did i get too close XD on days i complimented her back and did wut she did to me just coz i didn't wanna be a stiff unresponsive statue. i think my friends knew smth was up as time went by. knew how this girl was giving me special treatment. hopefully not lol. also she does this thing. she's like "hey is there anything in my eyes" first time yeah ok, u just want me to check. no biggy. but then she kept asking me the same question for like an additional 5 times throughout the semester. at that point, i just knew she wanted me to look into her eyes coz she prolly knew how gorgeous her eyes were and wanted me to fall in deeper. it worked >.>
in the last 2 yrs of hs, everything changed. the vibes... everything. we had our own electives, we couldn't be in the same classes anymore. u'd think "oh, that's no problem" and think that we've exchanged numbers already. HA, nope. we stayed as strangers in a sense even tho we were sending all these hints/signals to each other coz we didn't want to make something out of it u know. we both knew we were straight and it was the norm. we still had feelings for each other but it was like competition on her side mostly wanting to impress me. she wanted to try and be better than me or she was growing out of it. we were maturing u know. so, we began speaking with our eyes from afar. this was something special and weird to me. schools r huge right? yet we somehow manage to find each other. whenever i look at her, she was already looking me and vice versa. we catch each other looking. we knew where to look to meet each other's eyes constantly for some reason. i thought it was scary as hell but never got tired of it omg. one time i was walking with my friend and saw her looking at me from under a shady area under this huge assembly building block like 40m away. and the thing is i could still recognise her even tho i couldn't see her face clearly. i just knew it was her with her tall friend beside her. we also managed to memorise the way to each other's classes and we would make eye contact when passing by, not always or else it would be super weird. she still tried to make me jealous and played with my feelings. she knew i was soft and so i had to stay indifferent and act like i never liked her. i sometimes think that maybe she didn't mean anything and was just teasing me all this time. maybe i'm the weirdo...
yeah, just never had something like this happen to me b4. it's like straight out of a drama u can literally play love songs or emotional sad bgm and it would fit every scene. very very minimal interactions during those last 2 yrs. we parted ways after graduation like it was nothing, after everything we've been thru and the things she did to me (pure torture). i looked at her silently one last time as she walked away with her friends, like saying goodbye afraid i'll never see her again except when i was in uni... 1yr later... we accidentally bumped into each other. we caught up trying not to remember the past. i legit acted like she was just an acquaintance. she hugged me for the first time and i was trying not to fangirl. we talked but i cut her off coz my bus was coming. ik it was bitchy but she literally ruined my life temporarily by making me think about her 24/7 back then that i nearly failed one of my subjects so i still hated her and not just that oh man there r more reasons. basically, i just don't wanna see her again for my own good. but i will never forget the memories and the things she made me feel~ and same for her i'm sure...
But yeah, timeskip to now after 2 more yrs. haven't seen again and prolly never will. she left such an impact on me i still have dreams about her from time to time. i could remember everything about her, how my first everything was with a girl like going thru wut it's like to have a crush and to the fullest etc and the way she made me feel betrayed also -.- then again, i was the one waiting for her to make the moves most of the time haha and i never rlly did much back
ok going to sleep now
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2022.01.23 13:24 DarkvibeUA How is it

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2022.01.23 13:24 Nekomatagami There was a meme here about gaming, but I cannot find it now. It was about Toxic players going to hell or something. Have some help finding this comic?

Can anyone help me find it? It was like a week ago or something of this month (January). I remember what the comic was like. The guy was like, why am I in hell? It was because he was toxic and calling people "fking noobs".

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2022.01.23 13:24 _Not__Sure__ C-Money Sailing Academy has left port

C-Money Sailing Academy has left port An intrepid looking crew its to bad when the shit starts happening like dimwit Doug failing overboard we will not hear about it. For some reason i have the theme from Gilligan's island playing in my head
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2022.01.23 13:24 Old_Truth6995 AAYU BANA POLICE OFFICER | Short Movie Moral Story | Pretend Play | Aayu and Pihu Show

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2022.01.23 13:24 easydfs EasyDFS - NFL January 23rd DraftKings DFS Cash + GPP Cores, Picks, and Budget Players

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2022.01.23 13:24 itzadiks I drew light and ryuk

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2022.01.23 13:24 Important-Outcome-74 My friends absolute unit.

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2022.01.23 13:24 Ansey_Nadel Stickers or no stickers on your laptop?

Stickers or no stickers on your laptop? submitted by Ansey_Nadel to razer [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 13:24 Rhaegar0 No place for hobgoblins

So I was looking at the map and I feel the map design leaves very little room for the hobgoblin kyanite. And to be honest I don't see ind and nippon happening either. What are peoples thoughts on this?
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2022.01.23 13:24 bobrandt Kureze Effect Aarhus - the Formation / Phase 1

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2022.01.23 13:24 Hckingservices5664 Hello everyone, I’m a social media hacker , I can hack Snapchat , Instagram , Facebook , Twitter accounts and more . Message me for more information £$

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2022.01.23 13:24 UruhaRushiaNanodesu When Bully Maguire bullies someone

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2022.01.23 13:24 Sunconure11 Does anyone have a way of loading custom biomes from a datapack?

Just what it says on the tin. I made a custom biome, but I cannot get it to load in a world. This is on 1.18.1, keep that in mind. I also need something not too intrusive on a world, as this data pack was also created for a modded scenario, where biomes added by mods exist.
Data in question:
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