Lesson Objective: Students interpret a cradle.

Bіlіmdіlіk: O?ushylardy custom-Kazakh tradition, habit introduce ??rpymen.

Developers of: Mother’s love, which is said to increase, more respect, be less carefully nurture.

Mentor: morality, accuracy educate pupils.

Type of lesson: What lesson only.

The ability of ways: profile, visibility, to explain.

Object Lessons: Children’s drawings, a textbook, an interactive whiteboard.

Progress lesson.

I. It’s time to join. Class of students to conduct an inventory. students to

The day that lit up.

II. Setting Uiskoe check.
We have a large section on the front lesson concluded the kids, he konchiv.Kakoy section.
exemplary life
Why not say that.
— Because, he says to spread the great men. All the world knows the great example lyudey.Esli struggling country of heroes, the future of the people of writers son akin thinking extols kindness.

— Let us therefore extend son flocks of people chanting send.

— About what great people we’ve been through?

— The first children Jambul Jabal Sh.Ualihanov, Ahmet Zhubanov,

— 2-shі children ?

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