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Why Did Karen Ignore The Warning Signs?

2022.01.23 13:05 scarylawyerguy Why Did Karen Ignore The Warning Signs?

I mean .... 1) Jim hid his "crush" on Pam from her (she had to find out about it from Phyllis); 2) Jim admitted he still had feelings for Pam; 3) Pam told Jim - in front of Karen - that she called off her wedding because of him; and 4) Jim would not say whether he would move to NYC if Karen got the job w/corporate. GLARING RED FLAGS
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2022.01.23 13:05 discoveryboi Hey, could some get me this microphone adapter. I'm a little short on money and can't quite afford it.

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2022.01.23 13:05 oldyzz What do you think, what country is it?

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2022.01.23 13:05 jim10040 Asimov: Great Science, AWFUL Fiction!

I've had the opinion for a while, and picked up Robots of Dawn from Libby just to read something. RoD was written about '83, so long past the age of pulp sci-fi. But...good lord, the characters are AWFUL! The conversations and the way Asimov describes almost anything the characters are doing is just the... I don't know, was he particularly longing for the pulp age or something? Were these stories nostalgic for pulp novels? I appreciate the science, but maybe I'm spoiled by reading Brin and Cherryh who can actually write characters and cultures?
I'll try to finish this thing, but if something better comes up, I'll happily drop it.
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2022.01.23 13:05 zerocustom1989 Layer Kyanite Under Atom LT?

Got an Atom LT and it’s been pretty nice for 40-55 degree weather so far. Does it make sense to layer a kyanite under an Atom LT on colder days? Like windy 40’s or calm 30s when running errands?
Any obvious disadvantages? Would the LT or AR make the most sense? (If any) the AR was super soft when I tried one on but the sleeves kinda pulled up as I moved.
If it’s gonna be super cold I have a Peacoat I just throw over everything.
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2022.01.23 13:05 codingprolab COMP 5710 assignment 3 solved

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2022.01.23 13:05 Violinguy82 I have a questions. 1) How much would these type of repair cost? 2) How long would this type of repair take after being dropped off at a body shop at 6am on a Monday morning?

I have a questions. 1) How much would these type of repair cost? 2) How long would this type of repair take after being dropped off at a body shop at 6am on a Monday morning? submitted by Violinguy82 to bodyshop [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 13:05 Rocinante1978 Kelly Brook

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2022.01.23 13:05 xoxo_banana30 My parents are controlling. How should I approach this situation?

I’m 25 years old. Ever since I was in high school, my parents (mostly my dad) have caused a lot of anxiety. Constantly playing devils advocate, making up scenarios that’ll never happen, and overall just never had a normal household and closeness like other of my friends seem to have. They would constantly go through my stuff and car, track me on my iPhone, etc. I moved off to college in 2017 then moved in with my ex. He became abusive and it didn’t work out. My parents got involved and forced me to move in with them. I work full time and pay for all my stuff except a couple things. They’re making it really difficult for me to move out, still constantly track my phone and my whereabouts and go through my stuff. I also model part time and every time I get a job or shoot, it’s so much drama. They never are just happy for me. I’m getting really depressed and always feel so discouraged. I pretty much stay in my room, work, and that’s it.
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2022.01.23 13:05 TheRealMolag-Bal We need a truestl Minecraft server

Like bedrock and java can play together and roleplay, here are some examples of how things could go out on the server!
Dunmer player: you N'wahs go back to planting my crops!
Farm tool players who have been claimed by the Dunmer: oh yes master sorry please don't beat us to pulp
Dunmer player: "takes out stick from inventory" "starts hitting farm tools"
Farm tools: We are but mere farm tools, please don't go so harsh on us
Dunmer player: "takes out enchanted netherite sword"
Farm tools: death is highly overrated!
Dunmer player: starts attacking zombies who were about to kill farm tools
Farm tools: (are surprised by the kind gesture) thank you master!
Dunmer player: this was not a act of kindness! If you were dead i wouldn't be able to work the crops myself, I'd need to buy a new N'wah
[Meanwhile the Breton cucks are preparing to atack the farms]
Breton cucks: if we win this battle our wives boyfriends shall give us pizza rolls!
Other Breton cucks: let's gooooooooo "charge to battle"
Dunmer and farm tools: oh no the Bretons
Dunmer: i can't believe I'm saying this but we need to team up
Farm tools: drink hist sap
Argonians: aaaahahhaahahahah
"Everyone charges to battle, however despite the Breton cucks being nearly wiped out, the based high Isle Bretons, the Breton women and the Breton cucks wives boyfriends overpowered the dunmer and Argonians, soon they were defeated and ended up at spawn"
Dunmer: listen my Argonian friends i apologize for treating you like farm tools, while we lost that battle you won my hears
Argonians: that's great to hear, we can finally be best friends
The end
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2022.01.23 13:05 jurgensonovic [WTS] Seiko 7549-7010 vintage JDM Tuna

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2022.01.23 13:05 ALittleBitOkayish Accidentally discovered something. I think?

So I’m new to Reddit and have been having a browse, and yesterday I discovered the akashic records. I’m terrible at meditating (I have children and found I simply never have time or I have other things to do!) but I followed a guided meditation late last night where I asked what my name was. It was the strangest thing I have ever encountered! When I was attempting to view my book, my eyes were in intense REM mode. It was bizarre! I was awake, but my eyes were going CRAZY. Anyway my baby woke up and I had to stop before I got to the end, and then I fell asleep.
I woke up in the night with a name in my head, I just kept spelling it out over and over. I had been given an answer! I’m absolutely blown away by it. The translation means something of God. I dont really want to announce what my spirit name is, because somebody on here yesterday was a satanic worshipper so I feel this space is certainly invaded by negative forces, and to be honest I am not very good at protecting myself from absorbing negative energy (yet?).
Anyway, the name I never knew existed is an actual word with actual meaning. I find that crazy!
Another thing is that my baby wakes multiple times a night, its quite exhausting but of course it’s a phase that most go through and will pass. Last night every time he woke up I put my hands above him and imagined a white light and every single time he went back to sleep. WHAAT? This never happens, he does not go back to sleep on his own. This is something I was doing without choosing to do it. I mean I only really remembered I was doing it when I woke up properly in the morning. So all night, I was automatically soothing him with white light. What is this?! I googled and something called reiki sounds familiar to what I was doing, I’ve never really heard of this before.
I thought I’d share and ask everybody else what they think? I feel like an absolute loon writing any of this, so please be gentle! Lol. I feel blown away by all of it.
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2022.01.23 13:05 rick_voro Best way to generate curved triangle pattern as shown? Looking to create a series of randomised squares containing them

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2022.01.23 13:05 Soap_on_Gfuel Shipment in a nutshell

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2022.01.23 13:05 FastenedCarrot One of us!

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2022.01.23 13:05 SpaceMamboNo5 My local Barnes and Noble had a sale on Harney and Sons. Very excited to try these two!

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2022.01.23 13:05 codingprolab COMP 5710 ASSIGNMENT 1 SOLVED

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2022.01.23 13:05 codingprolab COMP 5710 assignment 2 solved

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2022.01.23 13:05 Ok-Teacher-1909 Bitcoin Forcasting

hey guys, I have a project about forcasting a coin(btc , eth,...), and I’m beginner in machine learning and don’t know how to do it. I have one week to deadline. Do you know any tutorial or site that can help me to learn it? (python).
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2022.01.23 13:05 Tsunami_Master Question, what do you think about self-post weekend?

In theory, it sounds cool, but in reality it isn't really. For people like me who are only allowed online on weekends, it's annoying.
Do u agree?
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2022.01.23 13:05 darla412 Remote Work Junkie $250 Amazon Launch Giveaway {US} (02/18/2022)

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2022.01.23 13:05 KShanmugamAssistance Married women of Singapore, if you time-travel back to the date before you met your partner, would you still choose him? Why?

I have seen similar question for men. I would like to hear from the women's pov.
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2022.01.23 13:05 RajikO4 [No Spoilers] Nightfall Pearl

If I activated a nightfall pearl with the starting point being within Jorenn village, where exactly would the ten mile radius end exactly when looking at a map of Tal’Dorei?
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2022.01.23 13:05 Lazurus-3 H: 3k nuka orange, 2k grape , 3k cranberry ,2k wild , 4k cherrys, 4k nuka colas W: best offers

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2022.01.23 13:05 justch0colate isee e plusvalenze

scusate l’ignoranza. ho un paio di domande.

  1. Mi chiedevo se a fine anno quando va compilato il quadro RW, nel reddito isee saranno presenti solo le plusvalenze registrate dalle crypto durante l’intero anno o la somma totale investita+plusvalenza? (es se investo 1k e diventano 1.5k figurerà solo la plusvalenza 0.5k o il totale)?
  2. Inoltre non mi è chiaro se nel momento in cui acquisto crypto, se ho intenzione di hodlare per anni, devo compilare solo il quadro RW o se queste crypto influiranno sulla situazione isee, anche se non le ho vendute e quindi non ho mai incassato un “profitto”.
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