Are the pc servers still up in 2022?

2022.01.25 04:23 Bubba2bad44 Are the pc servers still up in 2022?

I tried to join multiplayer and it just says to try again later
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2022.01.25 04:23 Camra-Man Check out Red Dead Original on YouTube 🤟🤠

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2022.01.25 04:23 emily-nitro 🤗?When you are cute but dangerous at the same time 🤗

🤗?When you are cute but dangerous at the same time 🤗
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2022.01.25 04:23 hemish04082005 We need to unite

Everyone here knows we can't change our reddit username and that's very bad. When we are normies, we generally keep our usernames as our names, see my username for example. And I don't want to create a new reddit account just to have a new username, I have earned a lot of karma. There are certainly people here who keep weird usernames and then realise they need to change it. Even sites like instagram offer this feature. So can we please all unite to tell reddit team that we need to change usernames. So lets we all mail reddit team to have it. If all do the same, then reddit is surely gonna respond.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Z582 'Stupid son of a bitch': Joe Biden mocks Fox reporter

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2022.01.25 04:23 marcooyoperez Georgia makes residents pledge holy oath vs digital currency mining

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2022.01.25 04:23 Kamil_999 Air is the real psychedelic

I've came to a realization that the real psychedelic is air because we breathe it in and without air our brain wouldn't work and we see the world with your brain and everything is in our head so basically everything is a hallucination
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2022.01.25 04:23 kay2530 Seeking a real sugar baby here Who’s honest and ready for a relationship I do not ask for bank information And you don’t need to pay me before I pay you !!! USA ONLY MALE AND FEMALE

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2022.01.25 04:23 4vt44 a trend in trailers

tv/movie trailers have a ticking noise that leads into a song and the sound effects are sync'd up. is there a name for this? also the direction. where something moves down the screen and next clip is moving up the screen. or left/right. also the single gun shot = explosion. i can't be the only one to see this. what is this trend called? thanks
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2022.01.25 04:23 little_Twat When u lose weight does your bone structure get smaller too?

I’m talking rib cage, shoulders, hips, that kind of stuff. I can imagine it would get a little bit smaller right?
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2022.01.25 04:23 lRed_cloud WTS Ztorch 20/18

Post offer.
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2022.01.25 04:23 kutte_ki_dum Kautuk Nails it always..

Be it with his stories, or the walls of Bawa's house, Kautya always nails it.
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2022.01.25 04:23 jacknotes24 Primera vez😳

Holi, tengo 20 y sólo busco experimentar. He estado cerca de tener un encuentro pero me da miedo... Soy de gdl, sí gustas envía dm
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2022.01.25 04:23 Maheedhar_AM Portrait using sakura mechanical pencil. Critics are welcome

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2022.01.25 04:23 PetiteBaeRaven Blue eyes are rhe best

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2022.01.25 04:23 WiseXcalibur Horror Game Idea

I have an idea for a horror game but I have absolutely zero ability to make a game. Basically the idea is a horror anthology based around time. Starting at 6PM and ending at 6AM each hour would represent a different aspect of horror and perhaps focus on different mechanics. Each would end with your demise or "victory" then proceed to the next hour.
6 P.M. (Gore) - Simple FPS horror game where you kill monsters but at the end you realize that you was actually the monster killing innocent people.
7 P.M. (Paranoia) - You part of a 7 member crew on a spaceship with a creature that can copy the appearance of your crew mates. You have the only gun and it can only be fired once, who is the monster?
8 P.M. (Darkness) - You wake up in a dark room with a box of matches, no doors, no windows, and limited oxygen. Also when the lights go out, things start to move in the darkness.
9 P.M. (Panic) - Lost in the woods with nothing but your phone (flashlight). With no signal, and limited battery. A killer is stalking you. Can you survive?
10 P.M. (Madness) - You're in your apartment when you start to hear strange sounds coming from outside. You decide to investigate, and start to descend down a rabbit hole of madness.
11 P.M. (Anxiety) - Driving down a lonely road at night you start to see and hear strange things, the voice on your radio advises you to keep your eyes on the road no matter what...
12 A.M. (Religion) - Kidnapped and locked up, you are about to be sacrificed in a demonic ritual, you must find a way to escape.
1 A.M. (Death) - You are about to get a serious emergency operation, anesthesia, darkness, then you wake up in a hospital where everything is wrong. (spoiler you died)
2 A.M. (Mystery) - You are a detective investigating an old house where many people have vanished. Is there a logical explanation? Or is something more sinister going on? (this one should be ambiguous with no direct explanation to the events)
3 A.M. (Dread) - Your friends have dared you to do a ritual to summon a local urban legend. At first you think it's just a dumb legend and nothing more, but as you proceed things progressively get worse.
4 A.M. (Shock) - As you inspect the security footage from your office building, you start to notice odd anomalies. Eventually you decide to check the live footage only to realize that something is standing behind you.

5 A.M. (Morality) - You have three choices, save yourself, save your loved ones, or save thousands of innocents. Button 1, Button 2, or Button 3...make your choice.
6 A.M. (Depression) - The world has ended, nothing remains, you are alone, the only one left. What do you do now? (in this one the main character just believes they are the only survivor, but if they decide to reach out they will find others) it should end with suicide or renewed hope.
Hopefully the game isn't too cliche, but feel free to discuss other ideas for each hour.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Independent_Eye_3394 [Question] Going Up (aka Building the Mythical Upward Staircase)

How do I do it?

A bit of context first: I have followed all 13 chapters of the libtcod tutorial (2020) using Python as the main language, so my code is almost exactly the same as the end result of that tutorial. I have just changed the colors and characters for certain tiles, and swapped the walls out with tree tiles when filling the area. But my trees are currently just retextured walls so that shouldn't make a difference. (I am making a simple forest survival game for my first jaunt. I intend to use it as a stepping stone for a far more ambitious project I have in mind)

So, forgive me if this is a dumb question (I tend to ask a lot of those), but I've been staring at my code for quite a while now, trying to figure out how to allow the player to go back upstairs, after having descended a level in my dungeon. Basically, I know that I need to load a previously-generated area, or scene, as I believe it is typically referred to, which would obviously mean I need to save them to memory in some way; I just don't know what to actually type.

I have a feeling the answer lies in grabbing the generated area and appending it to a numpy array, or a list, or maybe utilizing nested arrays, but like I said I am just not sure where to begin. I don't really know what would be more efficient, or if any of those methods would even work. I don't want to make a mess of my code, then end up having to scrap it all because it doesn't work and I can't figure out why. I'll do it if I need to, but there must be somebody that has done this in Python before.

My other idea was to just try to explain in-fiction why you can't backtrack. Maybe it's an enchanted forest and the "stairs" would be strange obelisks that teleport you randomly around the forest. So that you are forever stuck hoping that the next jump will be the jump home (just gave myself Quantum Leap flashbacks)... That would let it make sense within the context of the game's fictional universe, but I wouldn't really be learning anything new, and in my opinion it'd feel kinda lazy on my part.

Any help would be appreciated. Or if anyone could point me in the right direction. I am very interested in learning about generating outdoor areas, as well as areas with prefab structures. But the main thing is the persistence of the game's scenes. Should I try to start with something more simplistic, like just basically "re-flavoring" the game I have currently, like in the above paragraph? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of tutorials focused specifically on making roguelike games with python, and the ones that I have found don't really get into making anything beyond just the most basic mechanics. (ideally I want map scrolling with the player always in the center, as well as a day/night cycle, and a crafting system with applicable skill levels)

I'm still very new at all this (game design, I mean. I do have some experience with Java), but making a video game has always been a dream of mine. The tcod tutorial left me feeling pretty confident - until I realized that I have only scratched the surface. I feel I have couple fairly unique (or at the very least, interesting) design ideas for both game mechanics and lore, and I'm very particular about minute details from a player's perspective, so I feel like I can make something pretty fun - if only I can figure out how the heck to do it. But I am willing to do the work. Even if I have to spend days pouring over source code until my eyes bleed, I am determined to see this thing through. But, it's now 2:30am, my brain is a pile of Jello, and I am still not making any forward motion in regards to the game. So, again, if anyone who knows what they're doing can help me, I would very much appreciate it! :)
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2022.01.25 04:23 lss_bvt_and_10 LssTest-TextPost-23975

Text post is created
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2022.01.25 04:23 SpecialistBest2780 Are we in the matrix? Or are we in the pre-renaissance era???

Ok so here me out… After watching the animatrix shorts I’ve had a few questions about our reality (granted that the matrix is in fact real). Are we living in the pre- second renaissance era (I.e. before AI/human conflict) OR are we already jacked into the matrix. Are there any ways to know in universe. Second thought: would there still be glitches in the matrix in the pre-renaissance era such as UFO sightings as stated in the films, or would they be non-existent. That would mean we are in the matrix as UFO sightings are real. This is most certainly a rushed post but your opinions on the matter would be much appreciated.
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2022.01.25 04:23 Sir-Cabbie Am I doing this right?

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2022.01.25 04:23 Technical-Republic18 Can you color correct all instances of a footage at once?

I made the mistake of editing my clip BEFORE color correcting it so now there are a million cuts in the timeline. Is there an easy way for me to color correct all split-footage at once? Or do I just have to copy+paste the effect onto EVERY SINGLE CLIP??
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2022.01.25 04:23 Accurate_Ad_8058 Věděli jste že chapter 3 season 1 je z 47% hotova

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2022.01.25 04:23 Fresh_Distribution85 27 (F) indecisive over relationship with (28) male over resignation from job

We've been engaged over five years, supposed to get married during 2020 but it's been postponed ever since. We do not live together.
In the past, he's decided to up and quit his job without another job lined up. It took a few months to find another job, but he ended up getting it. He lasted almost two years until it was taking a toll on his mental health, so he quit that job. Two months ago, he got a new job for a luxury brand (all his jobs have been in stock retail) and they'd usually make him work nine days straight sometimes. I can understand how at some point he wouldn't want to be there anymore, (I wouldn't either) but what gets me frustrated is that this seems to be a pattern of behavior. He doesn't hate this job, loves the team, but he feels like he shouldn't be there. He's an artist on the side and always has a project in the works whether it's making a video game, writing a book, building his own publishing house, etc.
He feels that if he puts in a little more time with his projects instead of working as much as he is this time around, something good can happen. He's making this decision based on feeling.
Initially, I didn't feel too upset because once his mind is made up, there's no way of convincing him. However, in time it started getting to my head and I'm feeling concerned if this is who I should be spending the rest of my life with. He said he's been looking for another job but I'm not sure what he would work in if his issue is retail. I told him that if we lived together and got married I wouldn't be comfortable with him just quitting his job if he doesn't like it.
What bugs me most is when he said that despite keeping me in the loop in his decision, that it was "technically none of my business" or "how does it even affect you?"
We have a date for October of this year. I tried telling him that it affects me/us because if we're supposed to be married in a couple months then money should be lined up. He doesn't see this as a big deal because he has money saved and he is good with saving, but the sense of security and stability doesn't feel so present with him, and it really hurt me when he said those things. Yet somehow I find myself on Redditt. Need some perspective.
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2022.01.25 04:23 aomindia Air Filtration Solutions for Commercial and Residential Kitchens

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2022.01.25 04:23 PrinceferX Hey girl, I have a dick of a Greek God

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