Why yall have so many friends???

2022.01.23 12:08 DndAccount1326 Why yall have so many friends???

Seriously though, what the hell. I barely know 3 people to play with daily. How is it every single fucking team I engage solo is a 3-4stack ? I can drop 2 with my ratstrat but needing to reload kills me everytime.
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2022.01.23 12:08 ogchowdhury New airdrop

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2022.01.23 12:08 3spree_1 when my mom doesn't let us get McDonald'sπŸ₯²

when my mom doesn't let us get McDonald'sπŸ₯²
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2022.01.23 12:08 Wisd_Om What quality do you think you posses which may not be present in the rest of the Earth's populace?

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2022.01.23 12:08 imreallyaddicted Grown man yelling at and assaulting a teenage girl over a smoothie

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2022.01.23 12:08 Harun-_- BBL closes out the first map with this spray transfer from QutionerX

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2022.01.23 12:08 freeguy9 Watch this cool edit of Moon Knight aka Oscar Issac.Do like,comment,share and subscribe if you loved the edit.

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2022.01.23 12:08 noodleq After buying resource crates from merchant alliance, where do they go?

They don't seem to appear on the dock, they aren't in my boat and obviously not in my hands, so where are they?
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2022.01.23 12:08 JustAMule5868 H:weapon bundle (5:1) W: explosive energy legacy

Aa/e/90 minigun
Aa/e/25 lmg
B/ff25 handmade
J/e/90 lmg
Ts/fffr gat plas
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2022.01.23 12:08 kalesalad69420 advice for dating with mental illness

My bf and I have been dating for 9 months, and things have been great imo. I mean I struggle with depression and other mental illnesses that put a strain on our relationship but I thought we were doing okay. To my surprise we got in a discussion last night where he was thinking of ending our relationship because my depression can really bring him down.
I really don’t know what to do. He says he just wants me to be happy but I know that I will be living with this my whole life and our standards of β€œhappy” are different. We both love each other but I just worry I unload too much on him. What really hurt is when he said he thought our relationship was equally good and bad times. idk I thought it was more like 75/25 good to bad.
I just want some advice because I know my mental illness can bring him down and makes me unavailable to support him.
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2022.01.23 12:08 LAKIOT [WTS] Panerai submersible

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2022.01.23 12:08 FudgeAtron Is the DEath Toll Relevant?

I'm typically quite confused as to why those with no relation to the conflict become heavily invested in it. One metric which I feel is either overstated or exaggerated is the death toll. Often times I see claims that Israel is massacring Palestinians, these claims are often very alarmist and and imply that if urgent action does not occur there will be many more deaths.
Many of these claims, I feel, are based upon the lack of knowledge in their target audience. They rely on the fact that most people have heard of the conflict but do not know many details.
Some details such as how many have actually died and how that relates to other conflicts. All of this is from wiki, Since 1948 27,000 people have died total, while 484 died in 2021 and 2 this year. Between 1987-2011 7,978 Palestinians and 1,503 Israelis died. This shows 2 very important things 1) most of the deaths occured before 1987 and 2) fewer people died as a result of this conflict in the last 2 years than in the conflict in Kashmir in the same time frame (575 in 2021, 15 in 2022). This seems counter intuitive, no? The Indo-Pakistani conflict in Kashmir has been going on for a similar amount of time, involves both a Muslim nation and non-Muslim nation, both countries have large diaspora populations who can mobilise their host countries in favour of their home countries just like Jews and Arabs. So, why is Kashmir less relevant than Palestine?
In reality neither of these conflicts whould recieve any serious input from non-involved parties or people, neither kills very many people per year (for reference 797 people were murdered in Chicago in 2021). This sort of comparison seems to be ignored by those putting forward claims of massacres or mass killings, if fewer people are being killed in the conflict than are murder in the 3rd largest American city that casts doubt on claims of massacres and mass killings.
Now, I will admit there is a major distinction in that in one case people are murdered by other people (or gangs) and in the other it is either as a result of terrorism or military action. But my point remains, one life is equal to another, so why are deaths of Palestinians more important, or at least more covered than the deaths in Kashmir or Chicago?
Or, as the title asks, Is the Death Toll even Relevant?
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2022.01.23 12:08 justinhr Do women care if their nipples show through their clothing?

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2022.01.23 12:08 Live_Suggestion_3958 Ringtone notification sound problem

Hi, do anyone know how to disable notification sound on ringtone. It's so annoying. I know i can turn off the notification sound by setting it to none, and there is no notification sound while along with the ringtone. But the problem now is that all other notification sounds are turned off.
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2022.01.23 12:08 PianoKeys777 A song once played when turning on the hotel room TV

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2022.01.23 12:08 EvanJ6 If you could watch one movie again for the first time, what would it be?

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2022.01.23 12:08 saliqmander [Ghost of Tsushima] #9 - beautiful game.

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2022.01.23 12:08 superstan8 Detectives of Reddit, What's the most bizzare case you have ever come across?

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2022.01.23 12:08 apope71603 Carmella

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2022.01.23 12:08 HadraiwizardDC Leaving the continent

So I have a question about the Witcher world. I’ve been meaning to read the books for a while and am currently just saving up a bit for them so if my question is answered in the books apologies. But why doesn’t Geralt just leave the contient with Ciri when he realizes every one wants to use her for there own gain. I mean is the contient the only land mass on the entire planet. I’m just confused as to why they don’t just leave?
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2022.01.23 12:08 raydenbrough Sci-fi book take place in world covered by ice?

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2022.01.23 12:08 Numerous_7772 I think life is overrated and not worth the hassle

This is more of a rant, and I don't really know if it belongs here, so if it doesn't, sorry.
I think we have a bias towards life/living and life is extra ordinarily overrated (and perhaps that is the only extraordinary thing about life). When I was a kid I was interested in everything, but two things peaked my interest math and "hacking", math was from school I really liked it and wanted to learn more about it, and hacking from movies, so naturally hacking became more attractive and I navigate towards it; And yes before anyone comment I know this was a case of high expectations and having no idea what the actual field of security would entail, but still after a couple of years way into my ending teenage years you could say that I knew how to make a ok security assessment, needless to say not one iota was like in the movies, the closest thing to what you see in the movies would be CTFs which are "games" scenarios where you have a pretty good idea to what to look at, but for you to have fun with a CTF you have to have a nice understanding of the basis and a bit of training. Anyway my point is after wasting away with this BS and bumming around studying philosophy and trying to understand how "things work", I realized something. It doesn't really matters (not in the existential way), but in the practical way, if I spend one week combing through some portion of the code and a guy found the bug with and automated tool, or just stumbled upon the bug (believe it or not, it happens from time to time), the other guy finishes I don't, all the work of combing the code is wasted. It's like deployment of an application a service of a game, it doesn't matter if you have a better product, if I can hack together a product that is a little worst then yours but not too bad and deploy first with the right team, I could quiet easily take the market from you, being the best at something doesn't mean anything (by the way I am not saying I was one of the best, not even close, I did understood a bit of what I worked on, but I was just another guy, not even close to being in the top). I think maybe the goal to being the best to be one of the best is just our wanting to do that, our ego. After I had this "crisis" I started studying philosophy and the years past me by and now I wouldn't even be able to work in that field anymore, I didn't keep up.
My point is that I think our lives are pretty pathetic, I know mine is, another thing I wanted to study in university besides mathematics is biology, chemistry and maybe in the future Medicine (where I live university is pretty cheap or free). But now I am a 25 years old with no real profession, never worked a formal job in my life, complete dinosaur in security (didn't keep up), and would have to prepare myself at least one and half year to pass the entrance exams to college, but I think the worst feeling is not even that is just knowing from experience now that there is no way I could study or work in all those three fields, I would have to pick on and stick with it, and even in that field everything is so vast (that's why there are specializations). I don't know I just feel so fucking small and pathetic right now.
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2022.01.23 12:08 akukr Huawei watch gt 3 corrupted music files?!

When i import music to my watch and i try to play them it says that they are corrupted?
And they are mp3 files
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2022.01.23 12:08 TheFuego126 My design for the flag of the Balkans

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2022.01.23 12:08 Sub_to_SkipsFN_on_YT What song would you want played at your funeral?

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