3 parodies of 3 scenes from Joker set after Far from Home in 1 post

2022.01.23 13:23 matias2028 3 parodies of 3 scenes from Joker set after Far from Home in 1 post

Peter dresses up as Spider-Man while listening to "Rock and Roll Part 2" to prepare for a talk show with Nick Fury (actually Talos disguised unknown to Peter). Peter goes outside and dances in the exact same stairs where they filmed Joker and some police officers appear
Police officer number 1: hey Peter! We need to talk!
Peter: damn it!
Peter starts running away
Police officer number 2: hey Parker! Come back!
The police officers chase Peter to a subway station and Peter gets into a subway with people dressed as Spider-Man
Police officer number 1: Stop the train!
The police officers get into the subway
Peter: damn it!
Peter pushes one of the guys dressed as Spider-Man and everybody starts fighting
Police officer number 1: calm down!
The police officer accidentally shoots one of the guys, the people starts to attack the police officers as the subway arrives to the next station and the people start to fight in the grouns
Peter: Hahaha!
Peter makes an iconic dance walks away and gets to the TV studio. A while later the interview with Nick Fury/Talos starts
Nick Fury/Talos: we have a special guest today. He saved the world twice and he saved New York City 8 years ago. Let's welcome Spider-Man!
Peter gets out of the curtains with the Spider-Man theme and sits next to 103-year-old Peggy Carter
Nick Fury/Talos: well?
Peter: that's exactly how I imagined it
Nick Fury/Talos: well that's one of us!
The audience laughs
Nick Fury/Talos: do you want to tell us a joke?
Peter: yeah of course. Knock knock
Nick Fury/Talos: who's there?
Peter: The police madame. Your son was turned into dust by Thanos. He's dead
The audience booes
Peggy: no no! You cannot joke about that!
Nick Fury/Talos: yeah that's not funny Parker. This isn't the kind of humour we use on this show
Peter: yeah I'm sorry. The thing is it's been rough days Fury. Ever since... I killed Quentin Beck
The audience gasps
Nick Fury/Talos: ok I'm waiting for the punchline
Peter: there's no punchline. It's not a joke
The audience murmurs with disgust
Nick Fury/Talos: are you serious? You killed the person who helped us save Europe?
Peter: mmm hmm
Nick Fury/Talos: and why should we believe you?
Peter: I've got nothing left to lose. Nothing can hurt me anymore. My life is nothing but a comedy
The audience booes again
Nick Fury/Talos: so let me get this straight. You think killing Quentin Beck was funny?
Peter: I do. And I'm tired of pretending it wasn't. Comedy is subjective Nick. Isn't what they say? The system that knows so much decides what's right or wrong. The same way you decide what's funny or not
Nick Fury/Talos: ok so you're telling me you did all of this to start a movement so you could become a symbol?
Peter: come on Fury. Do I look like a superhero who can start a movement? I killed Quentin Beck because he was awful. Everybody is awful these days. Enough to make someone crazy
Nick Fury/Talos: ok so that's it. You're crazy. That's your defense for killing a superhero?
Peter: no. He couldn't carry a tune to save his life
The audience booes
Peter: ugh! Why is everybody so upset about that guy?! If I died saving the world you wouldn't even care! Quentin Beck tried to kill millions of people in London and you don't say anything to him! And why?! Because J Jonah Jameson cried about him on TV?!
Nick Fury/Talos: You have a problem with J Jonah Jameson?
Peter: yes I do! Have you seen how it's like out there Fury? Do you ever leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other! Nobody is civil anymore! Nobody cares about the trouble I went through! Do you think men like J Jonah Jameson think what it's like to be someone like me? Someone who went through a lot of trauma the last 5 years? They don't. They think we need to save the world despite our trauma and accept it like good little boys! That we won't take vacations and ignore the help calls!
Nick Fury/Talos: You finished? It's so much self-pity Parker. You're just making excuses for killing a superhero. Not everybody, and I'll tell you this, not everybody is awful
Peter: You're awful Fury
Nick Fury/Talos: Me? I'm awful? Oh yeah how am I awful?
Peter: You hijacked my trip. You forced me to save the world even though I didn't feel like it. You don't care about my personal trouble! You're a stupid little piece of garbage!
Nick Fury/Talos: You don't know the 1st thing about me pal. Look what happened because of what you did and what it led to. There are riots on the streets. 2 policemen are in a coma and you're laughing you're laughing. Someone was killed because of what you did today
Peter: Hahaha. I know. How another joke Fury?
Nick Fury/Talos: no I think we had enough of your jokes
Peter: what do you get...
Nick Fury/Talos: I don't think so
Peter: ...when you cross...
Nick Fury/Talos: I think we had enough of your jokes that's it!
Peter: ...a depressed superhero with a former director of Shield who ruins his holidays and forces him to save the world without caring about what he wants?!
Nick Fury/Talos: call Captain Marvel, Hill! Call Captain Marvel!
Peter takes off his mask
Peter shoots Nick Fury/Talos in the head with a gun, Talos' dead body turns back into Talos' real form and the audience starts running and screaming in fear
Peter: wow! Nick Fury was being impersonated the whole time! Hahaha! I thought I actually killed Nick Fury!
Peter shoots at Talos' dead body and gets in front of the camera
Peter: good night. And always remember it: that's life
The camera turns off, the Spanish Flea song starts to sound and news reporters report Talos' death
News reporter #1 (on TV): breaking news. A skrull impersonating Nick Fury was killed on live TV by Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. Warning. This video might be disturbing
The video of Peter killing Talos is shown on TV
News reporter #2 (on TV): The former superhero known as Spider-Man killed that alien only because he ruined Parker's trip in Europe. He's now being taken to the raft
News reporter #3 (on TV): there's a lot of chaos in the streets
News reporter #4 (on TV): I mean Talos was wrong for hijacking his trip but Parker was wrong for killing Talos too
Peter is in a Shield car with the real Nick Fury and Maria Hill listening to the song "White Room" being taken to the Raft
Peter: Hahahaha!
Nick Fury: stop laughing! This is not funny!
Maria Hill: The city is on fire because of you!
Peter: I know! It's so beautiful!
An ambulance hits the car, Peter gets unconscious, Nick Fury and Maria Hill die and Ned and MJ dressed as Spider-Man appear
Ned: there he is
MJ: let's take him out of here
Ned and MJ take Peter out of the car and they put him in the car's hood. Meanwhile Harry and Norman Osborn walk into an alley to evade the crowd and a guy corners Harry and Norman
Spider-Man masked guy: Hey Norman Osborn. You get what you rightfully deserve!
The guy shoots Norman in the chest with his gun, Norman dies and meanwhile Peter wakes up to see a crowd of people celebrating to him
Peter: Wow! A lot of people love me
Peter makes a sinister dance, paints a smile in his mask with his blood, puts his mask on and the crowd celebrates seeing Peter as their leader
Peter: Hahaha! Hahaha!
Peter celebrates his new infamy as a supervillain
The end
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2022.01.23 13:23 CeltiaDogy 3D printed molds

hello I'm starting a carbon fiber business where I create stuff from carbon fiber like glasses, car parts, jewelry etc.. I was looking for a good way to create molds for my products and I remembered that 3D printing exists, can you guys give me a software that takes an STL and creates a mold?
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2022.01.23 13:23 amd_air Why do you want to sell? Let's try to rationalize.

All of a sudden everyone wants to sell and have a "40% cash portfolio". This means selling winners and losers alike. This means selling nearly half of your portfolio that you put time and research into and creating very reasonable goals and strategies around these companies.
What was your goal when you bought them? Was it to sell at a loss? Was it to sell in Jan of 22 or did you have something longer in mind?
When did you come up with this plan to sell? Was it a year ago or was it yesterday?
When do you need the money? Is it tomorrow or several years from now?
Are you trying to time the market because you expect things will continue to crash? What if it doesn't? When does the crash end? Will it be when you buy back in?
A lot of ppl on this sub are still at the accumulation phase. Selling and accumulating seem more like opposites. Accumators want to buy when stocks are cheap, not sell.
Are you aware that you can protect your investments without liquidation? There are several ways to hedge your bet without shortselling or buying puts.
Please be mindful and reasonable in these situations. I'm seeing way too much emotion and fear right now.
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2022.01.23 13:23 mishmoigon2 The province of Ontario has 15 million citizens and less than 600 COVID ISU patients, but the government keeps extending lockdowns and shutting down businesses, gyms, restaurants, and more. Why is Quebec imposing curfew when only 185 of a population of 8.6 million people are hospitalized with COVID?

The province of Ontario has 15 million citizens and less than 600 COVID ISU patients, but the government keeps extending lockdowns and shutting down businesses, gyms, restaurants, and more. Why is Quebec imposing curfew when only 185 of a population of 8.6 million people are hospitalized with COVID? submitted by mishmoigon2 to CultOfCorona [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 13:23 zaruskito É pessoal, a coisa vai piorar

Dpois do bill gates afirmar q uma nova epidemia, mais mortal q o covid, se aproxima, um caminhao carregando macacos para experimentos sofreu um acidente e os animais fugiram. Parece que alguns foram recapturados e mortos.
Pode rir, pq eu sei q parece mta loucura, mas eh verdade.
Pode me chamar de neurotico, mas a partir de agora qualquer merda dessas q acontecer envolvendo CDC, experiencias, virus ,etc.. vai deixar a gente preocupado
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2022.01.23 13:23 jake-chillinhaal Friends who truly love you won't judge you for not wanting to drink with them.

I learned that going into my first sober girls' night yesterday, feeling quite anxious because mixed drinks and wine are typically involved whenever I get together with my closest friends.
I was trying to come up with any and every excuse in the book before I tried to convince myself that I could have one vodka and cranberry before cutting myself off, which I knew deep down would end up leading to me binge drinking as soon as I got home. When the time finally came for drinks, I just told my friends that I didn't want to mix alcohol with my anti-depressants (maybe one day I'll completely open up about my struggles with alcohol) and I was somewhat surprised when I was met with only kind words in response!
My friends know I've been going through a hard time lately, what with the death of my grandmother and just dealing with life in general, so they didn't ask anymore questions and simply let me know that I can talk to them if I ever need their support. My closest friend even made me a shirley temple so I wouldn't feel excluded from all the fun, and I had a so much of a great time that my stomach actually hurts this morning from how much I laughed last night.
I genuinely believe the title of this post, especially after how last night went and how understanding my friends were, and I hope that one day I can explain in full detail why I no longer want to drink alcohol and how I was at the lowest point in my life because of it.
For now, however, I am so grateful to this community and I truly feel like I wouldn't have even made it to the third day of sobriety, let alone over three weeks if it weren't for reading everyone's stories and posting these little updates here, so thank you all!
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2022.01.23 13:23 sankku17 Has anyone any idea how to restore missing sleep stats? That night I slept like 2 hours but Oura read it as 4 hours ("light sleep"), so I tried to adjust it to a little shorter time asleep. The app stopped working while doing that so I force closed it and opened again and now there's nothing left.

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2022.01.23 13:23 YaboiGh0styy I Hate the battle rifle in Halo infinite for all the reasons I hate the battle rifle in Halo 2.

You have a precision weapon three burst that kills people in for and can snipe people from across the map. This is why I’m so glad and casual you don’t have battle rifle starts because they are broken the fact that the Mangler is a weapon which has better potential has pissed off the pro players so much to a point where they are requesting 343 to not only Nerf it but remove it from the game entirely… I wish I was joking. I’m not mad at the Mangler because it’s a pick up item, is a projectile weapon instead of hit scan so you can’t cross map people as easily and is easy to dodge.
This is why the halo three Battlerifle is by far my favourite because after people realised how broken the battle rifle was in Halo 2 Bungie decided to give it projectile features instead of hit scan so that way you don’t cross the map people as easily and surprise surprise he was three was more fun.
In Halo 5 their idea to Nerf the battlerifle I’ve always just to take away its scope and give it a reddot sight which wasn’t the best decision but hey it worked it’s not easy to use at long ranges any more. But then it got nerfed to shit and everyone switched to the pistol.
I think it’s a problem when a barrel rifle can be a sniper at long-range combat it’s not only because this is the most difficult sniper to use it’s also because the battle rifle is just as good as it was in halo 2.
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