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Citizen injured abroad and can’t pay medical bills

2022.01.25 05:10 ferofero2002 Citizen injured abroad and can’t pay medical bills

So greetings fellow NZs peeps, your neighbor(albeit one across 2 continents, an ocean, and a sea away) from Egypt over here. So long story here, but bear with me. I have a NZ friend who is uni student in the USA. From what I remember, they always had a medical problem, but last year it got a bit out of hand. They went into a 6 month long coma and just woke up a month prior. They are recovering and all is well. Only problem is… medical bills. They don’t have any money to pay them, no way to get money, and practically done for. So any ideas on what they could do? They need a substantial amount of money by the end of the month, so any advice is helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.25 05:10 FallCompetitive7976 25-January I am still here

It is 25-January 08:10. I am relieved.
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2022.01.25 05:10 boyboyyiiiit11234 pa upvote po pls

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2022.01.25 05:10 2KareDogs Top 10 PS3 games?

What are your favorites?
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2022.01.25 05:10 justanotherhuman255 Professional musicians who started as adults, what is your story?

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2022.01.25 05:10 kreod If elections happened today and a billionaire said he will give you 10 Million if you could guess who would win as president, who would you bet on?

Question in title. Yeah I'm expecting this to be controversial later, so I'll delete this after a few hours
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2022.01.25 05:10 casual_doggo For Honors new hero\/

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2022.01.25 05:10 lovely_bird22 Criminals for the prison!

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2022.01.25 05:10 Doglicker69420 Help

Just few minutes ago I put my rabbit in his playpen outside and went back into my house to get something. When I came back out he started freaking out and like any other rabbit started running about and then started thumping. I saw a mosquito fly away and I'm pretty sure they carry a disease that has a 99% mortality rate. Is myxomatosis common within mosquitos? If so, what can I do? Here in Australia there are no myxomatosis vaccines
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2022.01.25 05:10 what_after_death GBPUSD Daily Technical Analysis /Outlook JAN 25 👀🧙‍♂️

GBPUSD Daily Technical Analysis /Outlook JAN 25 👀🧙‍♂️
  • GBPUSD closed bearish today and it will have more room to decline if DXY remains at least somewhat positive tomorrow. I will be looking for a scalp setup based on the intraday chart’s development 👀
Technical Outlook
Daily Chart
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2022.01.25 05:10 realcaptainplanet Yahoo customer service is a "premium" paid service. Having trouble logging into my old email and I have to pay them $5 if I want to talk to someone.

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2022.01.25 05:10 LordDanqo Rate this guy

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2022.01.25 05:10 WannabeWeeb- Starting my 3rd rewatch of stranger things, this show is one of the best. Can’t wait for season 4.

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2022.01.25 05:10 anakkcii Tokoyami Towa 1st EP SCREAM Crossfade / Preview

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2022.01.25 05:10 tingazinga How do y'all have caffeine (venti rant)

i'm not a coffee person at all, and i was diagnosed with insomnia around the time i started working for SB (around 10-11 months ago), so i was advised against caffeine anyway. Well I did a clopen yesterday (closed saturday, opened sunday), and i didn't go to bed until 2 AM that night, so i had only gotten 2 hrs of sleep or so. So i had a blonde shot on sunday morning. big mistake. I was up til 6 AM. Monday is clean play, and i felt sluggish at work, so i made a terrible decision and had another blonde shot today. It is currently 2:10 AM, and i am TWEEEAAAKIN somone help pls, my whole body is shaking and my mind is a mess 😭😭😭
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2022.01.25 05:10 dr_unicornio Moment house

I tried purchasing a ticket for the event this evening over their website twice now and twice I got an email that the purchase wasn't completed and I'd get a refund, which doesn't even make sense if the purchase wasn't completed. Why give me a refund, just give me the damn ticket! 😭 So what I actually wanted to ask is if anyone woild be able to record this thing...? I know it's weird to ask but I already payed like 30€ for this shit and they won't let me have my ticket... I'm scared of trying again because I haven't gotten the money back yet for the other two times and I really don't want to throw more money at their faces. I'm really sad about this because I was looking forward to today so much!
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2022.01.25 05:10 kayleeflemings Tips on Listing Technical Skills on a Resume

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2022.01.25 05:10 SchizoidGod Any Sydney folks want free tickets to the Skegss show at Enmore tonight?

Completely last minute and sorta off-topic but I couldn’t think of where else to post this
We accidentally bought three (!!!) extra tickets to Skegss tonight and don’t want them to go to waste. If anyone has a night spare, comment here and the ticket is yours.
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2022.01.25 05:10 OfferSilver8490 26...[F4M] I'm available now and ready to have some fun, I offer full service. Kik:linda__87

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2022.01.25 05:10 PigletBright9513 Purpose of promotion?

I mean, I understand why we would want to promote our dwarf the first time (access to overclock, deep dives, etc) but is there any point or perks to keep on promoting?
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2022.01.25 05:10 hypes11 Can You Unlock Shortcuts While Using Shortcuts? - Spelunky 2

Game is kicking my ass so hard but I had a run earlier where I made it all the way to the Japanese water level without getting hit just to get insta killed by the clam with the idol in it.
I gave Mama Tunnel a rope but I still have to get there two more times I guess for the shortcut. Do I have to start a clean run for her to show up or if I start at the first shortcut (lava / forest) and make it past them can I still find her there?
Also can you really not use shortcuts in co-op?
Any tips for controlling your throws better while we're at it? It's nearly impossible to just drop something down a shaft to set off the arrow traps. Sucks having to try and just drop a bomb or a rope to set it off or getting smacked in the face by your own rock trying to get it to fall down.
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2022.01.25 05:10 alphaseckin saygım arttı

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2022.01.25 05:10 hellothere564738 Was everyone in Asgard a god?

Was every citizen of Asgard the god of something? Does that mean that Norse mythology has hundreds if not thousands of gods? Or was it mostly regular people with the gods at the top?
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2022.01.25 05:10 secretSPADEZ Just tried the new flux capacitor mod.then this happened

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2022.01.25 05:10 PJ-The-Awesome The X-Men must be sick of this routine after nearly a century.

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