1. General greetings: Welcome to the DY-Aviation Explorers Club. Why I love Aviation! Why you love aviation? Brief video presentation: Why we love to fly.
  2. Guest Speakers: Who are they? We have a number of military, commercial and private pilots willing to help us explore aviation.
  3. Flight Intro: having a hands-on experience with rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. Why is it important?
  4. Our hangar: classroom 216. Club space. What can we do with it?
  5. Flight tutorials: classroom simulators, outside simulators atCapeAirand Bridgewater State College
  6. Flight Instruction: Young Eagles Flying Club, who are they and why do they want to be a part of our club? Your first flight: What to expect. TheUS military is willing to donate pilot log books, you will learn how to log flight time and why it is so important to document for future use.
  7. Flight Jackets: TheUSmilitary is willing to donate aviator flight jackets to our club. You have the option to buy (at cost) or borrow a jacket. We will also collect aviation memorabilia such as posters, pins and patches provided by theUSmilitary and commercial businesses. We need to design a logo for our club and design a large patch for the back of our jackets. You will also be provided with a “Call Sign” name patch. A US Naval officer will talk to us about aviator call signs and how to create them appropriately, we will use our own “call signs” as name patches on our jackets
  8. Fundraising Opportunities: We need to have fundraisers to help defer the cost of field trips, club supplies, and to acquire models. Some possible events:
  • Mr. Bell’s Texas Hold em  Tournament
  • Golf Tournament atKings Way
  • Motorcycle Ride in at the VFW inYarmouth
  • Candy Sales
  • Home built “Fly In” airshow at Mashpee or Provincetownairport with our sister club the Young Eagles Flying Club.
  • Homemade community-aircraft competition at local craft fair.
  1. Club field trips may include a trip to:
  • KennedySpaceCenterand Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Smithsonian Air andSpaceMuseuminWashington,DC
  • USS Intrepid Air andSpaceMuseumin New, NY
  • NationalMuseumof theUSAir Force andDayton,OhioInternational Air Show
  • New EnglandAirMuseuminWindsorLocks, CT along withBridgewaterStateCollege inBridgewater,MA
  1. Our club will also have the opportunity to help the Young Eagles Flying Club work with experienced flight engineers to build a homemade aircraft flown by a professional “X” plane pilot here in Mashpee.
    1.  Elect officers for the club


    We will build models and learn how to professionally paint and assemble them guided by a local artisan.

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