looking for funn ji

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2022.01.23 11:54 lena-w60 looking for funn ji

looking for funn ji
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2022.01.23 11:54 golden_sperm_ I am misogynistic and proud of it

I hate women and i am proud of it.i hate to see each of you walking on road and wishing you die. Why don't you all just disappear with your front two ballons hanging from your chest ?
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2022.01.23 11:54 daryaft The Prisoner Who Revolutionized Chinese Language With a Teacup

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2022.01.23 11:54 JTanalepy_Gaming TKaspers & me are gonna play all the DLC's from Far Cry 6. Here we start with the first DLC called 'Vaas: Insanity'. With Vaas being one of my favorite videogame characters of all time, I'm very curious how this DLC will be. Check out the video on my channel and let me know what you think!

TKaspers & me are gonna play all the DLC's from Far Cry 6. Here we start with the first DLC called 'Vaas: Insanity'. With Vaas being one of my favorite videogame characters of all time, I'm very curious how this DLC will be. Check out the video on my channel and let me know what you think! submitted by JTanalepy_Gaming to GamerVideos [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:54 Arnadus [BLEU] BleuFi. Price ↘ -2.18% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.23 11:54 NookedTwice My derpy cat.

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2022.01.23 11:54 Flameaquayashank Preparations

I wanna apply to Ireland Trinity University after my bachelor in biomedicine on undergraduate level which is four years. Can anyone tell me where I can find the course materials for the year 1?
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2022.01.23 11:54 vnevner I have 40 %ic and 31%wic on the spider field Will a have 71%ic? And with winds? Thay can be upp to 29ic and more Will i really have 100%ic?

View Poll
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2022.01.23 11:54 Magical_Narwhal_1213 Found Henry on my 10th NMT and couldn’t be happier when I realized he was canonically queer

I was going to go for Fauna or Beau but came across Henry and he is so cute!! I looked him up and it says he flirts with anyone regardless of gender and took it to mean he is my cute queer boi now and I’m so excited (I, myself am queer).
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2022.01.23 11:54 AdRepresentative1415 Dm wer denkt er kann mich zum kommen bring mit geilen nudes oder bei wem darf ich über TeamViewe checken 😏💦

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2022.01.23 11:54 Zoccalo Huge brightness/contrast differences between BI/camera web feed and UI3/Blue Iris app

Hey all,
I'm having a very strange problem ever since I set BI up where the footage (live or recorded) as seen from BI is much, MUCH brighter and washed out than in UI3. This is especially pronounced at night. All my cameras are IPC-T5442TM-AS.
It doesn't matter whether I'm accessing BI directly through the PC/monitor it's installed on, or whether I'm using Parsec to control it remotely. Any monitor I use BI on is showing the footage from it as being washed out. This more closely resembles the footage I'm getting from the web page of the cameras themselves (which is also washed out), so at first, I adjusted brightness and contrast levels according to how that image looks directly from the cameras, and I got a nice, high contrast, detailed image. Great, right?
However, this resulted in the feeds/recordings being WAY too dark when viewing in UI3/Blue Iris mobile app, no matter what phone or PC/web browsemonitor I view it on.
So then I went the other way - I adjusted the cameras to suit what I'm seeing in UI3/Blue Iris mobile app - and when I get that nice, crisp, contrast viewing through those, I switch back to BI and it's washed out again.
See this screenshot https://imgur.com/T16KK88 to see what I mean. This was all taken on a single screenshot, so it's not pieced together via multiple systems. Going clockwise from the top left, we have the direct camera feed from its web control, BI as seen through Parsec (which is also how it looks on the actual machine it's running on), and then UI3 on Edge (and it looks the same, no matter what other browser I use).
The problem is, while it looks the best through UI3 right now, I suspect the reason I'm having very obvious alerts cancelled is due to BI working with a washed out image. And if I lower the brightness/contrast within the camera's web control page, it'll look absurdly dark in UI3, making it useless when I'm out of the house at night and I want to view them. It becomes SO dark that everything beyond the Hyundai's front grill is a crushed black mess, and only the highlights off the truck in the background are visible. In fact, you can barely tell there's a truck there at all.
How can I make the feed look the SAME regardless of which way I choose to view it? Surely I'm not the only one to come across this problem.
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2022.01.23 11:54 Salt_Walrus_9163 Splurged on refreshing my skincare for the spring. Right is the new haul. I officially think of myself as a skincare collector. Using tretinoin, I can hardly fit what I already have into my routine.

Splurged on refreshing my skincare for the spring. Right is the new haul. I officially think of myself as a skincare collector. Using tretinoin, I can hardly fit what I already have into my routine. submitted by Salt_Walrus_9163 to SkincareFlatlays [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:54 mahud83 Christmas is over!!! Stop spray painting these dudes!!! Please!!!

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2022.01.23 11:54 Rex_Roid A rant about how dangerous Maladaptive Daydreaming can be...

I am not writing this post for Dr K but for everyone in the community who have conscience enough to understand the gravity of having an addiction especially the kind of an addiction that not only is not recognised but without current solutions. English is my third language so bare with my bad writing.
For many of us, and I gather that knowledge from different subreddits, we are not even aware that what we do is actually an addiction for most of our lives because most of us are so bereft of a social life, that sometimes we are not even aware of what another human being's life even looks like. For many of us, it is a discovery of a lifetime, a meteorite that crashes at the heart of the landscape of our mind, a landscape already strewn with thunderstorms. For many of us, life is so uneventful that it is logically imperative to escape from our current duties in fact, I write this as a person living in a third world country who is a NEET and has to support his parents in the future( I am 22 Male).
I think one of the prime causes, the a priori of maladaptive daydreaming is social isolation and not loneliness. It requires large amounts of alone time to pace around the house and talk to imaginary people and imagine oneself in different scenarios and make facial expressions. I am not a doctor but, what I think is that certain psychiatric conditions (ADHD, DPDR, OCD) can contribute to maladaptive daydreaming (from now I'll write MADD as a short form) but a person needs to be alone to cultivate this sort of habit within oneself. All addictions are self medications and in order to protect itself the mind can alter personalities and even split them into several parts therefore, if the person suffering from MADD, had he not been left isolated then the mind would have automatically adopted something else. However, the devilish part to this game is the fact the addict acclimates to the isolation and loneliness. Not talking to friends, not participating in social activities, not doing ones chores, not watching a film at a sitting becomes not just a habit but a part of the person's personalities and there is no one in the room to point out that oddity. He/She develops a certain infatuation with alone time and it is within this isolation where this addiction breeds and multiplies and takes different forms and grows into a phantasmagoria that thwarts all possibilities of right action. I will give an example from my life:
I was born into a poor joint family where people constantly fought amongst each other. One day everybody was smiling at each other, the next day they were throwing punches at each other. Therefore, I had to constantly gauge people's reactions and walk on egg shells to prevent a fight from breaking out because of me. My parents admitted me in a school that was beyond their means and they slaved for twelve hours six days a week to make ends meet. I would be left alone in my house with a babysitter who never talked with me and simply watched T.V and sometimes I would live in a relative's house where they side-eyed me all the time. We had a single room to ourselves and I couldn't go outside either for I grew up next to a busy street. Moreover, in my neighbourhood there were only two boys who were of my age- one of them bullied and hated me and the other broke friendship with me for richer friends. I was also mocked for having a girly sounding name. Therefore, I have no memories of playing with friends, getting into trouble, sleepovers or things that a normal child would do. All my childhood I was in my room watching T.V and playing with myself on the bed with imaginary monsters.
I was told by my family that I was a smart kid and because I never went out and caused my parents more trouble by becoming a troublesome kid, I gave people the impression that I was studying all the time in my home. Because of that, people called me a good boy ( also I have a nerdy looking face too) and that I was meant for greatness. This was the period (before age 7/8) that I developed an identity that I was some hidden genius. Then the third grade came and I discovered people that were better than me. They began challenging me and mocking and I couldn't keep up. The teachers and peers paid more attention to them rather than me and the teacher clearly hated me too. This was the period when I actually started pacing my room and daydream about stories and created a alternate universe( paracosm) in my mind to fulfil my emotional needs. I had no discipline at home and I never studied hard, I never went out and I didn't have a computer either to play video games so, what do I do? I can't do anything at school, everybody hates me there, I don't even participate in extracurricular activities because I think that it would cost us extra money ( I have money anxiety BTW), I have no one to play at home, no hobbies, my parents are adult children, thus I daydream! I had no escape. For the next 14 years of my life this had been the cycle:
Emotional Dysregulation/Inability to cope with circumstances--------> MADD------------->No work done-------------->Fail---------------->Feel bad----------------->Emotional Dysregulation-------> cycle continues......
Things became worse. I was bullied and made fun of wherever I went. I joined a sport I was never good at. I wanted to join marshal arts but my father wouldn't let me do it saying that 'I was not a fighter'. Poor academic performance and everybody told me that they expected better from me. Never had close friends with whom I would meet outside of school and play with. I once had a private tutor who berated my parents, humiliated me for my skin colour, spat on my religion and mocked my culture. He gaslighted me and emotionally abused me for two years that left me crippled right before my highschool. My friends never took me seriously, people misunderstood to be really nerdy studious guy, I was never invited to a party or any celebration. I have never celebrated my birthday, or New Year's, or Christmas ever in my life. Not going to go into detail but: never ate at a restaurant, never left my home city, never lived by myself, never had a human being call me to have a conversation with me, never received a text from anyone, never had a relationship. When I was eight, I had imagined a life starkly different from what I am living right now. I wanted to be greatest and here I am in this subreddit posting as a complete degenerate. I am short, bald, ugly, dropped out of college, poor academics, lonely ( I have absolutely no friends), no prospects, no skills, no job, not good at anything and in the same house in a single room. I am poor and isolated, I am as good as a dead person and this is where this addiction leads you to.
I am not asking for any advice. All I am requesting is that if you ever meet a person suffering from MADD, do not take it lightly especially if he/she is a kid. If they show any signs of it, do take it seriously. We are suffering from something that even the world has no solution about. There is no medication, no 12 steps for us, we do not have a HealthyDreamer. It is a dangerous behavioural addiction that will empty your soul of everything that leave you as an empty shell. I am not accusing anybody in the community of not taking MADD seriously, even Dr K had made a 40 min video about it and I am grateful for it. All I am saying is that this is something not to be ignored and forgotten. You can take alcohol, heroin and even food away from people, you cannot take away a person's brain from himself. As for me, I am still trying to overcome it and if anybody here has it, seek help from professionals and most of all, if you are MADDer, stay strong and look the addiction sternly in the eye.
I know it was long post. Thanx for reading.
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2022.01.23 11:54 Scott_Sovereignty THIS Is Why Kamala Harris's Polling Numbers Are So Low

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2022.01.23 11:54 DilarisAil Liker ikke huseieren min og har ikke råd til å flytte

Kjenner jeg må få ut litt frustrasjon her om min huseier(som i min mening pyntet veldig på sannheten om huset da jeg var på visning) siden jeg fikk strømregning på nesten 8000kr denne måneden når jeg ble fortalt at i fjor var prisen på rundt 2700 på vinter månedene. Ja jeg vet strømprisene er skyhøye i år(de var også skyhøye i fjor slik jeg har forstått det).
Litt info: - Huset er veldig gammelt(100år?) - Det blir brukt av huseieren som fritidsbolig - Visning var april 2021 - Jeg flyttet inn i mai 2021 - Huset er gammelt og ikke vedlikeholdt - Badet er det eneste som er pusset opp(2017) - Enkelte vinduer fikk jeg beskjed om var byttet ut noen år siden, fikk ikke med meg hvilke. Ingen vinduer ser ut som de er noen få år gamle, men mange er malt igjen og kan ikke åpnes uten å gjøre skade.
Jeg fikk vite om lekkasjen i taket som skulle bli fikset på høsten etter at jeg hadde skrevet under kontrakten. Det lekker kun til loftet så det påvirker ikke meg eller tingene mine direkte, men kulden på loftet er lik som ute. Nå er vi i Januar og det er fremdeles ikke fikset. ..Litt plagsomt men ok.
Jeg fikk ikke flyttet inn før litt senere i måneden fordi de sa de skulle vaske ut huset først. Det eneste som var gjort var oppvasken og gulv vask. Det var støv flere steder hvor det er enkelt å bare gå over med en klut som også er ofte brukt. Så jeg vasket ned huset selv når jeg fikk flytte lasset inn i hus. Etter ca. 3 vask i vaskemaskinen så fyller badet seg med vann og jeg skriver til huseier som har laget sin egen løsning på røret til sluket jeg ikke ville ødelegge. Fikk etter en stund finne verktøy og løsne røret for så å se at det aldri har vært tømt eller sjekket siden de har fått den. Uheldig timing at jeg måtte rengjøre, men men det ble gjort, samtidig sjekket jeg dusjen hvor det var like før det var tett der også pga en leke fra kinderegg eller noe og masse hår. ..Nå er det iallefall gjort rent.
Høsten kommer med mye vind og jeg gir beskjed om at det er kaldt i 2. etasje hvor jeg har 2 soverom. Jeg bruker vedfyring og en oljeovn. Dette er kaldere enn jeg fikk inntrykk av at det kom til å være, men nå er det jo også et 15x15 cm hull i veggen med en håndduk inni som ikke hjelper så mye. Løsningene hennes er ikke akkurat de beste så jeg venter heller med å si det på tlf. når hun ringer meg opp neste dag. Jeg ble ikke ringt opp så jeg ventet 3 dager før jeg ringte tilbake(hun var visst opptatt med jobb) og hadde en samtale med ting i huset som bekymret meg:
-Vinduer lekkekan ikke åpnes, jeg har i dag måtte teipet igjen vinduet fordi det lekker inn vann og håndtaket er råtnet av. -Jeg visste ikke før jeg lagde mat at det er ikke noe form for vifte under komfyren så jeg kan ikke steke mat uten å bli forgiftet av røyk. -Kulden som kommer fra enkelte gliper i vegger mot gulv som ikke har lister, badegulvvarme fungerer ikke på vinter pga. Dårlig isolasjon i grunnmuren/gulvet. -Får ikke henge opp bilder(denne forstår jeg) -Får ikke flytte på møbler for å få plass til mine egne møbler(de står nå plassert oppå hverandre på spisestua siden mai). Jeg skulle egentlig få huset umøblert/delvis umøblert, men det virker som hun ikke orket/ville flytte ut de store møblene pluss at det er gamle tunge 50-talls møbler så det er vel ikke så bra å flytte de mye. De har en ca 40m² uthus og en 70m² låve jeg ikke får gå inn i(det er hengelås på de), men som jeg mener jeg kunne få flytte møblene mine til. De sier de er begge fulle av ting og vil ikke at møbler skal råtne der inne, jeg har sett inn vinduet og det er tørt nok og plass nok til mine få møbler der.
Jeg burde nok ha flyttet ut i det jeg fikk beskjed om å forsegle 2. etasjen og bo på stua. Forhåpentligvis er det et nytt sted tilgjengelig for meg før høsten.
Da har jeg fått luftet meg, takk
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2022.01.23 11:54 EdPosterUser Mãe e filho são internados após ataque de pitbull em Fernandópolis, Jan 2022

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2022.01.23 11:54 DateInteresting Would you kill someone for $1,000,000?

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2022.01.23 11:54 anto_tomz 7.9 billion people in the world but still I'm single

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2022.01.23 11:54 Mindless-Box-4325 Day 5 GT S2B. I think I’m close to intro fc but when I opened the lid a bunch of condensed water from the fell on to the surface. Should I try soaking it up with paper towels, a syringe/sucking tool or just leave the water? It is quite pooled in few spots (don’t know if it’s visible in photos).

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2022.01.23 11:54 skywater101 Does it still count for a man as bisexual if the only men you're attracted to are fem?

A famous example would be someone like James Charles? I was listening to a discussion about this online. And someone said it was wasn't true bisexuality if the men a man likes are still feminine in looks or presentation. Even if they identify as men.
Should I still claim bisexuality, if that's how my attraction works? If it's femininity that get's my attention and pulse speeding up? I don't wanna be an interloper.
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2022.01.23 11:54 Tidomma bir sürü karı 60 70 gb vardır

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2022.01.23 11:54 -en- @AP: The death of a 13-year-old in Connecticut has renewed calls for schools to carry the opioid antidote naloxone, known by the brand name Narcan. The seventh grader first fell ill at a Hartford school that did not have naloxone available. https://t.co/sDQskFhQhn

@AP: The death of a 13-year-old in Connecticut has renewed calls for schools to carry the opioid antidote naloxone, known by the brand name Narcan. The seventh grader first fell ill at a Hartford school that did not have naloxone available. https://t.co/sDQskFhQhn submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:53 Investor-Ty Watch "YouTube Shout-Outs!! Shout-Out Sundays!!" on YouTube

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2022.01.23 11:53 vangov Why is my toddler crying today

Because I would not let him hang on the ceiling fan while it spins so he can jump really far.
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